A New Experience

A strip club owned by the same company as the dance club where I work needed a handful of experienced bartenders for an event later this month. I volunteered along with my friend Crystal. Last night, Crystal headed over to to fill out our paperwork and check it out.

I thought I knew what to expect. For a short time, I worked as a shot girl at a strip club when I was eighteen. This was nothing like the strip club that I remembered. This was an honest to god gentlemen’s club. I thought they were made up, a work of fiction until last night.

Missing were the beat up looking girls who were high on who knows what and willing to do who knows what back at your place after their shift. Although, I’m not sure what was going on in the private rooms.

Missing were the out of control men groping any female in sight and verbally harassing them just as much.You can see why I didn’t work more than a month at the strip club.

If it wasn’t for the stages with beautiful topless women through out the room, I would’ve guessed that we had made a wrong turn and were inside one of the affluent hotels down the street. The bars with smooth marble counters looked more like there should’ve been hotel desk clerks behind them instead of girls dressed in little more than lingerie. The over stuffed fabric seats and smooth leather couches looked like they came out of someone’s expensive, luxury suite. Even the office was clean, verging on spotless and looked like they recently remodeled it.

It was busier than I thought it would be for a Tuesday and my fears of making less money then at the dance club faded away. My only concern is the bartender uniform. First I have to pay for it. Second, it’s a pink and black corset, a tiny black thong made out of satin and sheer black stockings with black heels completing the outfit. The type of outfit I’d love to wear into the bedroom, not so much in a public place. I’m hoping the pink ambiance light will play in my favor. I expected tight shorts and mini-skirts with revealing tank tops like at the club, maybe a little tighter and more revealing. I’m going to be spending some serious time at the gym, maybe even venture to the tanning salon and I definitely won’t be cheating on my diet.


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6 Responses to A New Experience

  1. Jim

    I’d pay to see you in that outfit. But then I’d pay to see you nude as well so I’m kind of a sure thing. I’ve worked security in several high end Gentlemans Clubs. I know just how you felt when you looked around. The money count on a Friday night was over 250K. We’re both in the wrong business.

    • Amy

      I thought the bar/club where I work made good money, but it just serves drinks and charges at the door. There’s a lot more money to be made at a gentlemen’s club. I wouldn’t mind owning one.

  2. Rob

    Not to be (wholly) patronizing, but you didn’t go to college to show tits and ass. Beauty doesn’t pay in the long run.

    • Amy

      A. I’m not dancing there, just working. B. I’m going graduate school, because my bachelors degree gets me nothing but entry level jobs that don’t pay much.

  3. Sounds like some places really do put emphasis on the Gentlemen portion of the Gentlemen’s Club. Also sounds like you’re up for working a few more nights there to help bring in some extra money. Good on you! I wish you the best on the toning up, although I do urge caution on the tanning salon; concentrated UV exposure can do some bad things to skin long-term. Maybe my lenses are tinted due to having family members diagnosed with skin cancer, some multiple times, but I’d rather see pale and healthy skin than tan and damaged. Just my 2 cents.

    As always, best of luck, keep up the good work, and I’m happy for you that things are going well!

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    • Amy

      It looks like I’m probably not going to have time to go tanning, it’s not really my thing anyways. Thanks for your concern though Mr. AP

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