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Monday night was supposed to be date night. Unfortunately, Ed had to cancel at the last minute. Something about meeting the next day that he had to prepare for. His loss and probably a good thing for me.

Instead of staying in, I ventured to a sports bar with a couple of my girl friends to watch my bears. After a few drinks, I decided that I had to stop waiting for Mr. Right. Ever since my encounter last summer with my ex from Chicago, I’ve been on the hunt for my own Mr. Right.

I can’t blame just him. Too many of my coworkers are engaged and way too many of my friends are getting married or having babies and posting about it on Facebook.

While the Bears tried to do their best to raise my stress levels and give me a heart attack, I decided that I should stop waiting for Mr. Right and go back to having fun until I find him. Of course, this decision was influenced by the good looking man with a shaggy brown hair now sitting next to me.


Long after my friends left, we drank until the bar closed. Because I was too intoxicated to drive, I walked home with him to his apartment conveniently located a short walking distance away.

He promised to give me his bed for the night, then the next morning to take me to my car. He kept that promise. He promised that he would keep his hands off me and respect me. I helped him break that promise.

We walked into his apartment and instantly I pulled him close to me. He closed the door with a kick behind us and we kissed. I needed that kiss, full of lust and passion. I needed a whole lot more.

Making out in the living room led to us going to his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed, I stripped for him. His hands all over my bare skin as soon as the clothing was removed to expose it. His lips kissing as he explored my curves.

He sat back and watched me like I was an exotic dancer as I stripped off my bra. The smile grew on his face as he admired my tits. I peeled off my shinny blue satin and lace thong and he pulled my hands danced all over my naked body. He followed in pursuit with his hands, groping me, violating my wet cunt with his fingers. He pulled me closer and sucked on my nipples, sending waves of pleasure through my body which made me forget about everything else.

I sat on his lap, kissing him. I danced on top of him, rubbing myself against him as I peeled off his shirt. I felt a hardness beneath me and ripped his jeans off.

I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. His jeans already out of the way, his boxers were gone before the carpet touched my knees.

His cock long, thick. Not exactly porn star size but close. I stroked him, feeling his cock solidify. I took him in my mouth, taking as much as I could before sliding my lips up his shaft. I kissed his tip, tasting his precum. I ran my tongue around his swollen head.

I slid my lips up and down his shaft, using my whole body to complete the motion like I was doing a dance of worship for his dick. He pushed my hair out of my eyes and looked down at me. This is what I needed. I needed to be a slut. I needed to be me.

I raced up and down his long shaft, stroking it so his whole cock got a workout. I could tell he was getting close, but before I could finish he sat up and took his cock away from me.

I frowned, but he still smiled. “I don’t want to come yet. It’s your turn first.”

He pulled me up on to the bed and pushed my legs apart. He kissed my lips, he kissed my neck and as he kissed my shoulder, he slid his hand between my legs. Just gentle rubbing made my head fall back and caused me to moan.

He fingered me as we kissed. He slid two fingers inside of me and fucked my cunt as his tongue teased my nipples.

His mouth drifted down between my legs and joined his fingers. He tasted me and ran his tongue between my lips. His tongue found my clit, flicking, circling around it and sending amazing amounts of pleasure through my entire body.

He worked my clit carefully, finger fucked me hard. He made me moan. He wanted me back in his bed more than just this once.

I joined in, violently rubbing my clit with my fingers. He focused on my opening. I closed my eyes. The sensations combined to over take me. I moaned loudly as my orgasm exploded within me.

When I opened my eyes again, he sat patiently in front of me. Waiting for his turn. I didn’t make him wait long. I found my bag and took a condom. He laid down on his back, his hard cock resting on his own body.

I stroked him, feeling the weight of his cock now. I rolled the condom down his long shaft. If this was more than a one time thing, I would have to buy bigger condoms.

I grinned as I climbed on top of him. I needed this. I needed cock. I needed to be a slut. I positioned himself over his cock and held it in place as I slid down on it. His long cock did more than fill me. His thickness expanded me.

I moved just my hips at first, sliding myself up and down on him. Then I started to use my whole body, rapidly plunging his cock deep into my wetness. At first I leaned closed to him, rubbing my tits against his chest as we made out. Then I sat up, riding him like a naughty cowgirl.

