A Very Naughty Weekend Getaway (Part 1)

I thought it was going to be a quiet and relaxing long weekend getaway. However when you combine two twenty-something girls, one that just got dumped and one that’s unsatisfied by her boyfriend, it can turn into more than just a restful getaway.

In case you were curious…Kara, a coworker from my day job is the one that just got dumped by her boyfriend of three years. I was the unsatisfied one.

Things were quiet and relaxing until we found ourselves in a beach bar Saturday night. The tourist trap was half empty, but the drinks kept coming and the music kept us singing along.

“I think he likes you.” Kara said while looking at the guitar player/singer playing cover songs on the stage. “He keeps looking over here.”

“I think he’s looking at you.” All weekend long she had been talking about her ex, if anyone needed to get laid it was her.

“It’s definitely you. Next time he asks for a request, go up there and talk to him. Request a song, I’ll bet he plays whatever you want. If you don’t, I will.”

“Okay, but what song?”

“You shook me all night long.” She sang.

 “Any requests?” He said before the next song and Kara practically pushed me out of my seat and towards the stage.

“What about You Shook Me All Night Long?” He looked even better up close.

“Great song, but I think I need you and your friend to come up here and dance if I’m going to play it.”

“I don’t dance.”

“I don’t know if I can play that song.”

“You don’t play nice.” I waved for my Kara and as soon as they she in front of the stage with me, he started the song.

“This one goes out to the pretty redhead.”

I’m not the best dancer, I really don’t have any rhythm. However with him watching me, I had no choice but to start moving my body. Luckily, I had the aid of a few beers to loosen me up and there was almost no one else watching the dance floor so I wasn’t too nervous.

I made it through the first song and a couple more with at least one fan. In between one of the songs, the lead singer said, “I love white pants.”

I was the only one wearing white pants in the bar. I felt a little embarrassed because now there was more than just the band checking out my ass in the tight pants, but also so turned on.

When the band took a break, Kara and I joined them at the bar. Kara got to know the drummer, I got to know more about Shane, the lead singer.

“So what time is your boyfriend going to be getting here?”

“He’s not.”

“But you do have a boyfriend? You’re way too hot to not have a boyfriend.”

“It’s a long story.”

“Give me the short version. My break only lasts ten minutes.”

“The short version is that he’s always away on business and I’m always horny.” The bartender came over to take our drink orders before I could explain anymore.

We talked more, I tried to explain my relationship but before I knew it, his ten minutes was up. “We have to get back on stage. Order me another drink. Put it on my tab. Get yourself a drink.” He said as he grabbed his friends and hurried back to the stage.

I didn’t even have time to ask him what kind of drink he wanted, so I walked halfway to the stage. “What do you want to drink?”

“I can’t hear you.”

So I started to walk closer to the stage.

“Don’t come any closer. I’m loving the way the lights outline your silhouette.” And suddenly, I felt like every guy in the bar was looking at me again. I still felt shy, but I was turned on again.

“What do you want to drink?” I repeated after I made it to the the edge of the stage.

“Jack and Coke. Have them make it a double. They like to make the drinks weak here.”

I got him his drink and every time a song came on that Kara and I liked, we jumped back on to the dance floor. I was having fun and for the first time since she was dumped, Kara was smiling. Unfortunately, as soon as the clock struck twelve, the music stopped.

“Keep playing.” A now drunk Kara demanded.

“I wish we could, but there’s noise ordinances here.” Kyle, the drummer answered.

“You guys should come over to our condo. We can continue the party there.”

Part of me wasn’t at all surprised to hear a drunk Kara asking them over. She had told me at least a hundred times this weekend that “I need to get fucked.” However, I didn’t really think she was going to do anything besides talk about it. Now, I felt a little weird about my earlier conversation with Shane at the bar.

“I kind of felt like I led you on earlier.” I said to Shane as I helped him carry out the equipment. “Sometimes, I just don’t know when to shut up, so I have to tell you something. Just so you know, I’m planning on sleeping alone tonight. If you don’t want to come over, you don’t have to.”

