Pushing My Limits

Austin and I are the classic definition of friends with benefits. A friend with benefits is not a bad thing to have for a single girl like me that doesn’t have a lot of free time to chase men. I see our agreement working well until one of us finds something more serious.

Sex with him is good, he knows what I want, I know what he likes. But it’s not great, he’s a lot like a number of the men that have come before him. He doesn’t push my limits, he doesn’t like to try new things. Sex with him has become routine, almost boring sometimes.

There is nothing boring about William. Not Will. Not Billy. Definitely not Willy. He’s William. He’s older, mid-thirties or so. He’s an over the top Type A Alpha Male, good looking, dresses well, has a great career, but not the type of guy that I usually go for.

However, he refused to take no for an answer. He works in the same office building as me, luckily not the same company. A number of times we’ve run into each other in the hallway, at first it was nothing more than polite pleasantries. Then he cornered me one day, moved in a little too close. Against my better judgment, I let him talk me into it. Now, I’m glad he did.

He didn’t just decide where we were going for dinner, he told me specifically what he wanted me to wear. A tight dress that showed off my body that was short to show off my legs and the long black leather boots I was wearing the day before. I had dated men like him before, control freaks that needed to be in charge of everything in and out of the bedroom. The relationships never went anywhere, I’m not the kind of girl that likes to be dominated. It felt like I was being suffocated.

As I sat in his car on the way to dinner, I imagined this would be a one date thing. However, by the time dinner was over I could see it going past dinner. He was the most polite guy I’ve dated in years, picking me up at my door, bringing me flowers, opening doors for me and being a gentlemen in general. He was entertaining, he could make me laugh and smile. Our conversations weren’t just superficial. He was more than just good looks.

When he took my hand while we waited for the valet to bring back his Audi, it sent a powerful electric current through my body. My black satin thong became damp instantly. I wanted him. I need a guy like him. His look said that he couldn’t wait to get me back to his place.

The mood in the car was light, we were joking around and being silly. We were laughing in his driveway, but when we walked into his house, his mood changed. He stopped hiding his lust and desire when the door shut behind us, his focus became me and my body.

We headed towards the bedroom, but we didn’t make it past the kitchen. He pushed me against the kitchen counter and kissed me. His lips were strong and full of energy. His hands held me tight.

It was nothing unusual until he kissed my neck. His lips were replaced by his hand. He didn’t wrap his hand around my neck, he didn’t try to scare or hurt me, but it was clear he liked things a little bit different than most of my previous lovers. It made my heart skip a beat, then pound harder.

“The things I want to do to you.” he said as he turned me around so that my back faced him.

He kissed my neck from behind me. His hands went from my hips to my tits, cupping them, caressing them.

There was no question that he was in control, but it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable like other dominate men I dated. It didn’t annoy me. His actions turned me on.

He pulled up the bottom of my tight mini-dress and exposed my thong. He slid his hand between my legs and rubbed the soft wetness. Feeling the wet satin fabric against my sensitive clit sent excitement through my whole body. I needed to have him. I needed him to fuck me soon. I had a feeling we weren’t going to make out for hours, this was going to be intense and soon.

As his fingers rubbed me, I danced against his body. My ass rubbed against his rock hard cock in his pants. It had been a long time since I had been this turned on with all of my clothes still on.

He found the zipper on the back of my dress and pulled it down. He unzipped it just far enough to expose my black strapless bra. He pushed the cups down and out of his way.

Most men start out gentle with my breasts. He started out pinching my sensitive pink nipples as we kissed. It sent a sharp pain through my body that excited me. He cupped my breasts and squeezed them tight until it hurt. Any other guy I would push away, but I didn’t want him to stop. He was in control of our actions and I didn’t want him to stop.

He pushed me against the opposite counter and leaned me over it. He pushed up my dress and pulled down on the bands of my thong. He pulled it off and threw it to the side.

“You have a beautiful ass.”

“Thank you.” I didn’t know what to say. Behind me he was studying it like it was a piece of art.

I expected to feel his cock next, but instead I felt his lips. He kissed my ass cheeks and I couldn’t believe it. He put his tongue between my ass and teased my asshole next. I seriously wondered if he knew about my blog, if he knew how much I liked anal and that I had just had my ass licked for the first time earlier this year.

“Fuck my ass?” The licking turned me on, but I wanted more than just his tongue flicking against my asshole.

“Not yet.”

He turned me around and pushed up onto the counter. I sat on the edge of it while he pushed my legs apart.

His tongue went between my legs and made me feel like all he wanted to do was please me. He spread apart my lips and took in my juices with his tongue. He found my clit and within seconds he made me moan.

This didn’t seem real. I had a sexy man between my legs, he knew what he was skilled and he wanted me.

He teased me, pulling his mouth away from my pussy.

“Don’t stop.” I pleaded.

“I think that’s a good start.”

