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Scott Unleashes The Slut

Sex was good that night, but it wasn’t mind blowing. It was far closer to average, which wasn’t at all like Scott. I was on top of him, riding his cock as hard as I could. I could feel him … Continue reading



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Monday Night Update: Confirmed And Upcoming Story

Just a quick couple of notes, to let you know what’s going on in my (sex) life and might result in some upcoming stories. I’m most excited about what was just confirmed today. Later this week, I’m heading to Vegas … Continue reading


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Fantasy: Cumslut Used In The Alley

“Alright, you three are out of here!” The muscle bound bouncer in a too tight black security t-shirt ordered. “Let me just find my friends.” I took one step and the security guard put his hands out to block me. … Continue reading



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Guest Post: Amber

Most of the time, you can come here and find me writing about my sex life or x-rated fantasies. However, tonight I have a naughty story from a guest author for you to enjoy. I don’t normally accept submissions from … Continue reading



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A Very Naughty Weekend Getaway (Part 2)

This is part 2. Read part 1 here. And he wasn’t done yet. After a quick break, we were back on my bed and fooling around. Of course, we did more than just roll around the bed kissing. He was … Continue reading



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Monday Update…A Quiet Monday Update

This weekend was a tad bit quieter than the adventure that I had last weekend. I was hoping to get the second part of the weekend getaway story done, but work got in the way. I will definitely finish it this week … Continue reading



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A Very Naughty Weekend Getaway (Part 1)

I thought it was going to be a quiet and relaxing long weekend getaway. However when you combine two twenty-something girls, one that just got dumped and one that’s unsatisfied by her boyfriend, it can turn into more than just … Continue reading



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Fantasy Contest Winner And A Weekend Update

And The Winner Is: And the winner of the “Have Amy Write Your Fantasy” contest was a asocalguy with his fantasy of seeing me in a threesome in an alley that involved rough sex. Congratulations! He won with 77 votes, … Continue reading



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A Very Messy Welcome Back Blowjob

“I miss you.” Scott said as he pushed me against the driver’s door of my car. “I miss you.” I answered in between lust filled kisses. “My cock missed you too.” I reached down and through the fabric of his … Continue reading



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