“Well Kyle definitely wants to go over there.” We looked ahead and saw Kyle and Kara making out next to their truck. “How about I come over there with no expectations. I would much rather sit around with a smoking hot chick, then go home and watch television.”

“I would much rather sit around with a hot guy, instead of sitting around and watching my friend making out with some guy.”

“And if you change your mind about the whole not wanting to sleep alone, I’ll be there.” He was joking, but I shot him a serious look.

“I was just saying.”

We helped them pack up the truck, then the four of us walked to the condo. I was torn. I wanted to more than just chat with Shane, however I still wasn’t sure where I stood with Scott. I wanted to call a timeout and call him up real quick. It wasn’t like we had ever entered into an official relationship.

I thought I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do that night, Kara and her new friend would be around to keep things too serious. However when I came out of the bathroom, I found Kara’s bedroom door closed and neither of them in sight. Less then two minutes after we got to the condo, It was just me and Shane. I got us two beers, then joined him on the couch.

“So how often do you go home with girls at your shows?” I said sarcastically.

“I wish I could say every weekend. Let’s say it’s really not that often. How often do you leave the bar with the a guy from the band?”

“This may sound slutty, but earlier this summer I did sleep with a lead singer.”

“From what band?”

“A local band, back where I live.”

“So I do have a chance?” He put his hand on my knee, but I removed it right away.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m really horny. However, I don’t really know if it would be right.”

“Okay, so now I am trying to get into your pants. I’m horny. You’re horny. You’re smoking hot. I’ve been told I’m alright looking. He won’t have to find out.”

“I know he won’t find out. It’s just that I would feel guilty about doing it, even if he never knows.”

“Why? It sounds like he doesn’t satisfy you. You should find someone who does. And not to sound too cocky, but I can satisfy you tonight.” His hand reached over to my leg and he started massaging my thigh. This time I didn’t take his hand off of me.

“It’s more than that.”

“Tell me what’s going on in your relationship.”

“I’m not usually the kind of girl to complain about relationships, but he just got back into town last week.”

“That sounds like good news.”

“Except that he was gone all of August and is already gone again. This time, he won’t be gone nearly as long, but I’m getting tired of it.”

“I don’t blame you.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this and if I didn’t already have more than a few beers under my belt, I probably wouldn’t.” I just needed to vent. Kara was so into herself and her deceased relationship that I hadn’t even had a chance to tell her about my rocky relationship.

“You can tell me whatever you want.”

“He’s a good guy, the sex is good, but you were right, beyond that he leaves me unsatisfied.”

“What do you mean?” I had his full attention now.

“He’s always out of town. I can’t really blame him for that because it’s work and he did warn me about it. However, he won’t give me any sign of what he wants in a relationship. It seems like it could get serious, but he doesn’t tell me whether I’m just a fuck toy or should I expect more. I know that I’m not a perspective wife, that’s not what I want either, but I would just like to know what he’s thinking, what he’s interested in. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, but apparently it is. And I probably shouldn’t have told you any of this.”

“I’m hear to listen. You seem like a nice girl, you deserve better. I would love to get into your pants tonight, but it sounds like you have a lot to figure out.”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this. I feel like such a mess. I’m tired of waiting for him to let me know what he was thinking. This may sound slutty, but I’m thinking that whenever he was in town, I would be more than willing to be his play thing, but when he’s unavailable, I’m not going to sit around at home anymore.”

“I don’t blame you.”

“I just don’t think he knows how good he has it.”

“No he doesn’t.”

“I’ve talked your ear off now. I’ll be quiet. Do you want another beer?”

“I don’t want to mess up your relationship or make it anymore confusing. But I can’t stop myself. You can say no to this if you want, but would you mind. No never mind.”

“Would I mind what?” I expected him to be a typical guy and ask for a blowjob. I was almost horny enough to say yes. However, I was nowhere near drunk enough to have lost all of my inhibitions.

“You’re so hot. I was watching you all night long. I’m not going to lie, the first thing I noticed was your tits. However, the way your ass looked in those pants makes me so horny. Would you let me jerk off in front of you. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to take anything off.”

“I don’t know.” Half of me was so turned on by him thinking I was so hot that he wanted to masturbate to me. The other half of me was worried that it would lead to something more.