“No, please don’t stop.” I felt my orgasm that was getting close falling away.


He was no ordinary guy. “Please, lick my pussy.”

He answered by putting his mouth between my legs again and licking me as I started to moan again.

I was leaning back on his counter, as far as I could go with the cabinets behind me. I was enjoying the work of his tongue. But as I got close, I sat up. His tongue made me anticipate what was coming next.

It erupted inside of me, I was hunched over than fell back on the counter as the orgasm took me over. It wasn’t an orgasm that just barely put me over the edge. It was an orgasm that shook my body and my only reaction after it passed was an uncontrolled giggle.

He stood up in front of me, his pants were undone and his rock hard cock was out. I knew what he wanted without him having to tell me. I slid off the counter and on to my knees.

I pushed my hair back, then looked at his long, thick cock. It was the biggest that I had ever seen, but it was sizable. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me.

Besides the size, the lack of any hair caught my attention. I had gone down on guys that trimmed down there, shaved it short, but none that were completely bald. I didn’t know what I thought about it, but I loved the way it felt as ran my fingers around his cock.

I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I wasn’t teasing him, I wasn’t sure how he would react if I tried to tease him and I had to have his cock inside of me one way or another.

His very hard thick cock spread apart my soft, wet lips. His manhood filled my mouth and I went to work to repay him for my award winning orgasm that he had just given me.

I slid my lips up and down his long shaft, going as far down it as I could, going as fast as I could. My head bobbed up and down attached to his cock.

I worshiped his cock with my mouth, giving him a blowjob that used all of my skills. I started stroking him with my free hand to make sure his cock got all of the attention it needed.

As my lips slid along his shaft, he undid his tie. I assumed he would undo it then throw it to the side like my panties. Instead he used it pull my head closer the way other guys put their hand on the back of my head to control me.

He wrapped it around my neck next. He never pulled it tight, but I could feel the silk fabric around my neck. Any other guy had done that I would’ve flipped out, with him it just turned me on more.

He held it there, just enough to restrict the movements of my head. He took over now, he slid his cock into my mouth, slowly at first. With the tie wrapped around my neck, he fucked my mouth like it was my cunt. He made me gag, he made me cough, but I kept my mouth open so that he wouldn’t stop.

He slowed down and pushed his long cock deep in my mouth, in my throat so far that his balls were against my chin. He pulled back and fucked my mouth again, then repeated the deep throating process multiple times. I had never felt more like a slut in my life, I loved it.

Just as my mouth started to get sore, like he knew, he pulled me off of my knees. He turned me around and bent me over the counter. I assumed the position, spread my legs as far as I could, eager for what was next.

I felt his thick head against my wet opening, then he pushed inside of me. His thickness stretching my lips, but he just teased me. He slid only some of himself into me. It was enough to make me moan, but I craved to have it all.

Then he pushed deeper and I let out a soft scream. His cock pushed my limits, but it felt so good. He fucked me hard, deep.

His cock attacked my pussy rapid fire, pounding into my cunt with all of his power and lust. This was how I needed to be fucked. This was nothing routine or boring about this.

We eventually made it to his bedroom and his clothes came off. He was thirty-something, but he had a body better than most guys my age.

He laid down on the bed and without any instructions, I climbed on top of him. There was no teasing, no fooling around. I climbed on top of him and lowered my wet cunt on to his rock hard cock. He filled me and from this angle I could feel just how big, how long and how powerful he was.

I slid myself up and down his long shaft, enjoying every inch of him passing through my lips and disappearing deep inside of me.

I went slow at first, but soon I was bouncing up and down on his cock like I was riding him.

He fucked me like I had never been fucked before. I was on top, but he held me there and thrust his cock up into me. He was so strong, so powerful.

He fucked me doggy style and had me rub my clit as he pounded my head into the pillows. I thought he would orgasm at anytime, but I had my second orgasm, a screaming climax as he pounded me from behind.

I ended up underneath him. He fucked me spread eagle, he held my legs in the air. His thrusts reached new speeds, he fucked me harder than he had yet. He was finally going to come. I couldn’t wait to feel his cum inside of me.

His last thrust slammed into me, shaking my whole body. His cock throbbed inside of me, I felt his cum filling my insides.

He collapsed next to me after he deposited all of himself into me. He stroked my hair and held me twice.

“I think we can have some fun together.”

“We’re just beginning.” he said with a smile.


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9 Responses to Pushing My Limits

  1. plantpage

    This may be your best post yet. So fucking hot. My cock is throbbing.

  2. SmokeSignal

    I’ll say! Now what can you tell us about the dress you wore?

  3. Justin

    Wow! I can’t wait to hear about him fucking your ass, as surely that will be next!

  4. You are so very good at this, Amy. I’m enjoying this story quite a bit.

  5. Fucking shit, Amy! You found the right flavor Dom to feed your inner sub! Good on ya! (And in ya) ;-)

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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