Fantasy Contest Winner And A Weekend Update

And The Winner Is:

And the winner of the “Have Amy Write Your Fantasy” contest was a asocalguy with his fantasy of seeing me in a threesome in an alley that involved rough sex. Congratulations! He won with 77 votes, ten more than anyone else and I can’t wait to write about his story.

This is his fantasy in a little more depth:

I’d like to read something a little more aggressive than usual. Like you get cornered by a couple of huge, super-hung guys barely know and get pulled into an alley behind a club. You resist them but give in and let them work you over in front of some of their buddies. Maybe a little hair pulling, a little slapping and choking but a good hard pounding DP that leaves you an exhausted, satisfied wreck.

My original plan was to post this late Monday. But after a much needed weekend getaway with one of my girl friends from work, I didn’t get back home until late Monday night. So, hopefully you guys will forgive me for not posting yesterday.

Assuming, I don’t have anymore adventures, I plan on writing this story next week.

Anyways, thanks to everyone that voted and entered. I would like to do this type of contest again.

Weekend Update

Now on to my weekend. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere from Labor Day weekend.  However at the last minute one of my coworkers from my day job found out that she couldn’t get out of renting a condo on the beach. Originally she had planned on going there with her boyfriend, but they broke up. Bad for her, but gave me a much needed getaway and a chance to hangout with some different people.

In other words, I have a new adventure to write about and look for that Thursday night. I think you’re going to like it. At least, I hope you do.


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13 Responses to Fantasy Contest Winner And A Weekend Update

  1. asocalguy

    Awesome! Thanks to everyone that voted for my story idea. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  2. Congratulations, asocalguy. :-)

  3. flashG

    “a much needed weekend getaway with one of my girl friends from work,”

    I’m sure you both kept each other company in the most rewarding way ;)

  4. John

    Congrats asocalguy!

    And I can’t wait for the story!

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