Satisfied Outdoors

“I think she likes you,” I said after an extra skinny blonde with flawless looks, but a little bit too much make up, our waitress walked away from our table.

“She’s not my type,” Drew grinned like a rooster caught in the hen house.

“Of course she is,” I grinned back, telling him I wasn’t bothered by another female giving my boyfriend attention, “she’s every guys type.”

“Honestly, she’s a little bit too thin.”

“Anytime you start out a sentence with honestly, I know you’re lying.”

“Seriously,” he lowered his voice so that the tables on either side of us couldn’t hear us, “I’d much rather have a girl with a figure.” His confident words, the way he softly, calmly said them, made my core temperature increase by a degree or two.


What were you talking about?” I asked as I sat back down at the table. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw our waitress bending over him, looking at his crotch.

“She liked my watch.” I looked at the bulky metal watch on his wrist, the face shinned even in the dim lights of the restaurant.

“Really,” I said sarcastically.

“You look sexy tonight,” he said from across the table as we waited for the waitress to bring us the check.

“Thank you,” I smiled back.

I smiled again when I heard my phone beep telling me that I had a next text message. I knew at this time of night, it wasn’t work and most likely it wasn’t any of my girlfriends. I slid my phone out of my purse and peeked at the message. “I can’t wait until I get you back to the bedroom and can rip off that dress.”

I grinned as I typed. “I don’t know if I can wait that long.”

His phone beeped and he flipped it over to the look at the screen. He grinned at the message, but before he could respond the skinny blond came back.

“Is there anything else I can get you tonight?” now it was her turn to smile as she put the black plastic check holder down in front of Drew.

“I think we’re good,” Drew said without looking at her directly.

Her smile disappeared as she spun around, glanced at me, then headed to another table.

“I can see if I can get her number for you.” The soft fabric of my panties clung to me. Although she wasn’t my type, I imagined her and I naked in my bedroom, spread out on my plush white sheets, waiting for Drew to come ravage us.

“I think I’m good.”

“If you change your mind, let me know. I’ll be glad to go get it for you.”

She came back a few minutes later to pick up Drew’s credit card, she didn’t say anything other than with her eyes which she kept locked on Drew. In the past I would’ve been intimidated by her. She was good looking, but I knew Drew would be coming back to my place tonight and that I would be the one satisfying him.


I tugged his hand, but he didn’t follow me. “Where are you going?”

“I told you. I couldn’t wait,” I said as I pushed open the door that led into alleyway

He reluctantly followed me, looking all around to make sure no one was watching.

I leaned back against the wall, pushed my chest out, not by accident. He looked me up and down and my breathing became heavy just from the way he looked at me.

“You don’t think anyone will see us?” he said as he looked towards the street.

“I don’t care.” I ran two fingers down my neck, along the low cut neckline of my dress and across my cleavage.

“I think it’s probably better if we go home.”

“Probably,” I said as I slid down the wall. I had listened to him say that before. Sex with him was always satisfying, but always in the bedroom. I needed adventure. I needed to feel my heart pounding because any second someone could catch us in the act.

“What are you doing?”

“If you have to ask that, you don’t know me too well yet.” I crouched down in front him, admiring the quickly growing bulge in his black dress pants.

He looked down at me, then back towards the gate. Knowing him, he was doing the math. How much could someone see through the broken door that half covered the entrance to our hideaway.

Our alleyway was off a side street, chances that anyone would come down the street at 9 pm was slim, chances that anyone would look into the dark alley and see us, was even less likely. Plus, we were hidden in the dark shadow behind the door. I spotted the place as we walked to the restaurant earlier. Never did I think that after dinner we would be hiding away in it. No, Drew was too conservative to have sex in public. I called it paranoid or worse. He called it playing it safe. Even a blowjob in his car, with dark tinted windows was too risky for him. It was like he had ambitions to become a politician some day and didn’t want anything hidden in his closet. Every other way he satisfied me, but I don’t think he understood how much the outdoors, in public turned me on.

I pulled him closer by his belt, then looked up at him. I licked my lips. He didn’t try to stop me from undoing that belt, the button on his pants or pulling down his zipper. I pulled his pants out of the way, his black boxer briefs showed off the outline of his very hard cock.

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea.” He was strong, calm guy, but hear his voice sounded weak and nervous.

