Well, hello there. I wanted to apologize for not blogging much. Ok, really not at all. I’ve been busy between my day job, my bartending job and freelance writing to pay bills. Not to mention that my current relationship keeps me pretty busy the rest of the time.

However, I started to make time to write for myself again. If you’re into my fiction. Please check me out at AmyRedd.com. Right now, I’m looking for feedback about what I should write about next. I’m going to write one erotic/porn/smut ebook a month. Side note, if you want to chat. Find me on Twitter – Amy Redd – I’m more active there.

However, I’m not going to say I’m done writing here. I’d like to update this blog at least once a month. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed writing about my slutty adventures, however writing about sex recently has become difficult. I’ve tried to write blog posts since my last updated, but never completed any of them. It’s different writing about sex tied to a relationship compared to random hookups. I know some bloggers that do it well, but for me it’s hard to put those emotional aspects into words. Not to mention, that while our sex is good, there’s not much to write about after being with the same person for a (semi-)long period of time.

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog. I’ve enjoyed chatting with you. I’ve loved the comments. I truly love sharing my sex life with you. We’ll see where this goes. One way or another, I’ll try to keep things going.


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  1. Miami Outdoors

    Good to see you appear here again. I hope you can post soon. I have been checking every few weeks during your absence. For writing — try putting yourself into some scene you see and imagine what might transpire. I did this with some writing for my girl friend. I saw a open boat coming back from the sandbar on the Bay, and when they slowed down at the Manatee zone the guy seated in the back corner seat had a bikini babe sit down to ride him cowgirl with five or six boats about and three or four more bikini babes on the bow. That was the factual start. Add a little tease before and go with it. Or seeing the dude with the window open doing his squeeze after lunch in the sunlight on the bed with the whole building next door able to look on. You add some dialog about the respective lover’s interior thoughts. For the boat story: Tell how she feels down there having hot sunburned after-swim salty sex — Was it like the sex earlier when they were swimming among 100 others on the sandbar? Did he feel the prior saltwater and cum remains when she sat on him? Did he taste it? And what about that other couple doing it there at the sandbar at the same time they were, and the hot chick who gave him the struggled thumbs up as she obviously went off realizing that the other two were also doing it — and that the guy was watching her without either his girl or her guy knowing? Her orgasm really was to the other watching guy — and she made sure he knew it. Now as his date sits on him in the boat he remembers how hard the sandbar girl made him, gets harder again, and his cowgirl notices — he says, “Its you and your grip on me,” while he looks at the boats alongside imagining he’ll see the sandbar girl and do for her what she had done for him. Of course the sandbar girl is not there, but he’s sees an observing bikini Latina in the next boat, sitting next to her guy, and he knows that she knows what’s happening to him in his boat. She gives him big smile, and does a Cubana ass-shake to show she knows — and knows how to service a dick, and again he cums by the erotic push of another babe. Miami Outdoors

    • Amy

      Hey Miami Outdoors – Good to see you still around. Great to see your naughty imagination is still there! Keep an eye tuned. I might have something coming up soon.

  2. Miami Outdoors

    I will be checking in more often again – hoping to read about what your comes from YOUR naughty imagination — whether or not it derives from your own experience. You can write me at my email address if you wish, I would be happy to make suggestions if you are open that. — Miami Outdoors.

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