At The Library

I wasn’t sure what to write about this week. My sex life has been a little too calm lately. However, here’s an adventure that I had back in college when my sex life was a lot more action packed. I never wrote about this encounter, but it’s been one that I’ve often thought about when I’m alone and horny.


“Come find me. At the library.” I sent the text message and my heart started to beat fast.

“What? Why?” It wasn’t the text message response that I was expecting back from Luke.

“Taking my panties off.”

“On my way.”

I looked around the shelves of books in the basement of the library. At eleven o’clock on a Friday night, most of the other students were at keg parties or heading to one of the bars in town. Unfortunately, I had a major paper due on Monday and was going to spend most of the weekend in the library or in front of my computer.

I listened for a moment and the only sounds I heard was coming from the air ducts. I looked up and down the aisles, then with as little movement as possible, I slid off my orange thong and hid it in my messenger bag. I pulled my skirt back into place, then looked around again.

Over the previous three years, I had knocked off most of the places on my college sex bucket list, especially with the help of Luke. The library was one place that was still on the list.

During most visits to the library, I spent most of my time on the upper two floors of the library. I only ventured to the basement when I had to. During the day it felt lonely, at night it almost creepy. It was filled with nothing but old books for rows and rows. It was also littered with perfect spots where no one would find us. I was sitting at a desk in one of those perfect spots, nervously waiting for Luke to appear.

“Where are you?” He must have ran to the library, I wasn’t expecting him so soon.

“In the basement.”

A minute later, I saw him peeking down the aisle and spotted me. He gave me a very naughty grin as he walked down the aisle towards me.

“Thanks for coming.” I said softly.

“It wasn’t a tough decision. Stand around at Mark’s drinking or come here and fuck your brains out.” His smile went from ear to ear.

“I just couldn’t concentrate. I needed some of you know what, before I could go back to working on this stupid paper.”

He kissed me and pushed me against one of the shelves. I felt book corners poking into my back and soon I felt his hard cock poking against my waist.

His lips let down my neck and his hands cupped my tits through the fabric of my sweater. I looked around us for any signs of another person. My heart was pounding. I was worried about getting caught, but so excited to do this.

He undid his belt, then I took over. I undid the button of his jeans and unzipped them. It was my turn to smile as I reached into his boxers and pulled out his cock. I stroked his cock, feeling it become warmer and harder in my hand.

“Suck me?”

“I was thinking more of a quickie. I mean this is a pretty remote spot, but I don’t want to get caught.”

“I promise you that I’ll cum quicker if you give me head first.”

“Okay.” I said as I started to slide to my knees in front of him. “Just don’t come too quick.” I said with a smirk.

I skipped the teasing and went straight to opening my mouth for him. I couldn’t get enough of his cock, in my mouth, in my pussy and of course in my ass.

I wrapped my lips tightly around him and slid them down on his shaft. I felt his cock fill my mouth and I couldn’t believe what I was doing. If we were caught, I wouldn’t know how I would explain being expelled to my parents. However, there was no way that I was going to stop now.

I licked the tip of his cock and looked up at him. He smiled down at me as my tongue ran around the edges of his very hard head.

I took him in my mouth again, this time letting him fill more of my mouth. I didn’t hold back, I slid my lips up and down his cock, sliding them as far as I could go.

“I love your mouth.”

“We’re just getting started.”

I stood up and led him a few feet to the desk. I bent over the desk, opened my legs and he knew exactly what to do next. He pushed up my denim skirt to my waste and I felt him squeeze my bare ass.

I hoped they didn’t have cameras down here. That was the only thing that I didn’t think off. It was too late now.

He rubbed his cock against my pussy, then I guided him inside of me. It took a few thrusts to get the right positions, but soon we were in the perfect position for his cock to deep inside of me.

He held my hip and started to thrust into me. I closed my eyes and imagined the view from a security camera watching us. If there was any cameras that could see us, hopefully they were enjoying the view too much to interrupt us.

I calculated the minutes passing by in my head. I wanted him to cum, it was safe to say I could cross the library off my bucket list now, but it felt so good that I didn’t want him ever to stop.

He started to fuck me so hard that each thrust shook my whole body and the desk beneath me. There were sounds of bare skin impacting and the desk shaking, but I stopped worrying about getting caught.

His thrust became more powerful and faster. I wanted to moan, but I did everything I could to control my animal noises.

His hands reached into my sweater and found my bra. His hands squeezed them as he pounded my pussy.

Suddenly, he pulled his hands out of my sweater and slowed to a stop.

I looked back at him. “Is there someone?” I asked ready to grab my stuff and make a run for it.

“Nope.” He let out another smile. “I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“Oh are you?”

“Yes.” He said as he pushed me back down on the desk.

He pushed my ass cheeks apart and put his cock directly in between them.

“Now, isn’t the time for teasing.” I said as he rubbed his cock against my asshole.

He angled his cock and I felt it press against my opening. He didn’t give me a chance to get nervous or to relax. He pushed himself into my asshole without any hesitation.

I bit my lips and tightly wrapped my hands around the edge of the desk. It hurt so much that my eyes started to water, but I was looking forward to what I would feel next.

Soon, the pain was replaced by pleasure. His cock sliding through my asshole filled my whole body with pleasure. “Oh yeah.” I said softly as his thrusts became more and more powerful.

“How does that feel?”

“Fucking awesome.”


“I want you to cum.”

“I will.”

“Hurry. I don’t want to get caught. Cum in my ass.”

He kept going at full steam. I was starting to get really nervous. I wanted to look around to make sure no one was near us. However, from my position pinned on the desk, all I could see was the grain of the wood. It felt good, but I was so nervous that I wasn’t really enjoying it as much.

“Cum inside of my ass. Please.” I pleaded.

He gave me handful of wild thrusts then gave me what I wanted. He pushed his cock deep inside of me and I felt his warm liquid filling my ass.

I couldn’t believe what we had just done. I couldn’t believe that we were going to get away with it.

He pulled out of my ass and we looked at each other with grins. I’d had some wild experiences with him, but this was near the top of the list.

He had already fixed his jeans and redid his belt before I came out of my trance and remembered where we were.

I quickly fixed my sweater and pulled down my skirt. I didn’t put my panties back on. I just picked up the books that I needed and followed Luke to the stairs.

Friday nights weren’t busy at the library, but there were still people I knew on the main floor. I felt like such a slut talking to them after what I had just done a floor below, wearing no panties and with his cum deposited deep inside of my ass.

I didn’t relax until I checked out my books and was heading towards the front door. I kept waiting for a security guard to come out and yell. “That’s her.”


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11 Responses to At The Library

  1. JScott

    Damn you have the best experiences, I can barely wait to read the next one!

  2. citykid1967

    Mmm delicious story. You should come visit me at my university sometime Amy ;-) I know just the spot in our library . . .

  3. SmokeSignal

    You haven’t had a story where you are wearing a skirt or a dress in a while. Well done!

    Can you tell us more about your outfit here?

    • Amy

      It was a tight denim skirt, grey sweater that showed off my figure. Underneath a pair of black lace boyshort panties and white bra if I remember right.

  4. SmokeSignal

    I have a feeling you wore a skirt that day because you knew this might happen. True?

    • Amy

      It was probably in the back of my mind, but I was also debating going out after studying, which was probably the main reason I was wearing a skirt that night.

  5. Billy the Panther

    I wish I had the opportunity to ravage your asshole in the stacks of Booth.

  6. I’m sure the guard would have had to inspect your ass then send you home with his own load in it too!

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