Fantasy: Getting Used By The New Neighbors (Part 2)

“Do you want to get fucked now?” Mark asked after he had completed his work between my legs.”

“I would love that.” I said when Mark took his cock out of my mouth just long enough for me to breath again.

“Let her get on to her hands and knees, doggy styled.” Mark ordered.

Chris backed up and I got into position for them, then they got into position at either end of me. It had been so long that I had been in this position. It hadn’t just been months, it had been years. I was craving it.

Mark stood behind me and pushed himself deep into my cunt. He held on to my hips as he started to thrust into me. “That’s what I need.” I said as his thrusts went from gently to powerful.

Chris leaned forward so that I could have his cock back. I reached out for it like it was a piece of candy and slid my wet lips up and down it. I wasn’t doing any of the tricks that I knew, I was just bobbing my head up and down on his shaft as quick as I could.

We got into a rhythm, both of them using my holes to work towards their orgasms. Or at least I thought we were. They weren’t ready just yet.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass before Amy?” Mark asked.


“Did you like it?”

“I’d love to have my ass fucked again.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

“There’s lube in the top drawer there.”

He practically ran to my dresser and dug out my silver bottle of lubricant. He came back and poured it on to my asshole. It felt so cold, but as he rubbed it against my asshole it started to warm up.

“Fuck my ass.” I begged. I sounded so dirty that I couldn’t believe it was coming from my mouth.

“My pleasure.” He said as his pushed my ass cheeks apart and pushed his cock into my ass. “This isn’t your first time having anal, that’s for sure.” He said as his cock pushed deeper into me.

“It feels so good.”

It felt even better as he started to fuck my ass like there was no tomorrow. He fucked me so hard that it sounded like he was spanking my ass. My new neighbors had to hear that and my moaning.

“My turn.” Chris said. I was so preoccupied with Mark ass fucking me, that I didn’t realize that Chris had left the bed and was now standing next to Mark.

“You got it.” Chris said as he pulled out my ass and made room for Mark.

His thrusts were just as hard and felt just as good, but now I wanted more. “I want you to both fuck me.”

I was facing away from both of them, but I had a feeling that they just both looked at each other and smiled.

“No objections here.” Mark said.

“Good, lay down on your back.” He did and I climbed on top of him. I thought back to the previous times that I had been in this position. I slid my pussy down on to his cock and rode him for a few seconds. “Now it’s your turn.”

Chris positioned himself behind me and I felt him slide into me again. It felt so good. It didn’t feel real. Just having both of them inside of me, not even doing anything yet was enough to rocket me closer to an orgasm. Then Chris started to fuck my ass. His cock pushed deeper and deeper into my ass. I slid my pussy up and down on Mark’s shaft. I could feel both cocks inside of me, so close to each other, sending unbelievable pleasure through my whole body.

I climaxed again, but neither of them even slowed down. They kept going and going. I felt so dirty, so used, so slutty between them.

“Stop.” Mark begged. His voice sounded a little weak. “Get off of me. I want to cum on your cute, slutty face.”

Chris pulled out of my ass, then I rolled on to my back. The positioned themselves on either side of my face, desperately stroking their cocks. I knew it was going to be messy, both of them had been going for a long time, they had to have built up loads and loads of cum.

“Open your mouth.” Mark ordered. I did and he fucked my mouth until he was over the edge. Then he quickly pulled back. The first shot hit my lips dead on. It was a massive load that covered them with his sperm. Then he deposited the rest of his cum on my forehead, nose and eyes.

I had to close my eyes, but I could tell that as soon as Mark was done, Chris moved closer. He rubbed his cock against my cheek and exploded against it. Cum covered my cheek and he sprayed it all over my neck and cleavage. He rubbed his cum covered cock against my nipple, leaving it coated with his residue. Mark made me clean up his cock with my mouth until he started to go soft.

Even though I’m now seeing someone, this is still a fantasy that I think of when I’m alone at night and using my dildo, especially after the nights when I see them at the gym.


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14 Responses to Fantasy: Getting Used By The New Neighbors (Part 2)

  1. John

    Maybe you should tell them about this fantasy. That’ll be an interesting conversation. :)

    • Amy

      My knees get weak anytime they say hi to me, I can barely complete sentences around them, but if I can ever get past that I might tell them about my fantasy.

  2. Sean

    Loved it – incredible detail into your mind during a hot scene. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. FunwithaFin

    It was an entertaining read.

  4. I really liked both these posts. I wish I lived next to you ;)

  5. Jenny

    You are a briliant writer! Love reading your fantasy! I’d love to be your neighbor too… ;)

  6. Loved this fantasy! Love your writing too, it’s so detailed and passionate which just adds to how hot the stories are :)

  7. Oh my GOD….that was so SO hot. Just found your site today….love your anal posts. XOXO

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