New Short Story Collection: Real Erotic Stories By Real Women

Real Erotic Stories By Real WomenI interrupt this sex journal, to really quickly tell you about a new collection of stories that I’ve (re)published. The story collection is called Real Erotic Stories By Real Women and it’s a work of fiction based on adventures and tales of my friends, coworkers and former classmates.

All of the details are on Amy Redd blog, but I wanted to make sure everyone here knew about it too.

Don’t worry, my next post won’t be about my fiction writing. It’s true story about a very steamy encounter that I had with Nicole last weekend. It’s almost done, so check back soon.


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A Finger Fuck That Changed Everything

“Austin, he was your ex?” Nicole asked as we stumbled home from the sports bar.

“Yeah, I suppose you could call him my ex.” We had never defined our relationship beyond friends with benefits, so I’m not sure we would call each other ex’s.

“He really wanted you.” She said with a naughty grin.

“I know, I felt kind of bad when we were leaving. The look on his face said that he didn’t understand why I was leaving with you.” I felt bad because I never really told him why I didn’t have time to see him anymore.

“Do you think he knows that we’re, um, I don’t know how to describe what we are.” I couldn’t describe what we were either. The reason I didn’t have time for Austin was because Nicole and I spent almost every night together and really just about any time we had free with each other. Neither of us were defining this relationship either. I wasn’t about to change my relationship status on Facebook to tie my name with her. I don’t think our parents would understand that. But we were more than just friends with benefits.

“I think he thought that he did something wrong, that I was mad at him or something.”

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Happy New Year

I’m about to head off to work, bartenders don’t get New Year’s Eve, but at least Nicole will be there too and we’ll keep each other entertained if the drunks don’t. Anyways, I had some free time so I thought I would write you real quick.

Thank you making 2012 an awesome year. I really mean it, your support has been awesome.  There were a lot of up and downs for me personally, but with my blog you guys and gals were always here for me! I’m glad you liked my adventures enough to keep reading them and commenting here, I’m hoping that in 2013 I’ll have just as many adventures to write about.

If it wasn’t for all of you reading my blog, leaving those comments and chatting with me on Twitter, I probably would’ve stopped writing a long time ago. Cheers! And cheers to a very naughty and sex filled 2013.


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My Christmas Present

I didn’t expect anything to happen this Christmas Eve. I spent most of the long weekend away with Nicole and her family. Since our drunken adventures over the summer, we’ve been just friends. There’s been innocent flirting, but for the most part I’ve just been a friend with a shoulder for her to lean on as she goes through a rocky time with her ex-fiancee.

I don’t think she expected anything to happen either. We were just friends. Fooling around with other females was fun, but she wanted to find a new boyfriend and I have multiple men already in my life.

Christmas Eve we were enjoying a bottle of wine, but neither of us drinking enough to lose an inhibitions. Definitely not drunk like when we fooled around last summer. However, something happened. One minute we sitting on the couch watching a random Christmas classic on tv and the next we’re kissing.

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Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

I wanted to wish all of you awesome guys and naughty girls a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

I hope you get all of the naughty presents that you want this year. Having your support on my blog and on my published stories has been the best present this year. I’m serious, I love writing and having all of you support me has kept me writing and working to improve my writing. Thank you!

I’m heading off to spend the holiday with Nicole and her family. It will probably not be naughty at all, but I know there will be lots of delicious food and hopefully wine.

Talk to you soon.









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An Anal Fucking Outdoors

“Why don’t you show me around, we still have more than two hours left. Take us some place private.”

“Why would you want to go some place private?” he grinned.

“I’m horny and I want you to fuck my brains out.” The wedding ended at two and the reception didn’t start until seven. It was way too much time in between for the guests that had nothing to do and were in from out of town. We went out for lunch, went shopping at the mall and still had free time.

“I have an idea.” He drove us away from the craziness of the mall, through the generic Florida suburbs and to an undeveloped area. He found the gravel road that he was looking for and turned down it. It led through the forest and many perfect places to dump a body. We were in the middle of nowhere,

“Did you come here often when you were living here?”

“Maybe a few times.” I imagined a younger Austin bringing his girlfriends here. I found some secluded spots in Chicago when I was growing up, but nothing like this.

