Quick Poll: Should I Start A Facebook Page?

Almost every day, I have fun chatting with everyone Twitter (find me I’m @analamy). I was debating creating a Facebook page on because I know there’s a lot of people who don’t Tweet. Would you join in the fun there if I created it?

Should I Start A Facebook Page?

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If you have any suggestions for any other social networks, I’m open to hearing about them. Also, if you’re on GoodReads, I just started hanging out over there. Cum find me there.


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6 Responses to Quick Poll: Should I Start A Facebook Page?

  1. Bernard

    Allo Amy !
    I’m your French fan !
    Facebook is great, I don’t use Twitter … and we do expect to ‘see’ more of you on Facebook, as usual.
    But confidentiality is difficult between friends …. and there is already an ‘anal amy’ there !!!

  2. I have considered making a facebook page myself, but always worry that I would accidentally post something naughty on my vanilla page. That would be very bad!

  3. I tried creating a FaceBook page for me. Turns out, no combination of first and last name for Mr. AbsinthePassion will pass the integrated checks in place now to assure Real Names are used when joining. WTF really? But hey, I could start a business page…

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  4. me

    gonewild section at Reddit is always a place to find fans.

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