Will I Post Pictures, What Do I Look Like? FAQ Answers

Sorry, I’ve been so quiet this week. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing, trying not to get distracted during the limited time that I have to be creative before work, errands and real life in general gets in the way.

I realized that I hadn’t written anything yet this week, so I decided to answer a couple of the most common questions that I get in emails and on Twitter.

Will you send me pictures? Will you post nude pictures?

At one time, I did post a few pictures. Now, I’d rather be known for my words, rather than my looks. Plus, the more pictures that I put up, the more risk I had of being recognized by someone. Staying anonymous, is the only way that I feel comfortable sharing my most intimate, slutty stories.

So sorry guys, no more pictures at this time. Not even if you ask really nice or say that you won’t share them. I almost believe you on that last part.

What do you look like?

Since I won’t share pictures, I suppose the least I can do is tell you what I look like.

I’m an all natural redhead, I wear glasses and probably look a lot like the girl next door. However, I am endowed with an above average bust. I’m a 36D and have the curves to go with it. At one point a little bit too much curves, but with a little bit of healthy eating and working out on a regular basis, I’m feeling pretty sexy again…although I’ll never been a 115 pounds, so don’t think I’m skinny like that.

For you guys that need more visual, I’ve been told that I look a lot like actress Christina Hendricks and adult models Lucy Vixen and Rebecca Lane.


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3 Responses to Will I Post Pictures, What Do I Look Like? FAQ Answers

  1. Amber M

    Do you think there is ever a chance you may go home over the holidays and rekindle some romance with Jill or her dad?!

    • Amy

      I still talk to Jill, but I think we’re a lot happier as just friends. If I saw her dad, it would depend on a lot of things. We didn’t end well, but I still think about the sex with him and what were to happen if I saw him again.

  2. curiosity

    what if you just posted a picture of you ass with “Anal” written on one cheek and “Amy” written on the other? If anyone could identify you by your ass alone, they should have their own prime time detective drama.

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