Earning Extra Credit

Last month, I was comparing sex stories with my fellow bartender Krystal. She has a sex drive a lot like mine and quite a few stories to tell. One of the stories was about a certain male teacher her senior year. She gave me some of the details, I filled the rest in with my dirty mind.

It’s my first time writing from a different point of view, creating a character that’s not based on me. I think it came out pretty good. There might be more from Krystal, she has a few naughty stories that rival some of mine.

Here’s an excerpt from that story:

As I got out of the car and locked it behind me the cars passing by on the expressway and my heels clicking on the pavement provided the only soundtrack. I felt like a hooker, and I probably looked like one too with my slutty open toed heels, jeans so tight that men were forced to stare at my ass, and underneath my jacket the half tank top that showed off my flat stomach and a lot of cleavage. Mr Jensen waited for me by the backdoor, still looking very much like a teacher in khakis and a polo.

I followed him into the hotel hallway, spotting the security camera as we walked by it. I wondered if anyone watched it and if they saw me with him. If they did, they probably thought that he had just let in a call girl.

Without saying a word, we continued up to his room on the second floor. With every door we passed I worried that someone would come out and see us together. I imagined what my friends would say if they saw me now, and I worried what would happen if another teacher was staying there that night. My heart pounded, my breathing difficult.Somehow we made it to his room without any incident. After letting me in Mr Jensen locked the chain and the dead bolt behind us, while I stood in the middle of the room, looking around to make sure we were alone. The room stood empty except for us. The cream colored drapes were closed, and it seemed like the other motel rooms at been at for parties and after prom last year, but somehow different.

“You can take off your coat if you want.” Mister Jensen said as he sat down on the bed.

“Okay.” My voice barely audible. I unzipped my jacket and threw it on to the chair next to me.

Then I just stood there. Not sure what to do.

His eyes examined me from head to toe. “Your parents know you went out like that?”

“I was wearing a different shirt when I left the house.” I answered, grinning.

“That’s probably a good thing.” He still sounded like the teacher. “Where do they think you are tonight?”

“At Michelle’s. They think I’m staying the night there.”



“What did you tell your date?”

“That I had to reschedule. I had family in town.”

“You seem a little bit nervous.” He smiled, maybe because he liked me nervous or maybe because he wanted me to feel more comfortable.

“Yeah. I am.”

“There’s no reason to be nervous. You can leave anytime you want. You don’t have to do anything that you want to do.”


And you don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to tell anyone about this night. I expect you to do the same.”

“My lips are sealed.” The room temperature hovered somewhere around ice cold, but I still felt sweat dripping on my back, from my forehead.

“What do you want to do?”

“I’ll do whatever you want.” I said as I pushed my hair back and out of my face. “I’ll do anything that it takes to improve my grade.”

“I understand that. I meant what do you want to do right now. Would just talking make you feel comfortable.”

“I think I would rather just get started.”

“That sounds fair to me. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I do. I’m sorry. I haven’t been this nervous since my first time.” I let out a nervous giggle that just embarrassed me even more.

“How about this? We start off simple. How about if you go down on me. All you have to do is make me cum and I’ll take care of your grade issue.”

“I’d like that.” The slut inside of me, the one who had given more than her fair share of blowjobs started to come to life.

“Good. I’ve craved a blowjob from you since the moment you sat down in my classroom, wearing that red lipstick.”

I smiled, glad I put on the same lipstick earlier.

“And if you like going down on me, then maybe we could do more.”


“Now get on you knees.” He ordered me just like we were beginning an exam, in a voice so strong that it almost scared me.

I stepped closer to the bed, and then dropped to my knees. I felt the soft carpet through my jeans and remembered the last time I had been in this position. It was in a bedroom at a party a couple of weekends ago. That time there was a rug under me and the guy had been a lot closer to my own age. My friends and I assumed Mister Jensen was in his thirties, so he was at least five years older than any guy I had fooled around with before.

He undid his black leather belt, then unbuttoned his pants. Time in the room verged on slow motion. I pulled down his zipper and was greeted by a bulging pair of black boxer briefs.

I had been in this situation more than a few times, so I shouldn’t have been nervous, but my heart was pounding. I tried to pretend the cock belonged to just another guy.

Mister Jensen stood up as his pants fell to his ankles, and I pulled down his boxers and got my first look at his cock. Already rock hard, it pointed at me. He was thicker than any other cock I had seen and maybe longer too. I still had my fears about getting caught somehow, but the fabric between my legs quickly started to moisten.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around him, feeling his warmth, feeling his hardness. I started to stroke his shaft. It was all very real now. We had officially crossed the line of what could be a student, teacher relationship. This wasn’t just another blowjob, but at least now I could concentrate and get down to business. I smiled. I knew exactly what to do from this point.

I leaned forward and opened my mouth as I felt the tip of his hard cock with my soft, wet tongue. While I stroked him with my hand, I opened my mouth further and took his head inside of my mouth. I slid my lips onto his shaft. I couldn’t believe that I had him in my mouth, and I wondered what my friends would say if they knew what I was doing.

I kept stroking his cock as my mouth slid up and down his shaft. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me, the first time he may ever have smiled at me. I wondered what would happen if the school found out.

“You’re doing well.” He said, looking down at me. “Better than I thought you would. However, I’m not just some boy that you’re giving a blowjob to in the backseat of his car. I know this isn’t your first blowjob. Show me what you can really do.”

I slid my lips further and further down. His long cock filled my mouth, but he wanted even more. Mister Jensen’s hands reached around the back of my head and grabbed my hair. I tried pushing him away with my free hand, but he kept his hands there. Now he controlled the pace. He controlled how far down I went. I hated when guys tried doing this, but I didn’t have much of a choice now. I was just starting to have fun, instead, now I was looking forward to this being over.

He pulled my head so far down that his cock entered my throat and made me gag. It made me cough and I pulled my head away from his cock.

I wiped the excess saliva from my mouth then said, “Stop that.”

“Do you want me to change your grade?”

Realizing my position, I answered by attaching my lips back to his cock. Once more his hands pulled me further down and I started to gag again.

“Just relax.” He ordered. “Relax your mouth. Let my cock slide into your throat. Trust me, once you learn how to do this the guys will really love you.”

I tried to relax, but it was still difficult to breathe. Plus, my eyes started to water up. I wanted to give up, but Mister Jensen didn’t let me. He forced his cock further and further into my throat. Soon my lips were near the base of his dick and I had no say about it.

“You’re such a slut.” He said as he fucked my throat. His words made me feel dirty, slutty and ridiculously turned on.

I couldn’t breathe, but that didn’t stop him, he kept pumping until his cock swelled and exploded in my mouth. The hot liquid shot into my throat, coating my mouth and tongue. His cum was bitter, sour, but delicious. I carefully made sure to not to lose a drop of him before I swallowed his load.

“I can’t believe I just gave you head.” I said with a smile after I started to catch my breath. I reached over to the dresser and grabbed the tissues to clean my lips.

“You did well. You’re one hell of a cock slut. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a blowjob like that.” No longer did he sound like the strict teacher. His words were relaxed now.

“Thank you.” I smiled, very proud of my work.

“You can go home. I’ll change your grade now.” Mr Jensen said as he looked at me.


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