Mini Reader Survey: What Would You Want To Read?

After my first story I submitted to Amazon was deemed too hot and too naughty, I’ve gone back to the drawing board and got some advice from people who have published “erotica” on Amazon, I’m just about ready to start some submitting some new stories. However, before I do that, I have a question for you guys (and gals). If I were to publish stories on Amazon, would you want to buy them individually or as collections? If (or when) it goes to the point when I can get it into print, the print versions would be collections.

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10 Responses to Mini Reader Survey: What Would You Want To Read?

  1. steck


  2. Debating on the pricing structure, I’d just keep short stories on an individual basis so people can get a sample of your work on the cheap and then write some collections in groups once you get a rep.

    Of course, that my humble opinion.

  3. Wilbur

    If your stories are at least matching the standard of the last 4 years then I dont think anyone will grudge anything you put up.

    Stumbled across your old site four years ago as a horny hormonal student, now re-discovering your dark art for story telling as a police officer it certainly keeps me entertained through long tedious nightshifts in miserable Scottish weather.

    All the best and keep up the good work!

    • Amy

      Thanks, I think if I take out the typos and do some re-writing, the stories will shine a lot better.

      And I’m glad that I can help you with those long night shifts. Hopefully, I can make your nights a little brighter.

      • Wilbur

        Are you re-writing some of the old stories? Would be interesting to see your perspective on them now IMO now you’re a more experienced writer.

        • Amy

          Some of them are going to be re-written stories, some of them will be things that never made it to the blog or maybe future adventures, if there are any.

  4. FlashG

    Lesbianism and group sex!

    • Amy

      Funny that you mention that. I was putting together a list of stories I might include and both of those are definitely included.

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