A Tale Of Two Saturdays (Part 1)

Scott slid me his business card across the bar counter and smiled. It was a cocky grin, but not too over confident.

I looked across the restaurant and saw Blake talking to a table of customers. He was oblivious to me and oblivious to the customers, he was too busy starring at Kelly. I picked up the gray and black card and pushed it into my pocket. “I don’t usually take numbers from strangers.”

“I don’t blame you. You’re a good looking woman and I’m sure you have men hitting on you all of the time. However, I’m not just some guy. Plus, I would love to take you around and show you some of the highlights that this city has to offer.”

“You were listening.” He was smooth, good with words and paid attention to what I said, he was already looking like an upgrade from Blake.

“Of course, I was. And I was listening when you said that your shift was over at four. Call me tonight and I’ll take you to my favorite restaurant.”

“You mean this isn’t your favorite restaurant?” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come here a few times with my friends like today, but I have been known to eat at a few other places.”

“I see how it is.”

“But on a serious note, I have to catch up with my friends before they leave without me. Call me tonight.”

“I’ll consider it.”Two hours later I was driving home and on the phone with Scott. I still wasn’t sure if it was confidence or cockiness, but I liked it. Plus, when I asked Blake what he was doing that night, he never answered me. Even if the date went nowhere, it was better than hanging out at home and wondering about Blake and Kelly the whole night.

It looked like I had made my move too soon. Twice last week, Blake and I had talked about spending some time together outside of work and twice those plans had fallen apart. He was hot, pretty good in bed, but Kelly could have him and all his mental drama.

When I got home, I showered, then put on my new “I want everyone to look at me” dress, lucky panties and matching push up bra. I tried to pretend that I wasn’t excited, but I couldn’t wait to meet him at the restaurant. He was just as good looking as Blake, knew how to dress a lot better, his business card made it sound like he had a serious career. Not too mention he was older. Not much older than Blake who was 29, but at least a few years older and a whole lot more mature.

“You were right, this place did have great food.” I said as we walked out of the restaurant and headed towards the parking lot.

“I’ll never steer you wrong.”

He leaned forward and kissed me. It wasn’t like the kisses with Blake the previous Saturday. These kisses had meaning and were full of bad intentions. Lust swept over me and I started to feel my body temperature rise. I didn’t want the kiss to end, but eventually car wanted to get out of the parking lot and we were blocking it’s way.

“Night is young, where to next?” I said as we got to the point, where we would have to go our separate ways to our cars.

“I know a couple of good bars that have live music near here. One is jazz and the other you never know what you’ll find.”

“Both sound good to me.”

“Or we could go back to my place. We can have a couple of drinks or I could fuck your brains out.” He said it so casually, that I wasn’t sure if he was joking or serious.

“That sounds good to me too.” I said tentatively, not wanting to be caught looking foolish if he was joking.

“I thought you might say that.” He said with his cocky/confident grin. “Do you want to follow me back to my place?”

“Okay.” It didn’t even feel like what was happening was real.

“Follow me, I’m in the black Audi.”

Ten minutes later, we were in his ninth floor condo over looking the ocean. The place Blake took me had a view, but nothing compared to what I could see from the Paul’s deck. However, he didn’t let me enjoy the view for too long before he attacked me with his kisses and made me forget about the scenery.

His left hand wasted no time sliding under my dress and between my legs. I felt his fingers through the satin and lace fabric of my thong. “Do you want to move inside?” I asked, wanting him to do much more than just tease me with his fingers.

“Out here is fine.”

“Can anyone see us?”

He shut off the light in his living room and the light on his porch. “Probably not now, but there is always that risk.” He said as he pushed the straps of my dress down my shoulder, exposing my ample amount of cleavage and cups of my bra to the night sky. “Do you like that kind of risk?”

“It can make things more interesting.” I said as I pulled the straps of my bra down, releasing my mounds of flesh for him.

“You’re my kind of girl, Amy.” His hands gently caressed them, so gentle that it was almost a tease. “And don’t worry about things needing to be more interesting. I can take care of that.”

“I don’t doubt that for a second.” My nipples were already hard between his fingers.

“Amy, you don’t have to do this. But I would really love if you got down on your knees for me right now.”

