Old friends, new lovers and the return of the slut

It was the first time that I had seen Vicki and Lisa since college. Back then we saw each other just about every day. The three of us had a lot of the same classes and spent a lot time at the same bars. We spent a lot of time hunting men together.

Lisa hadn’t changed much. Vicki on the other hand looked more like the school teacher that she had become. I remembered holding her hair back as she threw up late one Friday night in my bathroom. I remembered her giving head a frat boy in the bedroom at a keg party while I did the same to his friend. When I picked them up at the airport, she wasn’t wearing any conservative teacher clothes, but there was something different about her. As we drank that night at a bar on the beach, I told her that I couldn’t believe they let her teach our future generations.

The three of us spent most of the long weekend that there were here for trying to re-live our glory days or talking about it. And checking out the men in the process.

Lisa just looked, she called and sent text messages to her boyfriend every five minutes. Vicki and I did more than just look. Both of us fresh out of relationships, we danced with the men we met, we made out with them and in other ways were reminded that a breakup wasn’t the end of the world. In other words just having fun.

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Breaking Company Rules

Part of the reason this blog fell into disrepair is because I didn’t think I had much to write about. Being in a relationship with just one person, didn’t seem like anything to write home about, at least not compared to my collegiate threesome encounters and what not.

However, last week my boyfriend spent the week halfway across the country because of work. It left me with some lonely, horny nights. The first night, I fell to sleep after satisfying myself with my favorite vibrator and thoughts of my wilder days. The second night, I remembered a recent visit my boyfriend paid to my office.

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Well, hello there. I wanted to apologize for not blogging much. Ok, really not at all. I’ve been busy between my day job, my bartending job and freelance writing to pay bills. Not to mention that my current relationship keeps me pretty busy the rest of the time.

However, I started to make time to write for myself again. If you’re into my fiction. Please check me out at AmyRedd.com. Right now, I’m looking for feedback about what I should write about next. I’m going to write one erotic/porn/smut ebook a month. Side note, if you want to chat. Find me on Twitter – Amy Redd – I’m more active there.

However, I’m not going to say I’m done writing here. I’d like to update this blog at least once a month. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed writing about my slutty adventures, however writing about sex recently has become difficult. I’ve tried to write blog posts since my last updated, but never completed any of them. It’s different writing about sex tied to a relationship compared to random hookups. I know some bloggers that do it well, but for me it’s hard to put those emotional aspects into words. Not to mention, that while our sex is good, there’s not much to write about after being with the same person for a (semi-)long period of time.

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog. I’ve enjoyed chatting with you. I’ve loved the comments. I truly love sharing my sex life with you. We’ll see where this goes. One way or another, I’ll try to keep things going.


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Satisfied Outdoors

“I think she likes you,” I said after an extra skinny blonde with flawless looks, but a little bit too much make up, our waitress walked away from our table.

“She’s not my type,” Drew grinned like a rooster caught in the hen house.

“Of course she is,” I grinned back, telling him I wasn’t bothered by another female giving my boyfriend attention, “she’s every guys type.”

“Honestly, she’s a little bit too thin.”

“Anytime you start out a sentence with honestly, I know you’re lying.”

“Seriously,” he lowered his voice so that the tables on either side of us couldn’t hear us, “I’d much rather have a girl with a figure.” His confident words, the way he softly, calmly said them, made my core temperature increase by a degree or two.

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Weekend Update

Thank you everyone for voting in the poll. For a while there it was pretty even among the erotic novel choices. I’m glad to see you liked all of my naughty ideas. However, the slutty wife story earned the most votes and it’s what I’ve started working on.

I have an outline for the story done and I’m a couple thousand words into it. So far, it’s really turning me on. I hope that it has the same effect on you. The first part of the story is going to be leading up to her becoming a slutty wife and it’s becoming a lot of fun to write.

It’s been a while since I’ve had fun writing, so thanks for the feedback on the story ideas and helping push me in one direction.

Also, this week my boyfriend and I had an encounter that is definitely worth writing about. I don’t want to give too much away, but it was in the public and it involved anal. I’ve started writing about the encounter and hope to have a blog post about it for you sometime later this week. Fingers crossed.


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I need you help with my fiction writing

When I’m not writing about my own sex life, over the past few years I’ve started to write erotic fiction. You can see what I’ve written over the past year or so at the Amy Redd site. Fiction is usually easier to write. My fiction is based on people I know, slutty stories I’ve heard and I put them all together in a fun, sex filled adventure. However, since I hit writers block on my sex journal writing, it’s affected my fiction writing.

I start stories, but I can’t finish them. Part of the problem is that I just have too many ideas of what I’d like to turn into novel (or novella) length stories. That’s why I need your help, which of these these x-rated topics interest you.

My best friends Dad – Based on my real life fling with my best friend’s dad, but in this scenario the slutty main character goes to work for his company and heated passion ensues.

Slutty wife – Story of a wife, that while had a rather active sex life before she got married, wasn’t exactly a slut either. Her husband likes threesomes, seeing her getting fucked by other men and at first it causes conflict between them, but eventually her inner slut is released.

