A Finger Fuck That Changed Everything

“Austin, he was your ex?” Nicole asked as we stumbled home from the sports bar.

“Yeah, I suppose you could call him my ex.” We had never defined our relationship beyond friends with benefits, so I’m not sure we would call each other ex’s.

“He really wanted you.” She said with a naughty grin.

“I know, I felt kind of bad when we were leaving. The look on his face said that he didn’t understand why I was leaving with you.” I felt bad because I never really told him why I didn’t have time to see him anymore.

“Do you think he knows that we’re, um, I don’t know how to describe what we are.” I couldn’t describe what we were either. The reason I didn’t have time for Austin was because Nicole and I spent almost every night together and really just about any time we had free with each other. Neither of us were defining this relationship either. I wasn’t about to change my relationship status on Facebook to tie my name with her. I don’t think our parents would understand that. But we were more than just friends with benefits.

“I think he thought that he did something wrong, that I was mad at him or something.”

We made it to my apartment without either of us falling down and went straight to my bedroom. Our kisses became intense as we rolled around my bed. Her kisses made me stop analyzing our relationship status, at least for a few minutes.

Our clothes came off, piece by piece until there was nothing to separate our flesh. I tried to stop thinking about our relationship and just enjoy what was happening. Our hands explored each others feminine bodies, our mouths and tongues teasing each other.

I knew that we would never be married and settled down with a house in the suburbs. For both of us, it’s our first real relationship with another woman, however there’s still that attraction to men. She hadn’t said it, I didn’t say it, but it was obvious that we were still attracted to men. If Nicole wasn’t there tonight, I probably would’ve gone home with Austin. At the bar, a number of men hit on Nicole. I could tell she liked the attention.

She rolled on top of me, her body grinding against mine. I wished that she had a hard cock, a hard cock that she could use to pound my cunt and fill with cum. Besides the lack of categorization of our relationship and how long it might last, it was my confusion about how much I still wanted men. While I talked to Austin tonight, I imagined sneaking off to the bar bathroom with him and having a quickie in one of the stalls.

Nicole has a beautiful face, amazing body that guys love to look at and so do I. I’ve never been more attracted to a woman, yet I still think about cock. I still fantasize about getting fucked by men. Her tongue was between my legs, working my clit and making me moan so loud that I’m sure my neighbors heard. Yet, I was still thinking about a man. I’ve never been more happy in a relationship. I enjoy spending time with her, talking to her for hours, yet I still want to get fucked by a hard cock.

Already, she knows exactly how to make me moan. She knows how to make me climax. When it was my turn to make her climax, I rolled on top of her. I wished that I had a cock to fuck her, instead I rubbed my body against her. As I kissed her, we dry humped like teenagers, except all of our clothes were off.

I planned on going down here, but instead I slid my hand down between her legs. I felt her warmth, her wetness. She opened her legs for me and I gently pushed into her, feeling how tight she was, how wet she was. I finger fucked her, slowly at first. When she started to moan, I started to fuck her faster. I started to finger fuck her as hard as I could.

I was on top of her, our bodies working together as I fingered her. This was as close as it was going to come to one of us actually fucking the other. She closed her eyes, a smile formed on her face.

I thought about taking out my dildo, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment by getting out bed and hunting through my dresser for it. Plus, I didn’t want to bring a cock into the relationship. Her moans told me that I didn’t need it.

Hearing her moan, feeling her underneath me sweating, I forgot about Austin. I can’t say that I completely forgot about men, I no longer had the urge for a quickie in some dirty bathroom stall. She climaxed and I realized that I could just enjoy this, I could just have fun and see where it goes. This wasn’t as serious as I was making it. We were just two young women exploring our sexuality and having a good time along the way.


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4 Responses to A Finger Fuck That Changed Everything

  1. Christian

    Have you figured out if she likes anal yet? Maybe you can introduce her! Then you can finally be on the giving end for once. :)

    You might have to use something larger than just your fingers if you plan on filling her up, the way you like. :)

    Tots miss hanging with you on twitter by the way.

    • Amy


      Good to hear from you. Sorry I’ve been so MIA from Twitter, working two jobs again and my free time is just about nil.

      She doesn’t like anal, but who knows maybe I could introduce her to how good it could be. I know I’d like her to use something to fill me up from behind.

  2. WyntonJones

    how about a nice hard strap-on?

    it seems to work well for these two lovely ladies…

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