Inappropriate Interview

The questions started with Neil asking about my experience as a bartender and how I would handle situations. But ten minutes into the interview he paused and smiled from across the desk as he asked, “Why don’t you show me your qualifications.”

Questions didn’t get much more inappropriate, but instead of being offended I had other feelings about Neil. He was cocky, a jerky and arrogant but I wanted to rip off my shirt and do more than just show him my tits. I wanted him inside of my mouth, deep inside of my pussy and penetrating my ass.

Blake, my boss at the restaurant was hot, but he didn’t make my pussy feel like this. Blake was awkward, unsure of himself and lacked the confidence that Neil possessed. I had fun with Blake, but I had a feeling that with Neil I could have a lot more than just fun.

“I think you saw my qualifications the other night.” I grinned as I leaned forward in my chair and pushed out my chest. My tight black tank top was low cut enough that it opened up the top of my cleavage for his examination, the pink lace of my bra peeking out teasing him. Two could play this game.


The interview started started the other night. My friend Kelly and I went out to a club. I met a good looking dark haired man in a button down shirt and a slacks, with fancy shoes that introduced himself as Neil. To impress me and Kelly, he said that he owned this club and a few other places in the area. I wasn’t too impressed, but I wasn’t going to say anything that would jeopardize the free drinks that he kept coming our way.

When it was time for the bar to close, Neil invited us and some of his friends back to his house to continue the drinking. I don’t remember much about his house, but I do remember a lot about his bedroom.

At some point I was laying on my back on his soft carpet, wearing only my red thong and heels. How I got to that point is still a little blurry, but I knew that I had already warned him that my panties weren’t coming off because neither of us had any condoms.

“Let’s make a deal.” Over the next few weeks, I was going to find out that it was one of his favorite lines.

“What’s that?”

“If you suck my cock, I’ll give you an interview.” He said as he stood over me, the bulge in his black boxer-briefs very obvious.

Once he found out that I was a bartender, he had spent a half hour telling me that I should come work for him, how much the bartenders took home there and how much the staff liked working for him. I’m not going to lie, the money sounded the best to me. Working at a coffee shop early in the mornings and spending the evenings at the restaurant trying to pay the bills was slowly killing me. I couldn’t keep up sixty plus hours a week for much longer and was looking for a job that would pay more for less hours.

However, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work for him. He was good looking, but that’s about all that I knew about him. It promised better pay, but the two day jobs were reliable and I had no idea what I was getting into with him and the club.

“I don’t know.”

“Never sucked cock for a job before?” Any other time, any other guy that said that and I would’ve been offended.

“This will be a first.” I said as I got off of my back and sat up in front of him. I hadn’t even verbally agreed to his deal, but I was feeling so dirty and so turned on.

I slid my hand into the opening of his briefs and was greeted by his very hard cock. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

I pulled down his briefs and my grin got bigger. His rock hard cock. It wasn’t huge, probably just about average, but it felt powerful in my hands.

I sat up on my knees and looked up at him. My heart was pounding with excitement. He looked back down at me smiled.

I reached out with my tongue and felt the hard skin of his head. I ran my tongue around it, moving closer with my lips. I slid my lips across his head and took it into my mouth. I wanted this to be a blowjob that showed him exactly how talented I was.

I kept my eyes locked with his until I looked down and at the task in front of me. I slid my lips down his shaft. I imagined what my coworkers at my restaurant job would think if they knew that I was sucking his cock for work. I imagined what my new coworkers at the club would think. I had a feeling that I wasn’t the first girl that got on her knees for a bartending position.

I held his cock with one hand and raced my lips up and down his hard shaft. I loved the way the hardness felt against my wet, soft lips, the way it felt when his cock filled my mouth.

My head bounced up and down in front of him. The only time I stopped was to catch my breath or tease his balls with my tongue.

I wanted him to cum on my face. I wanted to show him how much I was willing to do for the job. However, he had another idea that he shared with me when he started to get close.

I had his cock in my hands, stroking it as fast as I could. I had it aimed at my face. He interrupted me and pushed my hands out of the way.

His hands groped and squeezed my chest. “I loved the way your boobs looked in that shirt tonight. I couldn’t stop starring at them.” It was the halter top that I wore when I wanted attention. It was low cut, cutting almost past my tits. Plus, I didn’t have to wear a bra with it and it tended to make heads turn.

He put his cock between my tits and used my hands to hold them together. I felt the hard shaft thrust between my soft mounds of flesh. From the look on his face, I knew it wasn’t going to be long.

Suddenly, he pulled back and his cock opened up. I held my tits like a target for him as he coated them with his warm, thick globs of cum. A river of cum flowed between my tits and down my belly. Shots of cum were dripping all over my tits.



I looked up at him and smiled. “So how do you like my qualifications?”

“I think I need to see more.” He said as he got up and pushed his chair out of the way.