As my hands explored over his clothes, he told me how they found the trail. He told me stories about the parties that were out here

He stopped mid-story when my hand found his cock. “Want me to go down on you?”

“Does any guy ever say no?”

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The Attraction: Secrets Of A Coed Call Girl #1

The Attraction: Secrets Of A Coed Call Girl #1The Attraction, the first book from the Secrets Of A Coed Call Girl series is now available on Amazon for 99 cents.

The Attraction is the story of a good girl, that needs more money to pay her bills. The first time she was paid for sex was a fluke, the sex was amazing, but can she make it a career?

I won’t beat you over the head with the details, but if you’re interested you can learn more about it on my author site, There you can read the whole description, I’ll post an excerpt and more.

The 99 cent price is temporary so I suggest buying it now.

As always, thank you to everyone that supports my writing and helps me along towards my dream of becoming a full time erotica writer.






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I’m A Slut…

This weekend I went to a wedding with Austin. Later on this week when I have more time, I’ll write about how we spent part of the six hours between the ceremony and the reception.

I hate weddings, but at least this time it wasn’t someone in my family getting married so I wasn’t bombarded about questions about when I was getting married. Still, weddings are reminder that I’m no longer eighteen.

When I was in high school and especially college I never worried about serious relationships. Sure I wanted to be in one like every other female, but I was still having fun. I really just wanted to get fucked, I didn’t have much of a long term picture past that.

After graduating and a couple of serious relationships later, I’m single again. I spent most of last summer practically asexual after a one night stand with an old friend and imagining if he married me instead of another girl from our high school.

Austin broke me out of that funk, reminded me that sex can be fun. William is a reminder that sex doesn’t have to be routine or boring. I see Austin on a regular basis, I see William not as often, but it’s safe to say that between the two of them I’m getting fucked more often than I have in a long time.

Yet, I still want more. It’s not a relationship that I want either. Both of those guys can be described as friends with benefits, definitely satisfying me in the bedroom, but I crave going out and meeting new guys. I crave the sex with new men. I have fantasies that I want to live out about me in the middle of two men or more.

Then there’s the women. My co-worker, Nicole hasn’t said it, but I have a feeling she wants to explore more of her bisexual side. And there’s another woman, Kelly. A wild, extrovert that’s loaded with sexuality and wants to go out clubbing with me one night.

In other words, I have a busy social schedule, but I still want more. I’m a slut, I love sex and I’m not in a rush to settle down anytime soon.


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Pushing My Limits

Austin and I are the classic definition of friends with benefits. A friend with benefits is not a bad thing to have for a single girl like me that doesn’t have a lot of free time to chase men. I see our agreement working well until one of us finds something more serious.

Sex with him is good, he knows what I want, I know what he likes. But it’s not great, he’s a lot like a number of the men that have come before him. He doesn’t push my limits, he doesn’t like to try new things. Sex with him has become routine, almost boring sometimes.

There is nothing boring about William. Not Will. Not Billy. Definitely not Willy. He’s William. He’s older, mid-thirties or so. He’s an over the top Type A Alpha Male, good looking, dresses well, has a great career, but not the type of guy that I usually go for.

However, he refused to take no for an answer. He works in the same office building as me, luckily not the same company. A number of times we’ve run into each other in the hallway, at first it was nothing more than polite pleasantries. Then he cornered me one day, moved in a little too close. Against my better judgment, I let him talk me into it. Now, I’m glad he did.

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Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012

It’s been a little crazy in my world, I’ve got a new temp job during the day that will hopefully lead to full time work. Until then my schedule is a tad bit hectic as I work a day job and my night job bartending, so regular posts, answering emails and chatting on Twitter are going to be sporadic.

The good news is that Rori from Between My Sheets included me on the Top 100 Sex Bloggers Of 2012. I wasn’t just included either. Thanks to you amazing guys and gals, I ended up near the top of the list, at number five!!! I can’t believe it. Thank you! I’ve been kind’ve down because I’m working so much and haven’t had much time to write, but this put a huge grin on my face and motivates me to write whenever I have free time. Make sure you check out the other blogs that made the list!

Between My Sheets


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