Friends With Benefits

“Last night at work, I think I heard Cindy say that we’ve been spending a lot of time together.”

“The rumors are starting to fly.” I said I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. Nicole talked me into wearing a too tight, too revealing dress. The purple dress clung too tightly to my curves, my breasts over flowed from the top. A few minutes earlier, she said I looked hot in it, so I kept it on. “Does it bother you?”

“Not really.” She stood next to me, looking at herself then me in the mirror. She looked amazing in her black dress, the guys would be all over her at the club. She had the perfect body for that kind of dress, busty like me, but all of the right curves. Her cleavage flowed out of the top of the dress, it clung to her body like it was painted on. It didn’t leave much to the imagination. “I could care less what the other girls at the bar think. It’s just that I don’t want my parents to find out, that sort of thing.”

“I understand.” It was a lot easier for me. My parents lived hundreds of miles away in another section of the country. Hers lived in the same area code.

“I really like you, but…”

Here it comes. I knew it was coming. Our relationship had been on shaking ground the entire month since it started with a wild and very steamy night. We had various levels of experience in the bedroom with another woman, but neither of us much experience actually dating another woman. I liked her, I liked her a lot, but neither of us ever planned on settling down and marrying another woman some day. We discussed it before, we both envisioned the house in the suburbs with a family and a husband.

“Maybe we should just be friends. With benefits?” She grinned.

“I think I like that.” I smiled back. It made sense to me. For the past month I had been struggling to define us. I didn’t want to see anyone else, but I couldn’t stop myself from look at men, fantasizing about them. I wasn’t about to run out and get laid the next day, but I missed the feeling of a hard cock pushing deep inside of me.

“Good. It’s not that I want to see anyone else. It’s just that…I don’t know how to put it. I’m not a lesbian. I’m definitely bisexual, but not a lesbian.” She leaned back against the bathroom counter. She reached out for me and I move in front of her. I opened my arms and we embraced. Our busty, curvy and soft feminine bodies only separated by the thin fabric that made up our tiny, skimpy dresses. I could feel her heat. I could smell her sweetness.

Technically, we were broken up but we looked at each other. We didn’t say anything, we didn’t need to. She pushed my red bangs out of my eyes. I moved my lips close to hers we kissed. Her soft lips pressing against mine.

We smile in between kisses. We giggle like school girls as our hands explore each other. With her, it’s always fun.

I kiss her neck. I kiss the cleavage flowing out of her tiny dress. The cleavage that I know so many men will stare at later, if we ever make it to the club.

She pulls the low cut neck line of her dress to the side and she isn’t wearing a bra. I can’t keep my mouth away from her nipples, teasing the brown nipples with my tongue, then nibbling them gently with my teeth. With her it’s so easy. I don’t feel like I have to put on a show or be someone else. It’s natural with her.

Without stopping our kisses, we stumble out of my bathroom and in to my bedroom. In the process, she unzips the back of my dress and it slips down to my stomach as we climb on to my bed. She takes control, climbing on top of me, kissing me. She kisses my lips, then my neck, then it’s her turn to kiss my cleavage.

She pulls cup of my black strapless bra out of the way with a violent motion, so quick that I thought she broke the bra. She’s not as gentle with my breasts, groping them roughly, biting on them not so gently and it makes me moan.

I roll over until I’m on top of her, then kiss my way down her body. Her dress is already scrunched up around her hips, revealing the tiny black g-string that covers her lips. I’m careful to avoid it with my fingers and with my tongue. I kiss and massage every inch of her thighs, her hips, teasing her until she looks down on me. She doesn’t have to say anything. I know it’s her look that says stop playing around.

I pull the soft nylon fabric to the side and her bare pussy is waiting for me. I tease a little more, avoiding her lips with my kisses until I can’t take it anymore. I have to push my tongue between her wet lips. I have to slid my finger into her wetness to make her moan.

I want to make her moan louder. My tongue finds her clit, I use two fingers to fuck her and I hit my goal.

I wonder if my neighbors can hear. What do they think when they hear two women moaning. I’m sure by now they know my moans of pleasure. Mine are soft, long ones that turn into cries. Hers are quick, almost screams, almost laughter, each time I hit a spot that she likes.

She opens her legs more and I use my fingers and my mouth to work her clit. Her moans are louder and closer together.

Her body pushes against my tongue and she lets out one long moan. I feel satisfied just making her orgasm.

She giggles as her orgasm finishes. She looks down at me and smiles. “Okay, you ready to go now?”

“You better be joking.” I smile back.

“Nope. We have to go or we’ll be late.”

She starts to sit up, but I wrestle her, attempting to keep her on the bed. She works out daily, she’s much stronger than me, but she let’s me win. She pushes me on to my back and open my legs for her.

She teases me, like I teased her. The only difference is that I don’t know if she’ll ever do more than just tease me. I could see her making me late until after we go out and come back home to satisfy me.

Luckily, she does more than just tease me. She gives in and pulls my black and white satin and lace thong off. And kisses her way up my thighs, this time kissing her way to her mouth finds my cunt.

She slides her tongue into me, into my wetness while her finger teases my clit. It’s enough to start my moaning.

She uses her tongue and her fingers to work all of me, but it’s mostly her fingers. She ends up using one hand to work my clit, massaging it with one or two fingers. The other hand, she uses two fingers to fuck me.

My moans become louder and louder. She slides her fingers that were inside of me, underneath me. My moans are replaced by nervousness, my heart beats fast as she slides the finger between my ass cheeks.

She knows that I like anal and she’s finally exploring that side of me. The tip of her finger just brushes against my asshole and it’s enough for me to orgasm. It’s a quick, but very powerful orgasm that takes my breath away.

I feel like I’ve passed out and when I open my eyes, Nicole is looking at me. “You like that?”

I shook my head yes, unable to use my mouth to form words.


We were an hour late for our friend’s birthday party, but no one notice or if they did, they didn’t say anything. It was at a club and they probably thought we were just lost in a crowd.

Multiple men hit on us that night. I got two numbers, one from a guy who I might call. However, at the end of the night, Nicole and I went back home together and repeated our adventure from earlier in the night. I think our friends did notice when we left after just an hour at the club, but neither Nicole nor I cared.


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9 Responses to Friends With Benefits

  1. Sleepyeyedboy

    Well now that was mighty hot. I’m glad she’s exploring that side of you too! Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences.

  2. You are so fucking hot. Really, just fucking hot.

  3. Lfcred1990

    Hey hun!
    I love your stories, can’t tell you how many times i’ve go off over em!
    But I am really missing the anal babes! I love reading about guys violating your bum :P
    any chance some of that is coming up again ;-)

  4. le

    Always hot to read you..
    Always hard to write you..

    .. all hands full!

    You are great. THX!

  5. cherryp

    Love it, want more..especially using nice toys.

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