“Slow down.” he said. His eyes said he was close, so instead of slowing down I sped up. He grabbed a hold of me, wrapping his arms around me and bring my body to his. His cock thrust up into me, he gripped me tight and filled the condom.

I thought we were done. He had to work in the morning, but naked cuddling and soft kisses led to another hard on. I found the hard on with my hands, gently stroked it. “One more time?”

“Do you have more condoms?”

I answered by jumping out of bed, finding my purse then jumping back in next to him. He put the condom on this time, then pushed me to my back.

He looked my body up and down with a smile. It felt good to be wanted. It felt good to be lust after. It felt good to turn him on.

He positioned himself over me, his latex covered cock pointed at my cunt. He pushed my legs back, spread eagle. The position of a slut.

He pushed his cock deep into my wetness. He thrusts gentle, but quick. His head hovered above me, looking down at me, taking my whole body in with his eyes, then watching his cock disappear into me.

He pushed my legs back and pushed deeper into me. He thrust harder. He fucked me now the way I liked. This wasn’t making love, this was lust filled sex.

He wanted to switch positions. He wanted to take me from behind, doggy style. I had another suggestion. “Fuck my ass?”

I didn’t need it to be in the form a question. His eyes lit up.

I found the bottle in my purse. “Know what to do with this?”

He nodded his head yes. I had a feeling this wasn’t his first time fucking a girl in the ass. I think he knew this wasn’t my first time being fucked in the ass.

I bent over on my hands and knees. He pushed apart my ass cheeks and poured the lube in large drops on to my asshole. It was cold at first, but his fingers warmed the liquid. His fingers warmed my whole body as he opened my entrance with his fingers. He poured more lube on to himself, stroking himself to spread it even.


“Very.” I needed this badly. This was better than my vibrator. This was better than all of my dildos combined. My own fingers couldn’t make me feel like this.

I felt the tip of his cock against my asshole. Gently he slid himself in. My mouth dropped open, a gasp escaped. His cock stretched my opening to it’s limits, pain vibrated inside of me. I started to clench, he started to pull back.

“No, keep going.” I knew it would hurt more if he pulled out completely, then attempted again.

He did until his cock stretched my opening, filled me deeply. Slowly, he moved his cock back and then gently pushed into me again. The pain faded away, replaced with the feeling I craved.

He held my hips, held me there as he started fuck me again. He increased his pace gradually, expecting me to tell him to stop at any moment. The pain was still there, but I wasn’t about to tell him to stop now.

He fucked me hard now, thrusting deep into my ass. His giant cock almost too much for me, but I wouldn’t give up. I moaned with each hard thrust. I started to move my body against his, working together.

I could’ve gone all night, but I felt him lean forward against me, wrapped his arms around my waist as his cock pushed deep inside of me one last time. His orgasm, not as intense as the first one, but I could feel him throbbing in my ass.

“I think we can have a lot of fun together.” I said to him a few minutes later, when we were back in bed.

“I’d like that.”

“I thought you would.”

We’ll see what happens. We’ve played the text message game since Monday, we’ll see if anything more happens. I hope so, the slut in me isn’t completely satisfied.


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8 Responses to Mr Right Now

  1. Heh. Such serendipity that we both had good anal sex this week. It makes life so much more fun, doesn’t it?

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  2. I’ll be watching to see if Mr. Right Now turns into Mr. Right Now and Later… sounds like a great evening!

  3. Mr.Z

    First, I have to say what an amazing surprise it was to find you posting again……yes, I know, I’m late to the party……But I was an admirer of your site before you temporarily disappeared.

    Now, with that outta the way……..What a nice story to come back to……takes the nip outta these nice Tampa nights.

    Thanks for the stories…..keep it up sunshine!!

  4. Sleepyeyedboy

    I had a thought–when you say things like “My ex from last summer” and assuming you’ve written about that, then you might consider setting up hyperlinks to link back to that story. As the content expands on your new and old site (fingers crossed) that will both become more valuable and harder to do from scratch. Great story! The anal ones are my favorites. :)

    • Amy

      Thanks Sleepyeyedboy. I never really thought of doing that, but it makes sense. I think you’ll see me doing that in future stories.

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