Fantasy Contest Finalist: You Choose The Winner

Last Monday, I asked you guys and gals to let me know what your fantasies are that you wanted me to write about. Via comments here on the blog, messages on Twitter and a couple emails, I knew that there a lot of you who wanted me to write about your fantasies or even write a fantasy that includes you. I thought it was a pretty hot idea and five of you stepped up to the challenge and shared their fantasies.

Now I need you to help me pick the winner! Please vote and let me know who’s fantasy you think I should write about! Make sure you check out the full descriptions of the fantasies below the poll.


Which Fantasy Should I Write About

  • Entry #5 Threesome In The Alley With Rough Sex (32%, 77 Votes)
  • Entry #2 Girl Fucks Girl With A Strap On (28%, 67 Votes)
  • Entry #1 Girl Fucks Guy With A Strapon (24%, 57 Votes)
  • Entry #3 Cop Pulls Over Female In Lingerie (9%, 21 Votes)
  • Entry $4 Call Girl With Remote Control Vibrator (7%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 242

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Entry #1 from thick8nopen:

Tit for tat! You’ll only let me fuck that fabulous ass if you can fuck my first with a giant purple strapon dildo

Entry #2 from QuirkyNerd:

You teach me about the world of anal using a strap-on, while I teach you about things you are less experienced with (the finer points of oral sex on a woman, using heavier bondage gear, etc). Use whatever techniques you like, and feel free to ask any questions. :-P

Entry #3 from Wilbur86:

Based on the job. Pull over a hot girl for speeding while she’s on her way to her boyfriends for some hot action, wearing nothing but lingerie and a full length coat. Story about the lengths she goes to to
get out of getting a ticket from a hot young cop

Entry #4 from Matt

This one was suggested by an ex. We never got around to it, but she had it all planned out. She wanted to be a call girl, sent out to meet a rich stranger who she knew only by whispered rumors and reputation. They would meet at a lounge, go for dinner, hit a club. Sounds boring, right? Except from the beginning, she’s told she has to wear a remote controlled egg. The whole night he is choosing when and where she gets pleasured, but won’t let her get off. By the time they get to the hotel she is crazy with frustrated lust.

Entry #5 from asocalguy

I’d like to read something a little more aggressive than usual. Like you get cornered by a couple of huge, super-hung guys barely know and get pulled into an alley behind a club. You resist them but give in and let them work you over in front of some of their buddies. Maybe a little hair pulling, a little slapping and choking but a good hard pounding DP that leaves you an exhausted, satisfied wreck.

Voting will end next Monday and I’ll announce a winner then. Good luck everyone and thanks for entering. I loved the fantasies.

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