My Birthday Present (Part 1)

Saturday was my birthday and I wasn’t planning on doing anything other than sleeping until Kelly asked me if I was doing anything. Yes, that Kelly. The Kelly that I work with that’s seeing Blake off and on. Until recently, our conversations had been nothing more than dirty looks. Then we went out drinking together one night and we’ve been connected at the hip.

“I don’t think so. I’m tired. Scott is out of town this weekend and it’s been a long week and I think my present to myself this year is going to be some extra sleep.”

“Don’t do that. My friend’s band is playing tonight, you should come.”

“I don’t know.” I really wasn’t in the mood to go out, but staying home alone on my birthday sounded a little too boring for me.”

“You liked their CD. Their shows are a lot of fun.”


After our shifts were done that night, she picked me up at my house and drove me to the bar where the band was playing.

They weren’t bad, but they weren’t exactly that entertaining live. And since this isn’t a music review blog, I’ll spare you the details…except one.

At one point Kelly leaves me in the crowd to go get us another round of beers. When she came back, she handed me my beer, then wrapped her hand around me. We danced together until the end of that song. It wasn’t like we were grinding our bodies together or anything, but it was sensual.

It got even more interesting after the show.

“We’re having an after party. You and your friend are definitely invited.” Cannon (not sure if that was his real name or stage name) said.

“Do you want to go?” Kelly asked me. “They live just down the street from here and it’s probably a better idea than either of driving.”

“Sure.” I knew that I wasn’t in any state to drive. Because of the way my head felt after a night of drinking, I had cut back on my drinking. However, since it was my birthday and I didn’t have to work that Sunday, I was ready to keep the party going.

The party was fun, especially since Kelly and I had plenty of attention from Cannon and Mason, another guy from the band. Neither of them were particularly amazing looking, but after seeing them on the stage there was something about them that was making my panties wet. I assumed Kelly was going to hook up with Cannon and that Masson was all mine, but Kelly had other ideas.

“You have to see Cannon’s cock.” Kelly whispered into my ear when Cannon and Mason were in another part of the house.

“How drunk are you?”

“Pretty drunk, but seriously you have to see his cock. It’s huge.”

“So, I take it that you and him are more than just friends.”

“Yeah, but I won’t mind if you take a peek at it. Okay, you can do more than just look at it. It’s your birthday, you should have some fun. He knows how to use it too.”

“What are you ladies giggling about?” Cannon asked when he came back into the room and caught us laughing.

At least, I felt caught. My face started to get red, but Kelly felt differently. She leaned over to Cannon’s ear and whispered into his ear. I knew exactly what they were talking about, especially when he looked over at me and smiled. “Maybe a little bit later.”

Fast forward to a little bit later. Every body else had gone home or passed out, but the three of us were wide awake in Cannon’s bedroom.

We were sitting on the edge of the bed, finishing off our last drinks with Cannon between the two of us. I was a little nervous, but really horny. Apparently, so was Kelly.

“So, let’s see that cock.”

“Okay.” He smiled as he undid his belt and opened up his jeans. He pushed them down with his boxers to his knees and revealed his cock. Even soft, it was impressive. I had seen larger, but this was up there.

“Mmmm.” Kelly licked her lips.

“Now it’s your turn to show me something.”

“Okay.” I smiled as I pulled down my strapless top. As he watched, I pulled my boobs out of my nude colored strapless bra. He grinned, then looked over at Kelly.

I couldn’t help but look over too as she pulled off her t-shirt. She unhooked her bra and threw them both on to his bed. Her boobs looked perfect, so perfect that they looked fake, but they were real. They were perky, perfectly shaped and not too big, but not too small either. And she had these brown nipples that I just wanted to suck on.

Kelly and Cannon started kissing, not to be left out I reached around Cannon and found his cock. I wrapped my hand around it and felt it’s weight. I gently stroked it as it started to come to life.

Cannon turned around and kissed me. It was a sloppy, wet kiss but it was full of lust. His hands found my tits and caressed them as we kissed.

Kelly got on her knees and found his cock with her mouth. He let out a moan as her lips wrapped around his cock and slid down it.

I watched, mesmerized as her lips slid up and down his cock. This definitely wasn’t her first time giving a blowjob, she worked it like a pro.

I slid off of the bed and on to my knees next to her. I kissed his thighs. I kissed her neck. I cupped his balls in my hand and gently fondled him.

Kelly took her lips off of his cock and turned her attention to me. We kissed and it set off fireworks inside of me. I couldn’t resist reaching out and cupping her tits in my hands. I squeezed and caressed them as she did the same to me.

I had been missing Scott all night long until right there. I stopped and completely forgot about him for the rest of the night.

I almost forgot about Cannon too, until he softly pulled my head to his cock. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock. I could tell by the way I had to stretch my lips around him, it was one of the thickest cocks that I had ever sucked. I slid my hands up and down the shaft, before I did the same with my lips and could tell it was one of the longest that I had ever sucked too.

I slid my lips as far down his shaft as I could go and felt his cock fill up my mouth. I went slow at first, but soon I was sliding my lips up and down his cock as fast as I could. I gagged on his cock as I tried to deep throat him, but there was no deep throating him. I coughed as I pulled my mouth off of him.

Kelly took over for me, licking his cock up and down. Once I caught my breath, I joined in, doing the same thing from the other side. We took turns sucking for a few seconds, then letting the other one have it.

“That feels so fucking good. Don’t stop.” He ordered.

We increased the intensity and I could tell he wasn’t far away.

And suddenly the cum shot of his cock. I don’t know if it was on purpose, but he gave her one very messy facial. Cum landed on her forehead, coated one of her eyes and dripped all over her mouth. I was jealous, it looked so hot.


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7 Responses to My Birthday Present (Part 1)

  1. John

    Amazingly hot story!
    Can’t wait for part 2. :)

  2. Wilbur

    Sounds like Cannon was a lucky lucky guy having two sexy girls as skilled as you two suck on his cock that night. Cant wait for the second part and also your other amazon stories! been well impressed with your two erotic efforts so far – kept me well entertained on holiday last week

    • Amy

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories. I really am enjoying writing them. I’m enjoying writing even more now, then I did before my blog went into hiatus. Glad I could help keep you entertained.

      • Wilbur

        Was going to ask on formspring about if you’d be up for me submitting some stories to you to rate and review but I saw someone else beat me to it. Offer still stands though if you wouldnt mind?

  3. Smokesignal

    Now Amy sweetheart, were you not going to tell us about the rest of your outfit? Or is that for part 2?

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