My Christmas Present

I didn’t expect anything to happen this Christmas Eve. I spent most of the long weekend away with Nicole and her family. Since our drunken adventures over the summer, we’ve been just friends. There’s been innocent flirting, but for the most part I’ve just been a friend with a shoulder for her to lean on as she goes through a rocky time with her ex-fiancee.

I don’t think she expected anything to happen either. We were just friends. Fooling around with other females was fun, but she wanted to find a new boyfriend and I have multiple men already in my life.

Christmas Eve we were enjoying a bottle of wine, but neither of us drinking enough to lose an inhibitions. Definitely not drunk like when we fooled around last summer. However, something happened. One minute we sitting on the couch watching a random Christmas classic on tv and the next we’re kissing.

They were soft kisses filled with lust and desire. With her parents asleep on the other side of the house, we made out like teenagers on the couch, afraid at any moment they would wake up and catch us in the act.

Our kisses became more powerful. Our arms wrapped around each other, locking our bodies in a passion knot.

“We should go to my room.” Nicole said as she looked down the hallway to her parents’ room.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”


She took me by the hand and we didn’t just walk back to her bedroom, we ran as quick as we could without making noise on the hardwood floor. She closed the door behind me and smiled. I gave her the same kind of naughty grin back.

I was turned on. My panties soaking wet, my heart pounding. Being alone with her in her bedroom brought back all of the memories from when I lived at home and was sneaking home boys or sneaking into boyfriends’ bedrooms.

We stood in front of her bed, making out like college freshman who suddenly didn’t have any parental supervision.

I hadn’t wanted a woman the way I wanted her since Jill, my best friend from high school. Our kisses were soft, almost romantic but still full of lust. I was overcome with desire, but also wondering if this was more than just a late night hook-up.

We climbed on to the bed together, me on top of her like I was the guy. Except with Jill, all of my lesbian encounters had just been experimentation or sex. This felt more like what I felt with Jill. This was more than just hooking up.

Our hands ran all over each others feminine bodies. Her hand, her soft, gentle hand found my breast and caressed as we kissed. It wasn’t like being felt up by a guy.

I felt her breasts through her tank top, not as large as mine but still full and caught the attention of many men.

I slid my hand between her legs, I couldn’t feel anything more than the thick fabric of her jeans, but it was a sign of what was to come.

We made out on her bed for at least half an hour, probably closer to an hour. Looking down at her, her beautiful face, enticing green eyes, I couldn’t believe I was fooling around with her. Our soft, curvy bodies grinding together. Our lips locked together, no need to worry about getting a face scratched by a guy with a five o’clock shadow.

We rolled around on the bed until I couldn’t back anymore. I wanted more than just making out. Making out and heavy petting with clothes on was fine when I was experimenting with my girl friends in college, but I wanted more.

I pulled down the front of her tank top, revealing the front of her black and white lace bra. I kissed the soft cleavage that disappeared into her bra cups. I caressed her breasts in the bra, but afraid I might be pushing it too fast for her, my mouth moved to her neck, then to the safety of her lips.

We stayed like that until she started to tug on my top. I pulled it off and threw it on the floor next to my bed. I wished I was wearing something sexier than a purple sports bra, but she didn’t care. She pulled me back down to her and kissed me.

I kissed her mouth, her cleavage, her flat stomach, then I pulled down the straps of her bra to free her tits. It was a moment for me that this was real, not just sill games of make out.

Her perky brown nipples called for me, I couldn’t resist taking them in my mouth as I caressed her chest.

She had her hands in my sports bra, feeling my chest, trying to get it off. I pulled it off and never felt so turned on being topless in front of someone.

She took my breasts in her hands and gently caressed them, exploring every inch of them with her hands, then mouth. She teased my nipples with her lips and tongue until I let out soft moans.

We made out topless on her bed for way too long. I felt like the guy, I had to keep everything moving or nothing would happen. As we kissed, I undid the top button of her jeans. I slid my hands into her jeans, into the soft, warm fabric of her cotton panties. I didn’t stop until I found her hot, soaking wet pussy with my fingers. I fingered her, the way guys fingered me when they were trying to push the action higher. She moaned, her kisses became stronger, her hands on my body became more forceful.