I looked down at the concrete floor of his deck and looked into his apartment at the carpet in his living room. “Maybe in there?”

“Sensitive knees?” He smiled. “Wait here.”

He was gone for two seconds, which was just enough time for me to look around to see if anyone was looking. I didn’t see anyone, but I didn’t have much time to look.

“How’s this?” He said as he put a folded beach towel in front of his feet.


I kissed his lips one last time, then his neck before I got on my knees in front of him. He undid his belt, then his jeans. I tugged his jeans and boxers down to his knees. There was still enough light from the fading sun to where I could admire him. He was long and thick and it felt powerful in my hands. I looked down at him and looked at the wide open eye.

“Ever since you leaned forward at the bar and asked me what I wanted to drink, I pictured this, me looking down with your red lips open wide and your tits hanging free.”

“I don’t usually go home with random men that come into my work. I definitely don’t give blowjobs to those random men.”

“I’m glad you made an exception.”

I leaned forward and licked the very tip of his cock. It was rock hard as I licked and kissed my way up and down the shaft.

I looked up and watched him as I opened my lips and slid the tip of his cock between them. I wrapped my lips tightly around the head as I licked and sucked on it.

I turned my eyes to what was in front of me and slid my lips past his swollen red head. I slid them a quarter of the way down his cock and pulled my lips back. I slid them halfway down his cock and had to stop. His cock filled my mouth and I came close to gagging. I thought there was no way that I could take him completely inside of my mouth.

Of course, he had other plans. For a while, he was satisfied with my lips darting halfway down his cock and stopping. But then he let me know that he wanted more.

I let his cock slide out of my mouth and complained, “I can’t.”

“You haven’t even tried yet and you’re already giving up?” He sounded like my gym teacher from back in high school.

I slid my lips back on to his cock and slid them down further. I slid them down until I started to gag. I sat back on my knees and massaged his cock with my hand.

“I know you can do better.”

“I’ll try.” I leaned further forward and opened my mouth further. This time I slid my lips down to the base of his cock. I was only able to do it twice, but when I detached my lips from his cock to catch my breath, I looked at the length and was proud of what I had done.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about. You going to earn a huge reward for that. Are you the type of girl that likes to swallow? Or are you the type that likes it on her face?”

“Let me just take off my glasses and you can cum where ever you want.” I said with a smile as I pulled them off.

“That is the type of answer that will get you far in life. Give me just a little more and I’m going to coat your face with cum.

I slid my lips up and down his cock as fast as I could until he pushed me back. “Don’t move.” He ordered right before his cock exploded.

I closed my eyes when I saw the first huge drop shoot out. I thought it was going to hit my right eye, but it ended up in my hair. The next shot I felt coat my right eye. Hot cum covered my nose and started to drip down across my lips. I could taste his cum right away. Then he let two huge drops of cum drop on to my forehead. I opened one eye and said “Fuck, that was a lot of cum.”

“Lick off my cock.” I did and tasted more of his salty cum. I licked him clean as the cum started to burn my skin. “Perfect,” he said and pulled his soft cock out of my mouth.

“Clean yourself up.” He helped me off my feet, then pointed me to the bathroom.

With my one eye that I could open, I could see that my face was a mess. Most of my face was coated with cum and it had even made it’s way down on to my bra and dress. I felt so slutty. I felt like here we go again. This is what I needed. This is what I loved.


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11 Responses to A Tale Of Two Saturdays (Part 1)

  1. citykid1967

    Love it! Wish I had spotted you on that balcony. Would love to see you coated in cum.

    • Amy

      I don’t think anyone from the ground could’ve seen us, but I wonder if anyone in a neighboring building could’ve spotted us.

  2. QuirkyNerd

    Hot. I can relate to this.

  3. I’m so glad you’re writing again, this post lead to me making myself come, imagining it all over someone’s face…

  4. Suave

    Mmm.. Such a good girl.. You always make my cock rock hard with each and every story!!

  5. SmokeSignal

    Amy, sweetheart, you know I appreciate that you made mention that you were wearing a dress and some very nice lingerie in preparation for this evening. But lets not leave out what your outfit looked like eh *grin*.

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