My First Full Length eBook Is Now Ready For You

I received some very exciting news this morning and while I’m at work right now, I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you guys! My full length,¬†compilation eBook was published on Amazon. It’s called Amy’s Anal Adventures and it contains 16 of my favorite stories from my first five years of blogging, as well as two more that have never been published before. For now, it’s just $2.99, but I’ve already been told that I should raise the price.

I’ll go in more detail later, but here’s some of what is included in the eBook. The stories include a description of my first lesbian adventure called “My First Time With Jill,” a story about my first time having anal sex called “Becoming Anal Amy” and a group sex story called “Now Everyone Knows About My Gang Bang.” They’ve all been re-written, fine tuned and reworked.

The first never before published story is a fantasy about a late night with my day job boss called “Secret With The Boss.” The other story is an adventure that I never wrote about before called “Putain (French For Whore),” which describes a threesome where two French tourists take turns using her completely.

I’ll go into more detail and maybe include some excerpts from the new stories in a future blog post.

You don’t need a Kindle, you just need a Kindle Reader which is software that can be downloaded to any computer or smartphone. Also, the story was published on Smashwords, which offers a number of different formats.

Here’s the link to¬†Amy’s Anal Adventure’s on Amazon.

If you buy it, thank you! I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear what you think about it, any feedback you have and what you’d like to see in the next Bbook.



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10 Responses to My First Full Length eBook Is Now Ready For You

  1. Sean

    #1 – If you don’t buy this you are a fool! It is WONDERFUL!

    #2 – Definitely raise the price, worth far more than you are charging!

  2. Amy

    #1 Thank you for the kind words!

    #2 Thank you for the support!

  3. fluidman

    Your ass is so sweet!

  4. SmokeSignal

    Congratulations, kiddo. We’re real proud of you!

  5. citykid1967

    Congratulations on the book, Amy. I’ve bought my copy and am enjoying rereading your sexy adventures!

  6. Chris

    Smash word editions usually go on iBooks, too, but your is not. I know of at least one sal to be made should this change! ;-)

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