Just An Update: I’m Still Alive

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still alive and haven’t forgotten about the blog or all of you awesome guys and gals.

Between my day job and my night job (where I was promoted and am working a lot more), I just haven’t had much free time to catch my thoughts, let alone write.

I’ve had a couple of adventures, so hopefully I get some time to write about them soon.

Miss you all and talk to you more soon.


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10 Responses to Just An Update: I’m Still Alive

  1. veedubguy23

    Whew had me worried there for a little while

  2. I was beginning to wonder! Looking forward to hearing more stories!

  3. It’s a good life when you have stories to tell after an absence, no?

  4. citykid1967

    Glad to know you’re ok, Amy. Looking forward to your posts, whenever you have a chance to post them.

  5. Orson

    I think you ought to raffle off a trip to Jamaica, wherein selected fans of yours, who decide to travel there, can have a shot at you at Hedo II.

    A win-win event!

  6. I’ve also had some major life-happenings recently and haven’t had a bit of time to write. Though, right now, insomnia seems to be as good an excuse for me to finish one of these stories.

    Glad to hear you’re alright. Congratulations on the promotion. :-) “Talk” with you soon.

  7. Stephen

    Hope you post again soon…btw, I have your old blog site archived if you’re looking to recover any old stories…hope all is well.

  8. Delve a little deeper

    If you’re ready to try anal intercourse, then doggie-style (which flattens out the rectum) or spoons is easiest for newbies, followed by missionary, with knees pulled up to the chest – you may find a pillow under your bottom helps too. Straddling him (you on top) means you’re in control, which is good, but it does tend to tighten the anal muscles, making penetration more difficult.

    Don’t forget to stimulate your clitoris to relax and arouse yourself – the more turned-on you are, the easier it will be. Use your hand, or a vibrator if it’s easier, and continue stimulation for as long as you need…

    Extract above is from the book, The Greatest Guide to Sex by Julie Peasgood.

  9. Jim

    Been almost a month darlin, hope everything is alright.

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