“Shh, someone may hear you.” I pulled down his briefs, just far enough to release his cock. His long, thick cock. My panties didn’t just cling to me anymore. They were soaking wet.

I leaned forward and kissed my way up and down his manhood.

“Just hurry.”

“Have you ever known me to hurry?”

“This time, you shoul.” He never finished the word. I opened up my mouth and slid my lips down his shaft, interrupting him.

At this point in our relationship, I had given him dozens and dozens of blowjobs, but this one was different. This wasn’t in the safety of my apartment or his condo. This one while not in the open, someone could find us and my heart was pounded. I was nervous. I had lost some of my edge too. I ran my lips rapidly up and down his shaft, sloppily, but he didn’t mind.

He stood their, motionless at first. But as my mouth worshiped his cock, he started to move in rhythm with my mouth. He became part of the action, he gave into his lust. First he almost innocently groped me, then he slid his hands into my dress and caressed my breasts with his strong, powerful hands. He squeezed them until I let out a moan of pleasure and pain.

“I don’t think the waitress would’ve gone down on you in some alley.” I said as I caught my breath.

“Probably not. I’m definitely a very lucky guy.”

“Yes, you are.” I said then ran my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. “If you ever want to bring another girl home one of these nights, it would be hard for me to share you, but I think that would be fun.”


I answered by attaching my mouth back to his cock. I increased my pace until I couldn’t go any faster. His hands running through my hair. I spent too long getting my hair perfect for tonight’s date, but now I wanted him to make a mess of it. He took control, holding the back of my head with his hand. He controlled the pace, how far down I went on his cock and he pushed me to my limits.

However, when he started to show signs that he was getting close, I pushed his hands off of me. He looked down at me, his mouth open, not sure what to say.

I stood up. “I need to be fucked.”

He stopped thinking about the chances of us getting caught. He pushed me against the wall and attacked me with his hands, then his mouth. He almost violently turned me around and pushed me against the hard concrete wall. This was the way he was in the privacy of our bedroom, full of raw lust and now I was finally seeing it outside.

He slid his hands into my dress, on to the soft, sensitive skin off my inner thighs. I was already breathing hard, but his touch made my breathing even heavier and I started to sweat. As he kissed the back of my neck, his hand reached around and slid between my legs. I let out a moan as he teased me with his fingers and excitement filled my body.

Delicately he slid off my panties, leaving me feeling naked and exposed, even with my dress on. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me again, but before that happened we heard a couple talking, heading our way on the sidewalk on the other side of the gate.

He pushed me against the wall again, holding me against it with his entire body, attempting to hide us in the shadows. His rock hard cock pressed against my ass and even with the other couple a few feet away from us, I couldn’t resist dancing against his hardness.

He remained still until they passed us and I worried that they brought Drew back to reality. However, he quickly showed me that he was lost in lust just as much as I was. He pulled my hips away from the wall, leaving my hands against it so that I was partially bent over in front of him. He had fucked me like this before, in the bathroom over my sink, but this was very different.

“Take me.”

“I’ll bet you didn’t think I would go this far?” He slid my dress up around my hips and exposed my bare lower half to the warm, humid night air.

“I didn’t.”

“Do you still think I’m boring?”

“I never thought you were boring.”

“I think you did.” He ended the conversation when he pushed himself into my wetness. He filled me with his thickness, opening me up to take him.

Most nights in the bedroom, he started out slow and gentle. There was no slow and gentle tonight. He buried himself deep inside of me and started to rapid fire attack my cunt with his thrusting. It took everything I had to not let out a loud moan that was building inside of me. I had to fight to stay standing up, his thrusts were that strong. I couldn’t believe this was the same Drew.

“Would you let me fuck another woman?”

“Yeah.” I moaned.

“Would you let me fuck her in the ass too?” He sounded so dirty, inside or outside of the bedroom, he had never talked like this before.

“Anything you wanted with her. “

He pulled himself out of me and I knew what he planned to do next. He pushed his cock between my ass cheeks and aimed it at my asshole. I used to carry a small, travel size bottle of lube around with me, but with Drew I didn’t think I would need it. He was proving me very wrong.

I leaned further over so that I was bent down in front of him, my ass perfectly located for him. He pushed his cock forward and my asshole resisted, but he didn’t give up. Gently, he kept pushing. He was careful, but it still hurt. However, it was the kind of pain that mixed with pleasure as he pushed his swollen head, then thick shaft into my tight ass. I bit my lip so that I wouldn’t scream out.