I pulled her tight jeans off next, struggling to get them off, but it was worth the effort to see her, sexy, athletic body in front of me in just a pair of blue panties. I couldn’t resist exploring her near naked body, kissing every inch of bare skin, caressing every curve.

She pushed her panties down, then I pulled them off. This was the point where it went from fooling around with a friend to something more.

We looked at each other nervously, but with full of lust. She opened her legs for me and I positioned myself between them.

I tried to tease her, kissing her thighs, but I couldn’t stay away from what we both wanted. I kissed her wet pussy, tasting her sweet juices and feeling her heat. I slid my tongue between her lips and felt her wetness.

I found her clit with my tongue. I had gone down on her before, but that was while I was drunk and more for the entertainment of the guys around us. This time I ran circles around her clit with my tongue, flicking it rapidly to give her pleasure and nothing else.

I buried my mouth between her legs, working her with my tongue and lips. Her moaning started out softly, but grew and grew. I was glad her parents’ room was on the other side of the house, however if they were to walk by her room right then I’m sure they could’ve heard us. However, I don’t think either of us would’ve cared.

I worked her exactly the way I liked to be worked. I used my tongue to pleasure her clit and two fingers to fuck her. Her body started to thrust against my tongue and fingers. Her breathing became heavier. Her tits rose and fell with each heavy breath. She squeezed my shoulder to the point it hurt. Her body became stiff, her back arched and she came. She orgasmed with soft moans, almost like cries.

Her body became weak and she collapsed onto the bed, completely relaxed. I sat up and I couldn’t stop smiling. I was proud of my work, excited where this might be going between the two of us.

I wanted my turn, but it was late and I was pretty tired. However, when she sat up and kissed me, my body chased away the exhaustion. We weren’t done yet.

“Time to get rid of those jeans,” she said with a grin.

I took them off and laid down on her bed in just my blue and gray cotton and lace panties. Her hands, her mouth were all over me now, exploring my curvy body. I felt like she was worshiping me with her mouth.

My panties came off and she climbed on top of me as we made out again. Her body was light compared to any man that had been on top of me. We bumped and grinded our bodies together like there was hard cock in the middle of us. I wished that she had a cock to fuck me with. I wanted to feel her inside of me so badly. I wanted to fuck her so badly.

Her kisses went down my neck, explored my tits, across my stomach and across my bare pubic area. I wanted her to go down on me, but she was able to tease me more than I could tease her. She kissed my thighs, she licked them and every inch of skin around my pussy before she gave me what wanted.

I bit my lip, trying to suppress the moans that wanted to escape my mouth. She slid her tongue between my lips and lapped like it was a delicious dessert.

She added in her fingers after a few minutes, finding my clit with the tip of two fingers and massaging it. She sent waves of pleasure through me almost instantly. The feeling started to build and build inside of me.

She stopped licking my lips and focused on my clit. The combination of her tongue and her fingers was too much for me. I couldn’t control my moans anymore.

I grabbed a hold of my tits and squeezed as the pleasure took me over. I came. I orgasmed hard. It wasn’t a run of the mill orgasm, it took me in it’s grip and swept me away. I forgot completely where I was until it was over and her head was resting on my stomach.

I have no idea what Nicole thinks, what she thinks of me or where this is going, but I’m okay with that if it means more nights with her that end up like that.


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11 Responses to My Christmas Present

  1. le

    THX! for your special XmasGreeting! Love You! ;)

  2. Mr.Z

    Sounds like a gift for the ages.

  3. Charlie

    Have you ever been fucked by a strap on? Or in your ass?

  4. Drew

    How old were you the first time you got fucked anally? How was it? How long did it take (or how many times) before you started to like anal?

  5. Now that is a Christmas I could definitely enjoy. I found you on the top sex bloggers list and wanted to come over and meet ya. Hope your New year is as amazing for you as this night was.

  6. Amy, Amy, Amy… you never cease to amaze. That was beautiful, delicious, tantalizing, and incredibly arousing. You have a gift with words that, I’m sure, matches all your other talents. Happy holidays, and a happy new year.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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