“Please. I’m going to explode.”

“There’s tissues on the end table.”


“Yes, before I change my mind. Or before Kara and Kyle come out of the bedroom.”

“Okay.” He undid his belt and pushed his cargo shorts along with his boxers down to his knees.

I’ll admit that I was turned on by his cock. It wasn’t thick, but it was long. And while size isn’t everything, when I see a big cock in front of me, it does make my knees weak.

He was already a little hard, but it became even harder in front of my eyes as he gently stroked himself.

It was so hot to watch, yet it was awkward. He just stared at me. I felt like I should do something. I wanted to take off my clothes or dance for him. I wanted to join in and help him cum, but it was too late now.

And then his hand reached up and squeezed my tit through my top. I didn’t pull his hand off as he caressed my tits. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan.

I pulled my tits out of my top and watched the grip on his cock become tighter, his stroking became faster.

I caressed my own soft flesh for him and he bit his lip. My own touch put me over the edge. I couldn’t stop myself anymore. I leaned over and licked his cock. It was already so rock hard. I ran my tongue around the tip, then down the shaft. It happened so fast that it didn’t even seem like it was real.

I pushed his hands out of the way and put my hands on him. I opened my mouth and attached my lips to the head of his cock. I pulled my lips away, then slid them down on to his shaft. Slowly, I bobbed up and down on his cock, sliding my lips down further and further his shaft. I felt his cock sliding along my tongue, going into the entrance of my throat.

I reached as far down as I could, then slid my lips back some. I bobbed up and down on him, going faster each time now.

I got all the way on the couch and got on to my knees next to him. I leaned forward and now with the better angle, I was going faster and faster.

“I want to fuck you so badly.”

I sat up and caught my breath. I thought about it for two seconds. “Let’s go into my bedroom.”

He let his shorts and boxers fall to the ground as soon as the bedroom door was shut. I pulled off his t-shirt and threw it behind me. Then pushed him on to the bed.

I undid my pants, then left them right next to his shorts.

“I thought I saw some pink leopard spots.” He sat on the bed, watching as I slid my nylon thong to the floor.

“I didn’t think anyone would be able to see. Oops.” I covered my mouth, pretending to act innocent. In reality, I felt so slutty. I was loving it and didn’t want to stop now.

“You seriously looked so hot in those pants tonight. They just clung to your ass and showed off your curves.” I was going to take off my top next, but he pulled me on tot he bed next to him and started kissing me. His hands reached down and cupped my ass cheeks, then squeezed them. He had no idea how much he was turning me on.

“I’ve had those pants for months. It was the first time that I wore them. I’ll have to wear those pants more often.”

“I really want to fuck you doggy style.”

“Just one last thing.” I reached down into my bag and took out a box of condoms.

“You were hoping to get laid after all.” He said as I handed him one.

“Yes and no. Really, it doesn’t hurt to carry them around.”

I got on my hands and knees, then he climbed into position behind me. I wasn’t sure if fucking him was the right thing earlier, but it felt like the right thing now as his cock was rubbing against my pussy. I was so ready to be used his cock. I couldn’t wait to see how deep it went inside of me.

Slowly he pushed inside of me and felt deeper than I had imagined. It was almost too deep, but it felt amazing inside of me. Warm energy started to fill me.

He went slow until we found the perfect angle and positioning. Then he sped up and I started moaning. He was pounding my pussy or drilling me, but it was powerful thrusts. I leaned forward and used my elbows and hands to brace the impact.

“I will never forget your ass.” He said as he kneaded my ass cheeks.

Sounds of my moaning, heavy breathing and the springs creaking started to fill the room. He grabbed my hips and started to thrust harder and harder.

He slowed down and I took over. I pushed back against him, rolling hips around, feeling his cock moving all over inside of me.

Abruptly he took back over. A few out of control thrust later and I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me as he came.

“Wow.” He said between deep breaths. “Amy. I needed that.”

“That felt really good.”

“I’m not done yet.”


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  1. kb

    Hopefully part 2 comes soon great story

  2. SmokeSignal

    I believe I would have asked the same as he did in that situation. But I might have asked you to remove the white pants first.

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