His Private Lapdance

Driving to the Christmas party, I had no intentions of sleeping with Blake that night. He was still technically on my shit list and my thoughts about men were still centered around my infatuation with Brian. However, somewhere after the second bar, but before we got to the strip club, I changed my mind. I could’ve blamed it on the alcohol, this was the most alcohol influenced work related party that I had ever attended. I was one hundred percent certain that I wanted to feel his cock inside of me as I watched one of the dancers grid against him. I was jealous, even though I was the one who had paid the twenty dollars for the dance.

When his two songs were up, he walked back to our table with a big smile on his face. His smile got even bigger as I whispered into his ear, “I want to give you a private lap dance.”

For the rest of the night I took notes as the girls danced on the stage and front of us and studied their moves as they gave their lap dances in the chairs in the edge of the room. I had given my share of lap dances before, but I wanted this one to be just like the action that I was seeing around in the room, not just me stumbling around and making awkward moves as I took off my clothes.

But things were awkward and I did stumble at first. My blood alcohol content was starting to drop and so did my self-confidence. He wasn’t looking at me the way, he looked at her, the way his eyes followed her around the club with pure lust until she stopped at our table.

I couldn’t blame him. I found myself starring at the same brunette. She wasn’t the kind of girl that I usually liked. Her tits were about the same size as mine, but mine are real and hers were fake. Plus there was her very fake tan. But the way she moved, even when she was just walking around the club screamed sexy. I imagined her tiny black bikini on the floor of my bedroom, I could only imagine the things that she could teach me.

As I pulled off my sweater, I imagined I was her. I had a feeling that he was imagining the same thing.

I don’t usually act like someone else in the bedroom, but as I danced around at the edge of the bed, I started to lose my inhibitions. I stopped caring that I wasn’t 110 pounds and didn’t have the perfectly toned body like the dancer.

I peeled off my tight jeans, dancing my way out of them until I was wearing just my red snowflake bra and matching thong. It wasn’t as revealing as her skimpy black bikini, but it got his attention.

However, I wasn’t feeling it completely just yet. Before I went any further, I turned on my stereo. The song the came on was perfect. It was “Dancing In The Dark.” Normally, if this song came on I would’ve changed the station. But that night, I closed my eyes and moved to the beat, letting my hands slide all over my body, caressing my ample curves and sliding between my legs.

I pushed him on to his back, then climbed on to the bed and crawled my way to him, sliding my mouth right past the crotch of his jeans. It was exactly how I had seen Candi perform the move earlier.

“I want you so bad.”

“Not yet.”

I positioned myself on top of his lap and started to move my hips to the beat. He looked up at me, but he wasn’t giving me the look that I wanted yet.

“I think these are in the way.” I said as I undid his belt and started to work on his jeans. It didn’t even sound like me. My voice was full of lust and sexuality.

I climbed back on top of him, only the thin nylon and spandex fabric of my thong and the cotton fabric of his boxers separating us.

I could feel his cock coming to life as I moved my hips. When I started to move with my whole body, he looked up at me and gave me the look that I wanted.

Feeling his cock press up against me, even through the fabrics turned me on. I could feel myself becoming wet and I couldn’t stop myself from letting out some soft moans.

He was completely hard now and I enjoyed slowly sliding myself up and down his long shaft. I couldn’t resist reaching down and rubbing my hand against his shaft. She never made a move like that with him that night, but I imagined if she was alone with him, she would be doing the same thing.

I rubbed myself against his head, his cock straining to burst out through the fabrics and into my wet pussy.

I started to bounce up and down on his cock. I hadn’t had this much fun with my clothes on in years.

Until now his hands had mostly been on my hips, now they ventured up my tits. He squeezed them and caressed them as I rubbed myself against his cock.

I was beyond turned on now and was planning to get rid of our barriers of clothing. However, before I had a chance to change the subject, he spoke up. “Turn around, I want to see that ass again.”

I smiled as I turned around, giving him the same naughty grin that she gave him an hour earlier.

I started to move my body again to the music, it was a new song now that had a slower beat but a louder drum. I went slow at first, matching the beat and rubbing my pussy, then my ass against his cock. However, soon I was using more and more force, my ass was bouncing up and down in front of him. I felt like a stripper, giving a performance that he wouldn’t forget.

We were both breathing heavy now. I was starting to sweat. It was my new favorite calorie burning exercise.

I was lost in the moment, moving my body to the song, imagining that I was her. And then I felt a warm wetness between my legs that wasn’t from me.

I turned around and was greeted with a smile. “I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“I’ll take it to mean that you liked it.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Just so you know, we’re not done for tonight.”

“I was hoping you would say that.”


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6 Responses to His Private Lapdance

  1. very hot story, I would have liked to hear about the rest of the night!

  2. SmokeSignal

    I’m guessing you chose this lingerie set on purpose?

  3. Awesome. I’ve yet to muster the courage to give anyone a lap dance. There’s something extremely brazen about demanding attention — also titillating — that I’ve been shy about. Maybe one day I’ll get the courage :)

  4. Hey Amy!
    I’ve read some of your stories and adventures and I love them so I thought I would post my own story! Something that I wrote for my profile on an escorting website (I haven’t seen an escort yet, still kinda shy about it all but I’d be curious to know your opinion on the subject! Is this something I should pursue?) Here it is:

    Do you have any special fantasies or fetishes? Something special that you would love to explore?:

    This would be more of a reality than fantasy since I am pretty inexperienced. I’ve always had a fantasy of a mature woman seducing, tutoring and teaching an inexperienced lover such as myself over many different encounters. First starting of with erotic massages, kissing and light touching, having the student master oral sex before any kind of penetration.

    Moving on from there, she begins to tutor him on vaginal sex. They try many positions, with her showing him how best to please a women, giving him confidence as they watch their unique relationship grow inside and outside the bedroom over the course of months and months.

    Pleased with his performances and her orgasms that resulted, she now gives him what he desires most. The physical and emotional lesson she is all to happy to provide to her pupil.

    The next sessions start to involve rimming and toys (maybe with both lovers taking turns receiving) and once his teacher feels that he is ready, his patience pays off with the incredible sensation of being deep inside his mature lover’s ass. One that he has gazed at time and time again that he is now pleasuring, and that grips him tightly as he moves inside her.

    In her submissive state, she trusts him and dictates the pace, starting the lesson slowly, and letting him savor this new intimacy. He is turned on by her trust in him and enjoys the pace she has set, allowing him not to finish too soon and letting them both fully enjoy the moment. On all fours with her now not so inexperienced lover behind her they gently rock back and forth together on the bed. She has a hand between her thighs while he caresses and kisses her back and neck. Satisfied and spent, she gives her student his final task for the evening, he listens, moving his gaze upwards from the mesmerizing sight of the backside that is pressed up against his hips, and looks towards her facial expression reflecting in the mirror in front of them. She gives him a small, slightly mischievous smile and nods her head in confirmation, and the months of tutoring culminate with him cumming inside her bent over ass.(Of course my reality would have me wear a condom for this part but you get the idea :)). They collapse on the bed. Cuddling each other, they look forward to the next time :)

    And that is what I would like to experience (of course the reality would be a bit different!).

    And that is it! Hope you like the story! Thanks and have a great holiday season and 2012!

    Take care!

  5. Wow! Hot stuff. My first time to your blog but it won’t be my last. I’m in the adult business so I know good content when I see it. Keep up the good work, I’ll be visiting more often.

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