Fantasy: Getting Use By The New Neighbors (Part 1)

Florida has this sexual tension about it. The beaches are full of women wearing nothing but the skimpiest bikinis and there’s no shortage of men riding bikes around without their shirts, showing off their toned muscles. Not to mention all of the strip clubs, sex shops and sex clubs. Drive down any of the major arteries and it’s hard to miss the neon lights. It’s almost like Florida is overflowing with sex, just below the sand and ready to explode with an orgasm at any given moment.

Except for me. I felt out of place – single, not looking for anyone and not looking just to get laid. Except, I kept running into these two guys that live in the same apartment complex as me. I first saw them working out at the gym. I couldn’t resist looking in the mirrors and watch their muscles flex as they lifted their weights. At the pool I almost melted as I watched them swim around and lay in the sun in nothing but their swim trunks, showing off the bodies they built in the gym. My reflective sunglasses hid me as I explored their bodies with my eyes. I caught them sneaking looks at me, examining the my bikini showed off my curves, but it was never more than visual lust.

We greeted each other as we came and went, but it was never more than a “hi” or “how’s it going.” They were in their own worlds and as I soon found out accidentally, they both had girlfriends. However, girlfriends or not, the next time I saw them at the gym I had to say more than a few words to them.

“Hi.” The tall blonde one said as he held the gym door open for me.

I thought about letting them just walk by, but I was tired of having furniture scattered through my apartment. “Hey, I know you guys don’t really know me…my name is Amy.

“I’m Mark and this is Chris.” Said the cuter brown haired one.

“I need a little bit of a favor.”

“What do you need?” Mark asked.

“I bought some furniture last weekend and when the guys dropped it off, they just dumped it wherever. I tried to move it myself, but I need some help from some strong guys like you. I can’t really pay you in cash because I spent all of my money on the furniture, but I can pay in beer, a home cooked meal or anything. I really need this furniture moved.”

“Anything?” Chris said with a little bit of a grin.

“Within reason.” I smiled.

“I’d be willing to help.” Mark said.

“Me too.” His friend chimed in.

“I’m in apartment 1240. I’ll be home all weekend.” Even though I probably sounded like a loser for saying that I was going to be home all weekend, I wanted to pump my first for victory. Not only was I going to get my furniture taken care of, but I was going to have to hot guys in my apartment, maybe they’d want a few beers and who knows what would happen after that. I had all sorts of fantasies forming in my head.

They knocked on my apartment door a few hours later. It was almost eleven as I peeked through my peephole to make sure it was them.

“I wasn’t expecting you guys to come by tonight.” I said as I opened my door. I expected them to be out running around town with their girlfriends, not that I was complaining.

“It’s not too late is it?” Mark said as they walked into my apartment.

“Not at all. I just would’ve put on something more appropriate. I didn’t think you guys would stop by tonight.”

“Looks pretty appropriate to me.” Chris said as he surveyed my apartment, then me.

“Thanks.” I think. I was wearing a tank top, a pair of old gym shorts and definitely not the bra and panties that I would be wearing if I knew my dream guys were coming over.

“What do you need moved?” Mark asked.

They followed me around the apartment and as I pointed to things they moved them, sometimes even twice when I couldn’t make up my mind. Within ten minutes we were done. “If you want a 12 pack, I can run to the store, I only have like a few beers left in the fridge. Or if you want, we can go out sometime to a bar and I’ll buy the first couple of rounds.”

“I think we were more interested in that other choice.” Chris said.

“The home cooked meal? Just pick a night and what…”

“I think he was talking about the anything choice.” They were both staring at my tits.

“Serious?” I was completely interested in the anything choice, but didn’t think they were going to choose it. I had seen their girlfriends, they could both pass as models.

“You looked so hot the other day in that bikini at the pool, but I think both of us would like to see more.”

“I don’t know.” I crossed my arms across my chest. I had shown my tits before on dares, but usually when I had been drinking.

“Just show us your tits. We won’t touch or anything.” Mark said.

“It was a lot of hard work.” Chris said sarcastically.


“Alright.” Chris said as they high fived.

I pulled down the straps of my tank top down past the bottom of my tits. They were staring a little too hard which did make it a little bit uncomfortable but as I pulled down the straps of my bra, revealing my pink nipples, I started to get turned on.

“Fucking incredible.”

“You have a fucking awesome rack.”

Their words of encouragement were turning me on even more. “I don’t know if this is fair enough for you guys? You did a lot of lifting and I don’t know if this is enough of a payment.”

“What were you thinking?” Mark asked.