Good girl gone bad – The story of a young twenty-something that’s only had sex with one or two guys. After breaking up with her long time boyfriend, she goes out to explore the wild, slutty, casual sex she feels like she’s been missing.

What should I write about next?

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Of course no matter what I write about, there will be lots of anal sex, plenty of cum slut action and all of the hardcore fetishes that you and I love.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Radio Silence

I’m up way to early for it being a day off, so I thought I would explain my “radio silence.”

I wanted to apologize for being so quiet. I’ve been trying to write, but nothing is coming together. I get a paragraph or two in and it just falls apart.

My sex life hasn’t been quiet. I can’t blame it on that. In fact, it’s been better than it’s ever been. As some of you may know, if you follow me over at Amy Redd, I wrote a semi-biographical story called “Why I can’t take my computer to be repaired.” It was about the night my current relationship went from average to amazing.

Since then, I haven’t been able to write about my sex life. I’ve never been able to write about sex inside of serious relationships. I can write about casual sex, blowjobs to strangers, gangbangs all night long, but when it comes to something more serious, the words never turn out right. I’m trying, but I wanted to explain my absence.


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Sharing Is Caring

I went out that night looking to get laid. I needed to be filled by a hard cock. Sex was all I could think about and I knew that the only thing that would solve that was a hard fuck.

I normally would’ve gotten away with wearing jeans and some sweater to this bar, but tonight I dressed up in a very low cut and very tight yellow mini-dress that hugged my curves and left very little of my figure to ones imagination.

I hadn’t been this horny since college. I woke up soaking wet. I couldn’t go to sleep until I satisfied myself in one way or another. I spent a lot of time in between think about sex.

My excuse for going out was Nicole’s birthday. She looked great with her new boyfriend, which made me feel even more lonely and then horny. I imagined her in bed with him, her legs spread wide open. Instead of me going down on her like I did so many times when we dated, his hard cock pounded her cunt and filled her with cum every night. He was good looking, knew how to dress and if he wasn’t dating my best friend, I would’ve spread my legs for him too.

“You look great.” She smiled after we hugged and kissed on the cheek.”

“Thanks.” I put on a fake smile. “Happy Birthday!”

“Thanks, how are you doing?”

Before I could answer, her boyfriend pulled her away and gave her a shot. I knew from experience how horny she got from even just a little bit of alcohol, her boyfriend was going to have a good night.

Instead of watching the two of them, I watched the dance floor and looked for my own good looking man to satisfy my lust. I stood on the edge of the hot, steamy dance floor, not in the mood to dance unless I got swept of my feet by a hot stud. I caught a few guys checking me out, but none that swept me off my feet. There were several good looking guys, but none that made me want to dance.

I did my best to avoid Nicole, hiding in our group of friends most of the night. I knew I wouldn’t find a guy that way, the three guys in our group were all taken, but I couldn’t force myself to leave Nicole and the rest of our group behind to go man hunting.

After an hour, I started debating heading home and letting a combination of my favorite dildo and well used vibrator take care of my needs. If I stayed much longer, I would keep on drinking to the point where I would have to pay for an expensive cab ride home.

Then I felt a hand squeeze my ass cheek. I expected to turn around and see a drunk frat boy, but instead Nicole stood behind me grinning.

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I Want To Turn Your Ideas Into Stories

If you couldn’t tell from my lack of posting, my sex life has been rather slow lately. There may be something developing, but right now I don’t have much to write about my own sex life, so I’ve been busy working on my erotic fiction under the Amy Redd pen name.

However, I miss you horny guys and naughty girls over here. That’s why, when one of the awesome regular readers suggested that I open up this blog to stories from other women, I knew it was an idea that I wanted to look into.

It would sort of be like Real Erotic Stories For Real Women, except instead of asking my girlfriends for ideas, I’m asking the naughty girls and horny guys that read this blog for their hottest stories that they would like to see me write about.

I’ll write just about anything that’s legal. I’m looking open myself up to writing about topics that I may or may not have covered here. All I ask is that the story that you share is based on real events.

You can leave your suggestion in the comments below, or if you want to keep it more private, send me a message via the contact form. You can tell me as many details as you want, or as little. I’ll do my best to turn those details into very hot blog posts.


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Friends With Benefits

“Last night at work, I think I heard Cindy say that we’ve been spending a lot of time together.”

“The rumors are starting to fly.” I said I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. Nicole talked me into wearing a too tight, too revealing dress. The purple dress clung too tightly to my curves, my breasts over flowed from the top. A few minutes earlier, she said I looked hot in it, so I kept it on. “Does it bother you?”

“Not really.” She stood next to me, looking at herself then me in the mirror. She looked amazing in her black dress, the guys would be all over her at the club. She had the perfect body for that kind of dress, busty like me, but all of the right curves. Her cleavage flowed out of the top of the dress, it clung to her body like it was painted on. It didn’t leave much to the imagination. “I could care less what the other girls at the bar think. It’s just that I don’t want my parents to find out, that sort of thing.”

“I understand.” It was a lot easier for me. My parents lived hundreds of miles away in another section of the country. Hers lived in the same area code.

“I really like you, but…”

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