Fantasy: Satisfying The Law (Part 2)

I couldn’t answer. I was gagging so hard on his cock that my eyes were starting to tear up. I could feel that my make-up was ruined.

“How would you like that tight cunt fucked?”

I nodded my head yes, at least as much as I could with my huge cock gagging me.

He helped me off my knees, then helped me get out of my jeans. “You’ve got a pretty fantastic ass, but it would look a lot better in a thong.” He said as he ripped off my black hipster panty and pulled them halfway down my thighs.

He pushed me down on my hood, face first, my tits pressed hard against the metal. The hood was still hot, but since I was mostly naked on a cold January night, I wasn’t complaining. Not that he would’ve listened.

He positioned himself behind me and I felt his personal night stick against my soaking wet pussy. He gently pushed himself inside of me, filling me up completely. However, it wasn’t long before he forgot about the gently and was fucking me as hard as he could. He was soon fucking me so hard that my car moved a little with each thrust.

The air was cold, but I was starting to sweat. I started to moan with each thrust.

“You’ve paid off the first ticket and now we’re working on the second.” He said in between grunts.

“I’ve never been fucked like this before.”

He paused only to rip my panties off completely so that he could push my legs further apart. He pulled me closer to the edge of the car and drilled my pussy as fast as he could.

I didn’t expect to orgasm, but suddenly I was clinging to the top of my hood, gripping it as tight as I could. Each hard thrust was pushing me closer and closer. “Fuck, I’m cuming.” I moaned as a wave of pleasure took over my body.

“You like that?” He said after my moaning calmed down.

“Oh yes.”

“The good news is that you’ve paid off all of the tickets, but there’s still the court fee.”

“Would an ass fucking cover that?”

“It would pay for it perfectly.”

He pulled his cock out my pussy and where most guys are gently, he pushed himself inside of my ass like it was my pussy. It hurt so bad that jumped further onto the hood when he brutally penetrated my asshole, which the extra movement didn’t help the situation.

“It hurts, stop.” But he kept pushing more and more of himself into my ass.

When he was as deep as he could go, he pulled back out completely and it hurt almost as much. “I’m going to make you earn it.” He spread apart my ass cheeks, then played target practice with my ass. Every time, he didn’t hit the target perfectly, I wanted to cry.

“My wife won’t let me near her ass anymore. I think you understand why.”

He played that game until I thought I was about to pass out. Then he moved his hands to my hips and held me down as hi fucked my ass as hard as he could.

He fucked me until I had paid off every penny. Then he reached forward and cupped my tits in his hands squeezed them as hard as he could. At the same time, I felt him push his cock deep into my ass. I could feel my ass filling with his hot juices as his cock throbbed.

I wasn’t sure if I was orgasming, but my knees went weak and I blacked out for a moment or two until I felt him pulling his cock out of my ass.

I didn’t want to get up, I wanted more, but he made me stand up so that he could take off the cuffs. “Now remember, this never happened or I’ll have to get out my ticket book again. Besides, no one in the county would believe a city girl like you even if they did find my cum in your ass.”

“Not going to be a problem. I think this was a fine that I enjoyed paying off, I would even do it again.”

“Excellent, you’re welcome in this county anytime you want. Now get dressed and go find your friends house.”

I started to pick up my clothes off the hood of my car, but before I could get my panties, he grabbed them as he walked by and headed back to his car. “I’ll need these for evidence,” he said as he tucked them into his pants.

He jumped into his car and pulled off before I even had my jeans back on. He flew away and left me in the middle of the darkness, wondering if it had really happened.


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19 Responses to Fantasy: Satisfying The Law (Part 2)

  1. John

    You have a new fan!

  2. justsomeguy

    YOU. are. AMAZING.

  3. citykid1967

    Lovely, Amy. Would have loved to have been that cop . . .

  4. zoe

    Amy you are amazing and your blog posts turn me on so much… it’s so inspiring to here another girl be so open sexually! Do you have an email address people can chat to you on?

    Keep writing! x xxx

    • Amy

      I don’t have an email address right now, it was deleted with the technical issues that deleted all of my old stories. And to tell the truth I’m horrible about answering emails, but if there’s interest I’ll see about getting it setup again.

  5. Tim

    Incredible story, please keep them coming. I don’t want to go through Amy withdraw ever again. Glad you are back!

  6. Xkv8r

    I’m glad that you are back, and well!

  7. Lula

    Friend of mine introduced me to your site. You can definitely count me as a fan ;-)

    And, having dated a cop, let me tell you… being handcuffed, bent over a cruiser, and fucked is just as hot as, if not hotter, than you think it is. You *have* to try it out if you get the chance.

    • Amy

      It’s pretty hot in my fantasy, so if you say it’s even hotter I think I’m going to have to start getting to know some officers of the law.

      Thanks for stopping by and glad to count you as a fan.

  8. FunwithaFin

    You have a great vivid imagination. I now see why you’re trying to write a book, I hope you succeeded because you’re fantasies are great. You have a natural talent orally, anally, vaginally and mentally and have given me a ton of ideas. I thank you for that, and maybe when she gets back from Finland and I have a chance to explore these ideas, I’ll share them with you.
    Again awesome vivid mind and I love how it works!

    • Amy

      Thanks for the kind words!

      The natural talents, took a lot of hard work and lots of practice, but it’s the kind of practice I love.

      You have to share them with me after she gets back.

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