My heart started pounding as he walked around the desk to me. I had that dirty, slutty feeling coming back and I loved it. I forgot about my fears of starting a new job as he got closer. My only fear now was that someone would come to his office looking for him.

He pulled me out of the chair and pushed me against his desk. I held on to it, almost afraid that he was going to push it over as he attacked me with his lips and hands.

As he pulled off my tank top, I imagined the scene being filmed for a training video on how not to do an interview.

I took off my bra and even though I was still half dressed, I felt completely naked. I was a little bit scared. I worried that someone would walk in or maybe even that he was video tapping the scene with a hidden camera. But more, I was worried about letting him hold my future in his hands. The promise of a high paying job kept me going, but I worried that at any second it would all fall apart.

That went all to the back of my mind when he pushed my jeans halfway down my thighs and slid two fingers inside of me. I let out a moan that got even louder as he pushed his fingers deeper inside of me and his mouth teased my nipples.

It was all happening so fast. He was pulling off my jeans completely and I pushed my leopard print thong to the ground. A year ago, I happily had a full time office job, even though it was low paying, it was in an industry related to my degree. Then I got laid off and had to work my ass off to make ends meet. Then I met Neil and he could give me the job I needed, one that would allow me to pay my bills on time and maybe even go back to school to get a graduate degree. I didn’t mind fucking him, but it did bother me that I was fucking him for work. I had fucked lots of my bosses before, but this was very different.

He pulled a condom out of his desk. Later on I wondered why he kept condoms in his desk, but right then I was glad to see him rolling the latex down his shaft.

He pulled me to the edge of the desk and pushed my legs apart. He gently pushed himself into me and started to go deeper and deeper inside of me.

He fucked me slowly at first, but was soon pounding my pussy. The only sounds were our breathing and the impacts of our skin with each hard thrust. I was enjoying it, but couldn’t get the doubts out of my mind. He was doing wonders between my legs, fucking me with power and with style that drove me wild.

I had called in sick to the restaurant job so that I could come here tonight. I thought about going back tomorrow like nothing happened, not to give them my two weeks like I had originally planned.

He pushed my legs back and I held them so that he could have deeper access to me. He pulled all the way back, then buried himself as far into me as he could. He went harder and harder, moving the desk and making my whole body shake with each thrust.

I was enjoying it, it felt amazing, but I wasn’t into it. My mind was racing. He was able to sense that. “Do you want to try anything else?”

“Like what?”

“The other night you mentioned that you like it in your ass.”

“I did?”


“I was pretty drunk that night.”


I still needed more, I needed more to forget about my doubts. “Have you ever fucked one of your interviewees in the ass?”


Do you think it might be a good way to guarantee me the job.”

“Oh yeah.”

“I think you should fuck my ass then. I have a bottle of lubricant in my purse.” There weren’t many more limits to pass now. I couldn’t tell if this was a new low or high for me.

He took it out and handed the bottle to me. Half of me felt like a hooker as I poured it on to his cock and rubbed it all over his shaft. The other half of me was enjoying it.

I handed the bottle back to him and bent over his desk. He pushed apart my ass cheeks and poured the cold lube on to my asshole. The coldness didn’t feel so good, but feeling his finger rub it into my ass made me knees go weak.

Soon his rock hard cock replaced his fingers. I felt it push against me, then penetrate my asshole. He pushed himself in me gently and with his cock completely inside of me I started to forget about my worries and doubts. It wasn’t the anal sex that made me feel comfortable about working for him, I just decided to let myself see where it went.

As he was pounding my asshole, I decided that at the very least it was going to be a job with a lot of benefits. I held on to the edge of the desk as he fucked me so hard that I thought he was going to push me right over to the other side.

It would come with at least some really good sex. After seeing how busy it was on a Wednesday, I knew that I could make a lot of money there.

When my legs started to get tired, he flipped me on to my back on his desk. He pushed my legs back again and quickly found my asshole.

My hand found my clit and soon I was rubbing circles around it as he thrust deep into my asshole. With the cooperation of my mind, he was able to almost easily bring me to a climax within just a few minutes. It was the kind of climax that made me fall back on his desk and shake as the pleasure filled me.

Before I was done cuming, he crossed over to the edge too. He let out some animal sounding grunts and pushed deep inside of me one last time.

We stood motionless on his desk, his cock still several inches inside of me until he said, “You’re hired.”

As we got dressed, he felt like a boss again, telling me what I was going to do that night. Who was going to train me and what to expect. I was listening, but all I could concentrate on was how good his cock had felt inside of me and that I wished he had cum inside of me without a condom.

I still had a few doubts, but after working a shift, I went to my other jobs and put in my two weeks. It was either a really good idea, or a bad one. Either way, I think I’m going to have some more adventures to share and hopefully more time to write about them.