He pushed his cock completely into my ass, then slowly pulled it back to repeat the process. I could feel every inch, every centimeter sliding in and out of my ass. It hurt, but felt amazing.

He increased his pace as I became accustomed to his cock. The pain was replaced by a mind blowing pleasure, a taboo pleasure that can only be felt during anal. I felt who knows how many times now, but each time felt special, unique and I worried that I would never feel it again.

One hand of his held my hip, the other found my clit and massaged it. Less than a minute later, I couldn’t hold back my moans anymore. They came from deep inside of me and had to be released. I didn’t care who might hear me. The waves of excitement filled my body, then exploded.

His thrusts became more rapid, his grip on me tighter. I knew what was coming and pushed my body against him.

He thrust deep into me and held my hips painfully tight. His cock exploded and his cum flowed into me.

We didn’t stand around there enjoying it. After he had deposited his load of cum into me, he pulled out and we quickly got dressed again.

We walked out of the alley with smiles on our faces. Another couple was walking down the sidewalk the other direction and saw us leave the alleyway. She looked at me as we walked by, she knew what we had just done there.

“Do you still think I’m boring?” Drew asked a few minutes later when we were in his car.

“I really never thought you were boring. I just like having sex out in public or outdoors. Something about it, probably the risk, really turns me on.”

“It’s just that high school I got caught in the backseat of my car with my girlfriend.”

“No, shit.”

“Yeah, the cop didn’t find it amusing. Brought us home to our parents and made us explain what we were doing.”

“Well, I’ll just have to make sure we never get caught.”

“And were you serious about the threesome part?”

I grinned, then he started the car and pulled away from the parking spot.


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12 Responses to Satisfied Outdoors

  1. Hi Amy. I’ve read some of your posts before but this is the first time commenting. Very nice! I loved reading it and I think you write quite well. I’ll have to check out your erotic writing too. Now I’m going to be thinking about this all day at work LOL. Oh well. I appreciate it! Thanks!

  2. AssFan69

    Hi Amy,

    Uber hot as always. Thank you. I hope the quiet reflects just how good things have been going for you.

    I’d personally love to hear about you sharing Nicole with Drew, of you making out, licking and eating each others pussies and sweet assholes, fingers teased inside too, as Drew fucks your asses. Perhaps Nicole’s boyfriend there too, with you girls putting on a show first. To me, that’s pure fantasy, but you, you’re the stuff of fantasies and that’s what keeps us coming back for more x

  3. Very, very hot! I can’t wait to hear about the upcoming threesome!

  4. i love stories that take me along with them, the make me feel like I am in the moment, there in the alley, watching, getting hard along with him. Well done.

  5. Miami Outdoors

    You are back and in ever-better form. I used to read your posts when you were still in college and missed your stories while you were not posting. This one is very hot — and unlike some of the comments, I don’t wish for a skinny-waitress threesome.

    You should keep Drew strung-along on that one. Perhaps you have gone back to the same restaurant to remind him, sitting there, of his being flirted-with by the skinny pretty one, and letting him know across the table by suggestion only, that you are just as panty-wet and ass-ready as you that evening.

    “You remember that one (the skinny one)? And how hot I was when she showed you attention — and what an hard-cock ass-fuck you gave me in the alley outside that door?”

    “Chat her up, again, while I sit here dripping.”

    Keep writing — you have an audience.
    Miami Outdoors

  6. I’m with Miami Outdoors! String him along for a little while… Continue the flirtation before you have that threesome. Sometimes the build up is just as fun as the actual act… ;)

  7. Billy

    Your story took me to a place I love to be… how erotic! Threesomes can be great, ive only had a few myself, but when i get the urge I find that sex toys help. Ive even introduced them into a threesome before, very fun! You should try and let me know what you think. This site is nice because it also has beginner bondage…
    Pleasure Treats

  8. hmj

    Come back Amy, its been way too long!

  9. Just came across your writing and couldn’t stop reading. This one in particular is fantastic, I will be reading this to my boyfriend before we head out tomorrow night.

  10. Miami Outdoors

    Hey Amy — Are you still out there getting some fun? We, the few, the fascinated still check your blog because when you do post — It’s Hot, like the sex you have. Hope your are having too much sex to write about it.

  11. Dirty, filthy and delicious. Thanks for the story and congrats on making’s Top 10 Blogs of the Week!

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