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Breaking Company Rules

Part of the reason this blog fell into disrepair is because I didn’t think I had much to write about. Being in a relationship with just one person, didn’t seem like anything to write home about, at least not compared … Continue reading



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Satisfied Outdoors

“I think she likes you,” I said after an extra skinny blonde with flawless looks, but a little bit too much make up, our waitress walked away from our table. “She’s not my type,” Drew grinned like a rooster caught … Continue reading



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Sharing Is Caring

I went out that night looking to get laid. I needed to be filled by a hard cock. Sex was all I could think about and I knew that the only thing that would solve that was a hard fuck. … Continue reading



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An Anal Fucking Outdoors

“Why don’t you show me around, we still have more than two hours left. Take us some place private.” “Why would you want to go some place private?” he grinned. “I’m horny and I want you to fuck my brains … Continue reading



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Fucked Like A Slut In The Restroom

One of the many reasons I’ve been single is my work schedule. Working the most popular nights to go out and meet people has put a damper on the number of men I meet. Sure, I get hit on a … Continue reading



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My Very Naughty Halloween Threesome Fantasy

Fantasy on what could’ve happened Halloween night with two of my coworkers. I hope you like.   I had all sorts of ideas for Halloween costumes. I wanted to be a sexy Jessica Rabbit or dress up like Christina Hendricks … Continue reading


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Mr Right Now

One favor, either before or after you read my adventure from Monday night. Can you visit Amy Redd and vote in the poll about what I should write about next. I have a lot of x-rated ideas for future creative … Continue reading



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Deep Pleasures: Girl On Girl Fantasy With Strapon Sex

Last month, you naughty guys and horny gals selected this steamy topic in last month’s reader’s choice contest. I’m excited to say that the story turned out even hotter than I ever imagined. It brought my fantasies to a whole … Continue reading



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Inappropriate Interview

The questions started with Neil asking about my experience as a bartender and how I would handle situations. But ten minutes into the interview he paused and smiled from across the desk as he asked, “Why don’t you show me … Continue reading



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New Territory: The First Guy To Lick My Ass

This encounter happened almost three weeks ago. Finally, I had a night off where I didn’t have to work and wasn’t too tired to write. —- My heart was pounding as I knocked on his apartment door. We had never … Continue reading



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