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31 Responses to Inappropriate Interview

  1. That was very hot! I definitely look forward to reading about your future adventures at your new job. :D

  2. A.

    That was hot, but as a guy with morals, I don’t have a lot of respect for guys like him. That’s extremely unprofessional, and it sounds like you weren’t treated like a sex toy when you interviewed for your office job (although I might have missed the post if you were). But you agreed to it, so I guess I can’t say too much. I won’t stop reading your blog, but you should probably think before you fuck a little more often…nice to see a fresh post from you though!

    • Amy

      A., I think if it was just an interview with a complete stranger I would’ve ran out of his office screaming. However, we did have a bit of a history before the official interview. That being said, yeah he’s not exactly the perfect guy. But then again, I’m not that innocent of a girl.

  3. Sean

    :D Damn I’ve missed your stories – you haven’t lost a move at all I see ;) Bet he’s still thinking about it…

    • Amy

      I think I missed writing them, probably as much as you missed reading about them.

      I think I have him convinced now.

  4. Stephen

    Why don’t you put ads on this site? It seems like a decent way to make some money.

  5. Konk

    On the one hand – as a writer – there is Amy, then everyone else. I can’t determine the qualities of your writing that sets you apart. You just have it.

    On the other hand – there will come a day when you are married and have some little ones running around. He’ll probably be making well into six figures.It will be somewhat painful looking back to now. It happens. Be careful. Maintain your dignity.

    • Amy

      Thanks Konk. I wish I had more time to write and could really make a living from my writing. And believe it or not, there are times when I like writing about subjects other than sex.

      Also, I do write things in a way that keeps my real identity, separate from what I write, so that I can stay anonymous.

  6. Ingrid

    Kind of reminds me of the first time I met a former Playgirl model and now artist in Seattle. I rode his nine inches of pure personality at a party one night. Jesus, but Mr. Parfait can fuck.

  7. Wes

    I don’t think i have ever had a hiring interview ever go quite that way. As a business owner, I keep telling myself that my business ethics would prevent me from ever trying it, but after reading your story Amy, if i had been in his place I think I would have been to tempted not to try it.

    I hope you enjoy your new job, and once again I enjoyed your adventure.

    • Amy

      I don’t think I would recommend any business owner conducting an interview like that, however we had a bit of a lust filled connection before the actual interview that did change the rules a bit.

      And thanks Wes, so far I don’t have any major complaints about the new job. Hopefully, it’s something that I do get to enjoy for a while or at least until I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

  8. Jim

    So very good to have you back and what an adventure to have to write about. I trust the new job will allow for more adventures and that we all will have the pleasure of reading about them as they transpire.

    • Amy

      Thanks Jim! I’m hoping my new job with the new schedule will allow for more adventures and more time to write about them.

  9. Good for you on finding a way to get into a better position, both sexually and financially. Our puritanical society may be against utilizing sexual talents for anything other than pleasing a monogamous partner, but this situation benefits everyone. You get a new job that lets you drop the other two. He gets a skilled employee. You both get to fuck each other’s brains out. You were cognizant enough to network your way quickly into what looks to be a better situation.

    It’s a pleasure to get another wonderful story from you. I look forward to all the rest. And above all, congratulations!

    • Amy

      It does kind of seem like a win/win. I think I would’ve gotten the job if the circumstances were different, but mixing sex into it seemed like a perfect way to make things more interesting for both of us.

  10. Hyacinth

    I often find myself thinking things thru with a cock inside me. I know most people make decisions before that happens, but whatever. To each his own, right??

    • Amy

      There’s times when I can really get lost in my own head when I’m getting fucked. It’s not deep thoughts when I’m in bed trying to get to sleep, but it is a great time to think about things.

  11. SmokeSignal

    Now now, Amy. Let’s not forget to include what you were wearing the night you ended up in just a red thong and heels :)

  12. Lovely to hear from you, dear. Summer’s starting again, which means more opportunities for roof-top excursion. :-)

    Good luck at the new job. Be safe.

    • Amy

      Great to hear from you too. I hope everything is going good great up there.

      Hot summer nights are perfect for roof top excursions.

      Thanks and I try.

  13. Justin

    Wow, that was awesome! How could it get much better than a good paying job, some good dick, and better hours? Amy, how do you decide whether a guy has to wear a condom or not? It seems as though some do and some don’t even guys you just met.

    • Amy

      Justin, it comes down to how well I know the guy, if we’ve had that talk, are we in a serious relationship, etc. In other words a lot of background that doesn’t usually make it into my writing.

      • Justin

        Hmm, I was just wondering because I was re-reading about your Vegas threesome when you let the guy cum in you. I just think it is hot when you are a little cum slut!!

  14. SmokeSignal

    Also, my dear, I think we are a bit overdue for a story featuring you in a dress or skirt don’t you?

  15. Ben

    I love reading your posts; your write well enough that it almost feels as if I am there with you when you are fucking. I hope you keep writing for a long, long time.

  16. cath bachelor

    Great sexy story wish I could somehow get my husband to read on his own

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