VIP Treatment

“Amy.” Neil barked from halfway down the bar.

“Oh shit, I’m in trouble.” I said to the very tan and very hot guy with black spiky hair that I leaned over the bar counter to talk to. The guy had tipped me a twenty, the last two times he visited me for a drink.

I looked over at Neil and he made me walk over to him. “I need you to close down the VIP room.

“What?” The VIP room was the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights, but unless a celebrity or someone with a lot of money stopped by, any other night the place was empty. I knew it was my punishment for talking too long and too much to black spiky hair guy. Instead of earning tips for the last hour that the club was open, I would be counting bottles, checking levels and other non-sense that I could’ve been doing after the club closed.

“It’s your turn.”

It wasn’t, but I knew not to argue too much. Plus, seeing him jealous did do something to make my panties wet. Usually, it was me jealous of him talking to the other female bartenders. I had a feeling that he fucked other bartenders besides me. Not to mention, his girlfriend that felt his cock inside of her every night.I waved good by to my good tipping friend and walked around the dance floor to the VIP room. I just started checking the bottles when Neil opened the door.

“Oh it’s you.” I said sarcastically, trying my best to ignore him, even when he stood right next to me.

“Sorry, but someone has to do it.”

“It was Nicki’s turn.”

“Maybe, but I can’t just watch you flirt with other men.”

“You pay me to flirt with men. I think you told me that once when you complained I was being too quiet of a bartender.”

“Still.” I was bending over looking at a bottle vodka and felt his body press against my ass. His hands gripped my hips. My knees became weak, my body temperature started to increase. “The way he looked at you was just too much for me to watch. He stared at your tits when you leaned over the bar. When you bent over to get that bottle of rum, he probably had a clear view right up your skirt.”

“He didn’t, but he was tipping nice, buying lots of drinks.” I tried to pretend like I was still upset, but his touch was too much. I turned around and smiled. “Here?”

“No on else should come in.”

“Don’t tease me.”

“My condoms are upstairs in the office.”

“I’m on the pill.” I said as I pushed him from behind the bar and on to one of the huge over stuffed seats.

I pulled up my pleated skirt and off my sheer lace black panties. I flung them on to the counter where hopefully I would remember to put them back on. “Don’t let me forget those.”

“I’ll try.”

Together we undid his belt and pants. He pushed them with his boxers down his thighs and gave me a target to sit on. I got on my knees over his lap, not by accident putting my chest in his face.

He couldn’t resist pulling down the spaghetti straps of my tank top and freeing my tits from their fabric encasement. I couldn’t resist stroking his cock, it becoming stronger in my hands.

As soon as he was hard, I didn’t waste any time mounting him. I was already soaking wet and slid easily down his hard shaft. Finally he was inside of me without a condom, the lack of latex turned the dirty slut inside of me on even more.

I went slow at first, letting his hands and mouth violate my chest. I enjoyed his tongue teasing my nipples, his soft bites. The cupping and hard squeezing pushed me to the next level.

I moved up and down his cock quicker, making me softly moan. I completely forgot about where I was. I forgot about the crowds dancing and drinking and the other side of the wall. I forgot about the hot guy that I had been cut off from. All I thought about was the cock filling me and making him cum.

I bounced up and down on his cock as hard as I could. His hands squeezed my hips so hard that it hurt. I was in heaven.

“I’m so close.” He grunted.

I slowed down, twisted my hips a few times, hoping my favorite trick would be enough to push him over the edge.

He didn’t disappoint me. He thrust up and cum exploded into me, filling me with a hot, sticky wetness.

“We need to do that more often.” I said a few minutes later as I climbed off of him.

“I agree.”

I took a paper towel to clean myself off, then got on my knees in front of him. His cock still half erect and I used my mouth to clean him off, tasting his bitter yet delicious cum and maybe some of my own sweetness.

He left me to finish closing down the VIP room, a lot happier than I had been when I started to project.

After I finished, I walked out to the main room just before closing. I forgot about spiky hair man until he appeared in front of me.

“I’m Alan.” He said and handed me his business card. “Call me sometime.”

“I’ll think about it.” I winked, still feeling Neil’s inside of me, his cum inside of me, my panties holding it back. I had my hands pretty full, but it was never bad for a girl too have too many options.


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13 Responses to VIP Treatment

  1. Sean

    I am SOOOOOO in the wrong line of work… ;)

  2. that guy

    Definitely need options. ;-)

  3. Justin

    Wow that was hot! Glad you were a dirty little cum slut this time ;)

  4. Jim

    Ah, so good to have another installment. I worked in strip clubs all thru college as security. So many memories of the VIP rooms. I’m sure you’ll make more. Cant wait for the next one. Hopefully some anal play coming up???

  5. Amy

    Thanks for the kind words Jim. There is something to be said about the VIP room. Hopefully there is some more anal soon is all I can say.

  6. Reckless, wild, and completely inappropriate; if only all of us could be so lucky at work! Glad to see the new job is working out well in multiple ways.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    • Amy

      It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. I know, it’s cliche but so true.

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting Mr. AP

  7. edge

    I don’t wanna come across as a buzzkill, and I love reading about your fucking adventures, but i have to say that any guy who uses his position as boss to leverage getting laid (I’m not saying that’s why you’re doing it- you obviously find him hot) doesn’t really deserve the full treatment of your awesome sexiness. Or maybe its just sour grapes because I wish it was my cock sliding into your pussy. :)

    I’d love to read someday that you: 1.) got another job lined up. 2.) lured him into his office and convinced him to let you tie him up for a special erotic treat. 3.) Invited someone else in to to fuck your mouth, pussy, and ass in front of him and then to lick your pussy until you came, and 4.) left him tied up, unsatisfied.

    • Amy

      Thanks edge and I think a lot of what you’ve said has run through my head.

      At this point, I know that I could stop fucking him and keep my job because of my skills behind the bar. I think it was just the lust that got me in the door. Now it’s more just the lust that keeps us fucking.

      That being said, I really, really would love to do something like that to him even if I was still his employee.

  8. Benji

    Oh Amy… I’ve been enjoying your adventures for a couple of years. You regularly crop up in my fantasies, when I’m soaping up my hard cock and dreaming of your sweet, hungry ass. I’m writing a story about you at the moment (I’m a professional published writer, but I slip into writing down my fantasies at times… my publisher and readers need never know…) and I’d love to send it to you when it is finished. You make my dreams scarlet, and my cock throb for your sweet ass. I’ll be in touch… x

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