“Maybe, I should let you touch.”

“Maybe.” Mark said as they moved closer to me. Their hands were instantly all over my tits, squeezing them and caressing them with their strong hands, turning me on even more.

My hands found their way crotches and their hands took turns making their way into my shorts. I couldn’t believe this was happening. They were so hot, toned bodies, great looks and alone with me in my apartment. It was happening so quick.

“Please Amy.” Mark said. Their shorts found their way to floor and I soon had two hard cocks that wanted my attention.

“My pleasure.” I said with a smile and lowered myself to my knees. The carpet was so soft and I was glad that I had gone with the apartment with a carpet and not the hard wood floors.

I stroked their cocks as they eagerly looked down on me. I licked and kissed the tips of their cocks, going back forth, teasing them.

I did more than just tease them of course. Soon, my lips were wrapped around Mark’s red cock. His was longer, but I had a feeling that Chris knew how to use his better. Or at least I hoped I would find this out.

I slid my lips slowly up and down his cock for a minute, then switched angles so that I could give Chris the attention he deserved.

I had been in this situation more than a few times before, but this time it was different. Florida was like starting over for me, shaking my reputation, but I couldn’t stop myself from putting myself into situations where I was in the middle of two cocks.

I was just getting into my routine, when they decided to move our activities to my bedroom. They practically grabbed me and dragged me into my room. Not that I was trying to stop them. Chris pushed me onto my bed and I fell onto my back. Together, they took off my shorts and panties. “Now, this is getting interesting.”

Without saying anything Chris got on his knees at the edge of my bed. He started to kiss my thighs, licking them up and down. I opened my legs further, inviting him to my soaking wet pussy, but kept teasing me.

Mark climbed up on to the bed and made sure that my mouth didn’t get bored with his cock. He pushed it into my mouth the same time that Chris slid two fingers inside of me.

Him fingering me felt good, but I couldn’t resist sliding my hand down to take care of my clit. If I didn’t have a mouthful of cock, I probably would’ve started moaning loudly.

Then finally Chris buried his face between my legs. I could feel his rough facial hair against my soft skin. He pushed my fingers out of the way and replaced them with his tongue. It was happening so fast, so much was going on that I really didn’t have time to enjoy the whole experience. It didn’t seem real.

Chris knew exactly what he was doing with his tongue. He worked my pussy carefully, but powerfully. He knew exactly what spots to give attention to.

“Fuck, don’t stop.” I pleaded with Chris when Mark took his cock out of my mouth.

“Okay, you got it.” He said as he pulled his mouth away from me.


“You want to switch spots Mark?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Seconds later, I had Chris’s cock sliding deep into my mouth. At the same time, Mark positioned himself between my legs. He had a completely different style, but it wasn’t long before he was making my whole body shake with each motion of his tongue.

Mark was careful with my mouth, letting me do most of the work. However, Chris was fucking my mouth and abusing my lips. He didn’t care if I started to gag when he pushed his cock deep into my mouth.

“You like that you cock slut?”

“Yes.” I said when he pulled out and gave me a chance to catch my breath.

“I had a feeling that you liked to suck cock from the very first time that I saw you.”

They had been so polite before, but now they were treating me like a slut and of course I loved it.

I was gagging on his cock, literally choking when Mark brought me to an orgasm. My whole body shook with pleasure, but Chris didn’t give me anytime to enjoy it.


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20 Responses to Fantasy: Getting Use By The New Neighbors (Part 1)

  1. Suave

    Mmmmm….Hot baby! Keep em cumming!

  2. michael

    I dont think you are the same person!

    • Amy

      Nope, still me. I might be a bit more mature, and my sex life has calmed down (at least for now), but it’s still me.

  3. citykid1967

    I have no doubt it’s you. Same writing, same directness to it. Love the post. I’d love to share you with another guy like that. I’d definitely be the one making you gag.

  4. Paige

    I want more… :-P

  5. Kip

    How about getting it on with some chicks. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE

  6. Mmm! Yummy stuff, Amy!

  7. Steve Leo

    Sorry Amy, this is not the same “anal Amy” from the old web site. you are good but she would never say no to a chick or have to tell “Fantasty Storys”. Keep the “storys” comming all good but we know you are a NEW Amy.

    • Amy

      Sorry Steve, but it’s still me. I’m sorry that my sex life isn’t up to your standards, but you’ll have to deal with that.

  8. Daniel

    Oh good god I read your posts since quite a while now and this is my first comment. I can’t wait till I can follow that story further what you three’ll do next ;) but your post about your blowjob at the airport was so thrilling, too!

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