You Can Now Find My First Story (My Best Friend’s Dad) On Amazon!

I have some awesome news! My first story has been published on Amazon! It’s a short story about one of the hottest nights I’ve ever experienced.

It’s called My Best Friend’s Dad, but if you’re a long time reader you’ll probably recognized that it’s based on the Jill’s Dad post. I took the time to rewrite, give more of the back story, add more detail to the sex scenes and connect some of the dots.

My Best Friend’s Dad is 99 cents and available in their Kindle store. Just so you know (and I thought this too), you don’t need a Kindle to download this story. They have software so that you can read it on your computer or smart phone. ┬áIf anyone has any interest in me publishing it on the Nook or any format (standard ebook, etc), I was looking into that and if there’s interest I’ll get on it.

If you do buy a copy, please review it on Amazon and let me know what you think about it on the comments here. I would love, love, love your feedback.

So in case I wasn’t clear enough, you can buy my first short erotic story on Amazon called My Best Friend’s Dad.

And for those of you who wanted a collection of short stories, whenever I have free time (which isn’t often enough), I’m working on a longer work which includes some of the hottest posts from my old blog rewritten, steamy nights that never got written about and who knows what else.


If you enjoyed this post, check out all of my stories on Amazon.


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16 Responses to You Can Now Find My First Story (My Best Friend’s Dad) On Amazon!

  1. Wilburshan

    Good to see you will finally be rewarded financially for your exploits Amy, the writing deserved it a long time ago. Trying not to give the game away but what other stories be given a makeover for the new site?
    Congrats again btw

    • Amy

      Thank you! I’ve got a list of them but some of my favorites are my night of Jill, a couple of the gangbangs that I was in the middle of and some of the times I had some really hot outdoor sex.

  2. Sean

    Just got my copy – look forward to reading tomorrow on a break to distract me from work :D

  3. Paige

    Incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to read it. :-)

  4. Wilbur

    Congrats on finally getting published, good to see you getting rewarded for your exploits ;)

    What other stories from the old site you thinking of spicing up for publishing?

    BTW i spread the word and you now have a few extra followers from the cop shop here in Scotland ;)

    • Amy

      I think I answered your question above, but if you want a few more hints just say so!

      I’ll never complain about having a few more followers from the cop shop! Thank you.

      • Wilbur

        Yeh you did, just asked questions after a long shift and I’m a clear noob with an iPhone. I consider your questions answered lol, those stories sound amazing from memory. We need some hot redheads like you in Scotland!

        • Amy

          It’s alright there’s day I’m not sure how smart my smart phone is!

          Are you telling me there’s not lots of redheads in Scotland? I thought sure there would be.

          • Wilbur

            Lol, stereotype much? :-p surprisingly not, but come over to this glorious country n find out yourself. Plenty of spots for outdoor fun ;-)and I promise If I caught you I wouldn’t jail you!

          • Amy

            It wouldn’t let me reply to your last comment, so this one is a little out of order. Silly wordpress.

            I thought for sure there would a lot of redheads there. I’m half Irish which is where I think I get my red hair from, but one of close friends growing up was Scottish and she had red hair too.

            At least I know I have a way to get out of jail over there.

  5. I’ll pick up a copy, but just an FYI. There’s a typo. The author’s name on Amazon is “Aanl Amy”

    • Amy

      Thanks for pointing that! I fixed it and it looks like the book is back in review. However, that’s better than having a typo!

  6. mariah

    oooooo . . . i used to read that story over and over . . .

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