About Amy

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a 20-something that loves writing about sex, almost as much as I like having sex. I’ll admit that I do have a thing for anal sex, but my adventures don’t stop there. Come enjoy the ride as I share my naughty adventures.

A Little About Me And My Blog

I started this blog when I was literally “barely legal.” I was just eighteen years old and looking for a way to share my thoughts and feelings about the sexual adventures that I was having. Because it wasn’t just regular, boring sex like most of my friends were having, I really couldn’t talk to anyone about it and the blog became an outlet for me to document my adventures.

I became Anal Amy in high school after rumors (mostly true) spread through out the school about my willingness to do anal. Of course, some of my cruelest classmates took it upon themselves to give me the nickname Anal Amy. To them it was an insult and at first it really hurt me, however it wasn’t long before I was secretly wearing the nickname proudly like a badge and busy stealing their boyfriends.

I grew up in Chicago and attended college in Illinois. I have a degree in English and a minor in Journalism. In 2011, I moved down to Florida for a change of pace and because of a job.

Technically, I don’t really use either of those degrees at my day job where I’m a cubicle warrior and assistant to an an assistant. However, there’s a chance that at some point I’ll move up into a writing position. Fingers crossed.

My night job is at a restaurant where I’m a server and sometimes a bartender.

Between the two jobs, I don’t have a lot of free time. However, when I’m not working and I’m not laying between the sheets, I like to read, ride my bike, go shopping and have a weakness for men in baseball uniforms on the TV.

Because of my two jobs, I don’t blog as often as I did when I was in college. Generally, I post an update on Mondays and a steamy story from my life on Thursdays.

You can find more of my hottest stories on Amazon and Smashwords in eBook form. I hope to have a print book out some day in the future and I would love to be a full time writer. This looks like a first step.

More Amy

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3 Responses to About Amy

  1. Rene

    Hi Amy. Interested in advertising on your site. Thanks Rene

  2. scwriter007

    While sex is not my usually writing genre–I write about military history and affairs, primarily weapons, for a living–I love sex and find many of the situations we find ourselves in during sex hilarious. I wrote a Kindle book–You Might Be A Slut If…–to capture some of my jokes in this vein. Check it out on Amazon. Sex can provide us all types of pleasure–including a good laugh!

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