Blowjob Behind Tinted Windows

The light tint on the windows kept some of the hot Florida sun during the steamy, summer days. They did little to keep out peering eyes from the crowd of baseball fans that streamed by his car tonight. That didn’t keep Neil from placing his strong hand on my thigh and slipping it up my short denim skirt while we waited for the line of traffic to move in front of us.

I tried to act like nothing was happening, but when his fingers just brushed against the ultra thin fabric of my thong, I had a hard time not jumping across the car and on to his lap. He slid his fingers underneath the fabric and teased my lips. Each touch made me do back flips on my inside.

I looked around at the people walking by, their eyes glancing into the car. What could they see? I decided not to risk it and pushed his hand away.

When traffic finally started to move and we escaped out of the parking lot, his hand not so innocently slipped back on to thigh. This time I didn’t push his hand away, instead I pulled my thong to the side so that he would have full access to my now very wet slit.

His touch pushed me to the next levels, all I could think about was sex, but just thinking about it wasn’t enough. He had to focus on the road as he maneuvered the side streets. I got more of his attention when we hit the freeway, but I still craved more. However, that would have to wait until we made it back to my house. I had finally convinced him to come over so that I could show him what I could do on a bed instead of just his desk. Until then I wanted to show him what else I could do to warm him up for the nights activities.

I reached over and slid my hand across his lap and found where his cock hid in his jeans. Traffic was thick, but we traveled too fast for anyone to get more than just a peek at what was happening in the black BMW in the center lane.

I struggled with his belt, the way he was sitting blocked me from undoing it and eventually I had to give up on it. Instead, I just undid his zipper. It would give me enough access to what I really wanted. I slid my hand through the rough teeth, though the soft fabric and found his warm cock waiting for me.

It woke up to my touch and soon grew too large for the small chamber of his jeans. I guided it to free with my fingers, feeling it grow to full strength in my hands.

I wrapped my hand around him and softly stroked the hard shaft, as I looked around for anyone watching. There was nothing but us zooming by cars and other cars flying by us.

Florida is strict when it comes to seat belt enforcement, but that didn’t stop me from undoing my seat belt so that I could lean over to his side of the car.

“You’re out of control.” He looked down at me and quickly gave me a grin, before he looked back at the road.

I did no teasing this time. I imagined drivers all around us pulling out their cell phones and reporting my dirty actions to the highway patrol. My lips wrapped tight around his cock and went right to work. I slid my lips up and down his hard shaft, feeling his thick cock fill my mouth completely.

It’s not my first time giving road head by any means, but it was my first time giving it some place as busy as this highway. My past adventures had been kept to quiet roads in the middle of nowhere or late at night when there were no other cars around. My heart was pounding, full of excitement and nervousness.

I worked his cock like it was my favorite thing in the world, my lips racing up and down it, my tongue touching it any chance it got.

But as my lips sped up, he slowed down. I pulled my lips off of his member. “What’s going on?”


“Can anyone see in?”

“Probably not.”

It was a good enough answer for me. I caught my breath and went back to finishing my job.

His hand that wasn’t on the steering wheel, slid underneath me and found my tits. He cupped them and caressed them, squeezing harder when he liked what I was doing with my mouth.

Then when he got closer, his hand moved to the back of my head. He slid me up and down his shaft faster and faster. I couldn’t keep and gagged and coughed on him. It was too much and my eyes started to water, but just when I thought I couldn’t go any longer he pushed my head down hard, his cock pushed deep into my mouth and I got my first taste of cum for the day. His thick load of sperm filled my mouth and shot into my throat. He didn’t let me up until every drop of cum had been deposited into my mouth.

When his hand released it’s grip, I sat back up and fixed my bra and tank top. I wiped the cum from my lips and looked around. We were in a sea of traffic, none of us moving more than ten miles per hour. On either side of us was a man, neither looking at me, but I could only imagine what they had seen and that turned me on even more.


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8 Responses to Blowjob Behind Tinted Windows

  1. Mr C

    I can’t wait for more of your ebooks

  2. Tahoeguy

    I’ve almost wrecked a couple times ! I’m glad u both were going slow when he came cause its hard to keep ur eyes open ! Hopefully u didn’t leave a mess !!

  3. Me

    If you want more traffic, start posting to

  4. Is there anything more American than baseball and blowjobs? Sounds like your holiday week included fireworks of all kinds.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  5. Citykid1967

    Wish I’d been on that road to see the whole thing ;-)

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