Excerpt From “Her Turn”

An awesome regular, suggested that I start including excerpts of my ebooks for you guys and gals, so that you could get more of a picture what the story was about before you buy the book at Amazon. It seems fair to me, so here’s an excerpt from Her Turn.


Handcuffs had been wrapped around my wrists before, but neither attempts were worth writing about. The first time came the summer after I graduated high school. Back then I enjoyed the night, thought it was amazing sex, but looking back now it seems more amateur and awkward than anything else. More recently, I had a boyfriend that thought he was kinky by locking me in the handcuffs, however, he really didn’t know what to do to me once they were on. This was my first time ever using the handcuffs on someone else and I knew exactly how I planned to use them against Neil.

I pushed up his office door and said. “Knock, knock.”

He looked up from his computer screen and smiled. “What are you doing here tonight?”

“I wanted to see you.” I locked the door behind him and we both grinned.

“No more games tonight?”

“No.” As I leaned forward to kiss him, I slipped the metal handcuffs around his wrist and made sure it locked.

“What are you doing?” His voice went from smooth and suave to angry and upset.

“Just play along. I promise you’ll like it.”


This story is M/F and has elements of light bondage, masturbation, toys, oral, anal.

Any questions? ;-)


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