Reader’s Choice: Your Naughty Fantasy Is What I Write About Next

I had a lot of fun the last time we held a contest like this, learning about all of your fantasies, hearing about all of the things you would like to see me do and since there have been more than a few requests, I decided to do it again.

For my next major story, what I write about is completely up to you. This is your chance all of you horny men and naughty women who want me to write a story involving you or your favorite fetish, write in the comments below a short paragraph (2-4 sentences) about what you want slutty fantasy you want me to write about next.

Wednesday, I’ll put together all of the “entries” and let you guys and gals vote to choose which topic I’ll create a story around.

I can’t wait to hear all about your naughty ideas!


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13 Responses to Reader’s Choice: Your Naughty Fantasy Is What I Write About Next

  1. You, 3 guys, rope, blindfolds, and a public / semi-pubic space. ;-)

  2. asocalguy

    How about you stay the night with a friend and her husband and you end up in a threesome with them? She would bring out a strap-on dildo at some point and they take turns with you before finally DPing you. Or you and her husband DP her.

  3. Benji

    Oh… you distracting me during one of my university lectures. You’re wearing stockings and suspenders under a short skirt, and one of your famed low-cut tops or dresses. I can’t concentrate on what I’m teaching… my cock is getting harder and harder by the minute and I have to end the lesson early. What follows is a bit of punishment followed by hard, passionate anal sex on the floor of the lecture theatre… mmm. x

  4. anon

    Your boyfriend’s cuckold fantasy is indulged, gets out of control. Ends with him tied up, watching you being DP’d by two men. You express strength and domination with your sluttyness and by denying yourself to him.

  5. Lily

    the attention of a group sex party, bondage+forced to suck cock while toys to tease pussy and ass ;)

  6. I’m going to suggest the story where I teach you the wonderful world of amazing girl-on-girl, and you teach me the wonderful world of anal and how to enjoy it. :-)

  7. A.

    Handcuffs, forced gagging on cock, blindfolded anal…or getting DP’d with a strap-on by a girl and guy or 2 girls with strap-ons (maybe a couple just for ease of writing)…plugged airtight by 3 guys with a video camera capturing every second of it…there’s tons of possibility ;)

  8. Spike

    Ok so 2 girls in a relationship find a guy and basically tie him down and use him as play thing to get themselves off, ending in playing with him cum at the end.

  9. Michel aka @befteckel

    My suggestion…
    Two weeks ago Sanne and I went to a couples club here in the Netherlands…
    It was her birthday and I hoped she would meet a sexy girl/woman… (not just meet ;-) )
    We didn’t meet a sexy girl, but we did have fun in the whirlpool…
    Now I hope that you will change the course of that night and make it into a hot FFM night for us…

  10. iambernard

    Bonjour Amy.
    Hummm, here’s a medley of my questions and of your answers …
    You are at your bartender job. In the backroom, you noticed a particular hole in the wall, leading into the men’s restroom. Your heart pounding hard, you close the backroom light not to be seen, and bend over to better look inside this waist level gloryhole. You are immediately welcome by an exciting rock hard cock pushing and finding his way through your lips. After some sucking and deepthroating, you feel, in the dark, a presence behind you. Rapidly, before you could react, strong hands are lifting your short skirt, pushing down your red panties, fondling and pressing your ass. Completely offered and vulnerable with your arched back,you then feel gentle kisses all over your butt, followed by an hungry tongue parting your cheek eagerly. While a stranger is now litterally devouring your asshole, the other one is filling your throat with overwhelming salty semen. You slowly stand up in the dark, only to be pushed against the wall, while his hard cock is pressing and penetrating your very wet and tender asshole. Your hands reach behind to open your cheeks, your legs kept together by your lowered panties, your lips sealed by his to mutter your moaning and screaming. He strokes you deeply and comes ever deeply into your ass. He slowly comes out from your tender cheeks, and disappears. You never knew who they were … You go back behind your bar, your gaping asshole dripping and soaking your red panties. You wipe your lips … and you serve the next customer …
    Merci Amy :-)

  11. Thick8Italian69

    Hmmm what about you catching your Boss with one of the other girls, maybe the one that you have a little crush on yourself. Instead of leaving like you know you should you somehow end up convinced by the two to stay, you end up engulfed in pleasure and he shows someone how good of a slut his Amy can be

  12. Sean

    Let’s get away from the vanilla – how about something slightly more forced/non-consensual than normal? Not saying cruel or assaultive, but a scene where you are definitely in over your head, your limits pushed and you have no say in the matter…

  13. Mad Hemingway

    How about something taboo.

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