I Want To Turn Your Ideas Into Stories

If you couldn’t tell from my lack of posting, my sex life has been rather slow lately. There may be something developing, but right now I don’t have much to write about my own sex life, so I’ve been busy working on my erotic fiction under the Amy Redd pen name.

However, I miss you horny guys and naughty girls over here. That’s why, when one of the awesome regular readers suggested that I open up this blog to stories from other women, I knew it was an idea that I wanted to look into.

It would sort of be like Real Erotic Stories For Real Women, except instead of asking my girlfriends for ideas, I’m asking the naughty girls and horny guys that read this blog for their hottest stories that they would like to see me write about.

I’ll write just about anything that’s legal. I’m looking open myself up to writing about topics that I may or may not have covered here. All I ask is that the story that you share is based on real events.

You can leave your suggestion in the comments below, or if you want to keep it more private, send me a message via the contact form. You can tell me as many details as you want, or as little. I’ll do my best to turn those details into very hot blog posts.


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9 Responses to I Want To Turn Your Ideas Into Stories

  1. Sam

    true event – I date an older woman and have helped her live out a few fantasies. One, of course, was the obligatory threesome. Our first threesome was with a lovely, caring and patient bisexual girl. The entire evening was about my lover’s pleasure. One moment from our evening I constantly relive while taking care of myself. The bisexual girl pushed my lover onto the bed and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing some wonderful lingerie I purchased for the evening and commenced to give my lover an amazing orgasm as I drank a glass of wine and watched the two of them. .hat was just the first of many orgasms for the three of us that night.

  2. le

    I would love to know how the night ended, when you and Cindy went out get some cock to share.
    Were it one cock or more? Did Cindy tried anal?
    Well Amy was still to blurry in her head to tell…

  3. Amy.

    I need advice. I have written something that I want to post on another blog thread, but I am unsure as to how the intended audience will receive it. It’s in italics below this.


    I am going to push you against a wall. Your cheeks right against it. Your dress will be lifted. Your underwear removed. And what is facing me then, will be photographed.

    And put on the internet.

    Coz I am looking for comments Sassy. There had better be comments Sassy.

    I want the redneck farmboy with the big equipment describing intimately … unapologetically … dreamily … and desperately … how he wants to plough with you …

    I want the rich old fogey offering you riches.

    I want the gangsta brotha proclaiming with pidgin spelling how he wants to pop his cap in this sista.

    And somewhere at the bottom of that thread, a comment with poor grammar, and even worse spelling, wanting to know :

    “… wai thuh aunti mayke me mess ma undarwhere wif funnee steeky wite stuff … naw ma gorlfrend sez the rest shee mast suck out … she goddamn crezzie … I mast see da mettizin man furst. He nose best. I mite dye.”

    I’m gonna read it all out loud to you Sassy.

    Every last word … if there are comments.

    If there are no comments, Sassy, it’s you; me; lots of olive oil … and my hard … unforgiving … probing … prodding … noise-making …

    … hand palms …

    … for a long time.

    And then my dear Sassy, it’s time for another photo, and this time …

    You. Are. Bending. Over.

    Such a lovely sight Sassy, I think I’m gonna explore it a bit … the curve of your back … the dimples above your cheeks … those pliant expanses that are your cheeks … shhhhhh …. the cleft … and softly inside the cleft … shhhhhhhh … the back of your thighs … your knees … your inner thighs … shhhhhh … all the way back up to your cheeks … and from there back to your cleft … softly … oh so very softly … shhhhh … your cheeks … the dimples above your cheeks … shhhhh … and the curve of your back … on and on … shhhhhh.

    I wonder who’s knocking on the door Sassy. Ahhhh, it’s Mrs Gamidge. Old Mrs Gamidge. Nosy Mrs Gamidge. Nasty Mrs Gamidge. She heard your noises. She’s shouting that you’ve gotta shut up. She can’t watch her soapies. What are you going to say Sassy ?

    Can’t really speak, can you ? Oh well Sassy, don’t worry, I’m gonna help you.

    From your back … to your cleft … and lower … lower … to your perineum … until it now rests … below your Mount of Venus.

    Sorry Sassy, I’m gonna tickle you there … softly … hard … up … down … left … right … don’t hold back Sassy … give Mrs Gamidge the full orchestra Sassy … I’m not stopping you Sassy … you have a reason Sassy … and that reason’s gonna slap your sensitive spot Sassy … that reason’s gonna pinch your sensitive spot Sassy … that reason is tickling you Sassy … almost there Sassy … give Mrs Gamidge the full orchestra Sassy.

    Good girl.

    Ahhhh Sassy, now Mrs Gamidge says that she’s called the police. What are we going to do ?

    I’ll tell you.

    We’re gonna play a game Sassy : Who Comes First.

    You … or the police ?

    Let’s beat the police Sassy. My fingers are inside you Sassy. My fingers have found the spot Sassy. My fingers are working the spot Sassy. Don’t hold back Sassy. Or else my fingers ain’t coming out Sassy. The door is unlocked Sassy. Mrs Gamidge can just open it Sassy. And the police will be right behind her Sassy.

    Mrs Gamidge is gonna see us Sassy.

    Mrs Gamidge is gonna faint Sassy.

    And then there’s gonna be a lot of shit Sassy.

    Don’t hold back Sassy. I can hear the sirens Sassy. What are you gonna tell the judge Sassy ? I know what I’m gonna tell the judge Sassy.

    “Your honor, I apologize. I won’t use my hands next time.”

    Still here Amy ? Anyway, the lack of profanity is intentional. Any help will be appreciated.



  4. Contel Bradford

    Great idea. Hoping to contribute!

  5. Excellent suggestion and thank you for taking requests. I would love to read stories about sexual encounters in public where two partners almost got caught in the act. This excites me and would love to come back to read about this.

    Thank you in advance.


  6. Did you go away Sweetie? You were on of the first blogs I ever came across. I hate to see you go away too.

  7. “my sex life has been rather slow lately. ”

    That’s a tragedy, email me :)

  8. YES write one dwelling on just how good going around with an assload of cum is, the sensations making you feel so sexy you go get a couple more loads as the day and night progress.

  9. Hotel California

    This is your hottest post in ages, up there with getting buttfucked on a jet-ski. I was just wondering, what are your favourite other blogs these days? Do you ever read Stephy Angel’s tumblr?

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