Monday Update: Poll Results And More

I wanted to thank everyone who voted in last week’s poll about the social networks!

The number one results was that most of you guys and gals hang out on Facebook, but for privacy reasons I think the consensus that the best place that we should hangout is Twitter. Twitter allows for more anonymity and privacy, but if there’s ever the demand in the future, I would be open to creating a Facebook page.

With that being said, make sure you come find me on Twitter. Follow me and sent me a Tweet letting me know who you are and that you’re a reader!

And don’t forget about Formspring, where you can ask me anything.



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2 Responses to Monday Update: Poll Results And More

  1. John

    I’ve noticed that you respond to every single comment and I love that about you! :)

    I wanted to follow up on a Formspring question about you antasizing about the asker. I’m going to take the liberty to say for your whole audience that it would be extremely hot for you to include “us” in the sex fantasy aspect of your blog.
    Maybe we could hold some sort of contest or random drawing?
    I think that part would be up to you.

    • Amy

      I try and really it’s the least I can do!

      That’s not a bad idea! I would love to meet everyone in person, but that would really make it hard to protect my “secret identity.” I do like the idea of virtually meeting a user in a story. I’ll have to think about that and see what’s the best way to do that. Thank you!

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