Sex Makes Everything Better (Part 2)

Make sure to read part 1. It’s the really steamy, slutty part.


Logan’s smile when he opened up the door made me forget instantly about my craving for sleep.

“I’m sorry it took me so long to get here, the bar was a mess and I had to do my part to clean…”

“I’m just glad you’re here now.” He interrupted, then pulled me into his place. He slammed the door behind me and before I had a chance to even look around his house he pinned me against the door. His lips attacked my lips, his hands abused my chest.

“I’m not looking for a relationship or anything beyond tonight.” I said when his lips moved to my neck. I don’t even know why I said it. It was pretty obvious by his actions, that his thoughts weren’t on anything like that.

“I understand.” His hands pushed my arms above my head, then he ripped off my tank top. He through it on to the carpet behind him.

I undid my the hooks of my bra and slipped out of it. He crushed my tits in his hands to the point where it hurt, but it sent bursts of pleasure through me.

I unbuttoned his black dress shirt and imagined how much time he spent at the gym toning his body.

“I want you inside of me again.” His hard cock grew inside of jeans, fought hard to get out of it’s clothing prison and swelled against my stomach.

“Very soon.”

I pushed my pants and thong to my ankles and stepped out of him. He didn’t make it easy, refusing to release me from his hold on me.

“How about now?” I undid his belt, eager to get to his cock.

“Not yet,” He said and blocked me from opening up his jeans. “I want to go down on you first.”

“You don’t have to, a hard fuck will be more than enough to satisfy me.”

“The offer will be there anytime.”

“I’m craving a good fuck.” I said as opened up his jeans. “One that isn’t rushed like earlier.”

He took off his jeans, then removed his boxers. His thick, long rock hard cock pressed hard against my bare stomach. I knew I would be soaking wet when he was ready.

We left our clothes behind in a pile by the front door and he led me down a hallway and into the bedroom. I jumped in front of him and on to the bed. I fell into the thick, soft covers and mattress. “This is going to be a lot better then bent over the keg.”

“I hope so.” He climbed on to the bed and then on to me. Hours earlier I had imagined Neil’s cock inside of me tonight and now Logan was pushing my legs apart. He rubbed his cock between my wet lips and I forgot about Neil again.

He slid his cock inside of me, the day had gone from a nightmare to a fantasy come true. His thickness stretched me. He kept pushing into my wetness until he completely filled me.

He went slow at first, giving us time to get used to each other, giving us time for our lips to blend together.

We sped up the pace and our bodies worked together, moving in perfect synch.

It wasn’t mind blowing sex, both of our bodies were exhausted, but neither of us wanted to miss out on this opportunity.

We rolled around the bed, with me ending up on top for a turn. I rode him as hard as my tired body could at 4:37 am after long eight hour shift on my feet.

I wanted to ride him to an orgasm, but I couldn’t hit the right spot. He on the other hand, flipped me over when he got close and took himself over the edge. For a few moments he fucked me hard enough to make the bed shake.

I held on to him, pulling his hot, sweating body close as he reached the edge. He came inside of me, his cum filling me. It was what I needed. It satisfied me more than him giving me a facial back at the club. I knew that I needed Neil as a boss, not as a lover. There were other men out there.

“One more round?” Logan asked as I climbed out of bed to make a trip to the bathroom.

“Sure.” However, when I came back he was already asleep. I let him sleep, knowing that this probably wouldn’t be our last night together.


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7 Responses to Sex Makes Everything Better (Part 2)

  1. SD

    mmmmm Sooo hot Amy! You’re such a good cumslut. I love it! Thank you!

  2. plantpage

    thanks for writing the second part…very nice. glad to see you got a creampie

  3. sleepyeyedboy

    I do hope you’ve managed to get a few anal creampies too lately!

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