Guest Post: Amber

Most of the time, you can come here and find me writing about my sex life or x-rated fantasies. However, tonight I have a naughty story from a guest author for you to enjoy. I don’t normally accept submissions from other writers, it’s my blog after all. However, I think this is one hell of a good story and it’s exceptionally steamy. Plus, it helps that it features a redhead that reminds me a lot of someone I know. Enjoy!

One of the pleasures of my job is the occasional bit of travel. A couple of times a year I’ll get to head out of town on the work dime, with the hotel, food & transportation covered, and usually not much to it. A few meetings, perhaps teaching a session or two, and the rest of the time is my own. I use it as a chance to see new things, to break the routine, and to indulge in the occasional vice.

This trip had been much the same, though with more frustration than normal. Instead of my usual destinations I’d been asked to go to a smaller town in Florida, just far enough away from any of the tourist attractions to make them a pain, and with a fuller schedule than normal. The plane was crowded, later than normal; the rental company lost my reservation (leading to an upgrade, but that will come up later); and barely a chance to sleep much less enjoy the nights out. All in all I was glad when the last day was over – and since my flight didn’t leave until noon, I figured I’d enjoy at least one night out in town.

One of the “vices” I enjoy on these trips is going to strip bars. You can call them “gentleman’s clubs” or “adult establishments” or whatever label makes you feel better; the point is I like going someplace and having a chance to see beautiful girls take their clothes off. Given that my current town doesn’t have them, and I couldn’t go because of work if I did, the chance to enjoy a night of voyeurism on my travels is always a bonus.

Since this was a smaller town I didn’t hold out hopes for much, but a quick check with the desk found the address of a place about 10 minutes away – not quite out of town, but enough on the outskirts to keep the local matrons from bitching too much about things. After a quick dinner I headed that way, finding a typical roadside exterior – a flashing sign advertising “Live Girls”, a few parked cars and bikes, and a sun-faded wooden exterior. I paid my cover and headed inside – again, much the same as so many others. This was no high-end Vegas or Miami Beach club, with fancy carpets and tuxedoed doormen, and where you pay ten dollars a drink and the girls make hundreds on a lap dance; this was just two steps up from a dive, with fixtures which would look threadbare if the lighting was turned up the slightest bit, scattered tables and stools, and a worn-down pool table to the side. I got a drink and found a corner table to enjoy the show.

The first two girls were nothing exciting, attractive enough in their own ways but nothing to keep my attention as they danced through their songs. Then, as the opening notes of Motley Crue’s “Girls Girls Girls” filled the smoky room she swept onto the stage – a pretty young redheaded girl whose presence seemed to fill the room as she started to dance. The D.J. calls her out as Amber as the song continues while she dances around the stage clad in a semblance of a school girl’s skirt and white top; moving across the varnished wooden surface in her heels and with a smile gracing her face.

Now I’ve always had a weakness for redheads in general, and this girl was even prettier than most, plus she had a certain sensuality to her dancing which just let you know what an incredible time it would be. It’s not that she was a great dancer for her technique or style, which are fine but not exceptional – but for the passion and sensuality she brought too it. Every stripper sells an illusion and the best are able to personally connect with each man, make him feel like she’s on the stage just for him; this girl does all of this and more – you can tell she’s dancing not just for us, but because she relishes the eyes upon her, the chance to share an intimate part of herself and to make all of us want her. Each step and grind around the stage drew us in further, her top sliding off and exposing her firm breasts, the nipples stiff as they sway slightly with her movements, a light scattering of freckles running from her shoulders along the top edges.

“Addicted” by Saving Abel comes on next, her fingers sliding across her lips with a smile, then down to caress her nipples as I moved to sit by the stage. By now she’s working each of us in turn, spending a bit of time kneeling with a smile as she teases her breasts, or standing with her back to us as she grinds and sways her tight ass, glimpses of the skin and black thong showing as the skirt rises with her moves. Amber’s wavy auburn hair hanging just below her shoulders, giving us glimpses of her sultry eyes as she flips her head around with her dance which has bypassed seduction and moved straight into pure lust. She’s facing away from me as her skirt slides off her hips accompanied by her thong, giving me a glimpse of an athletic ass and the hint of her mound from behind; then she slowly turns with a teasing smile to us all, giving the entire stage a view of a smoothly shaven slit.

This brings her third song up as she now moves into pure sex on the stage. With “Crazy Bitch” playing she’s fully nude showing her smooth mound, teasing with glimpses of her ass as she writhes and twists as she lays on her back, legs spread showing us her pink slit and slightly swollen lips; or rolling onto her knees and pushing back while she grinds, giving each of us the view of what she’d be like fucking, making us all crave more as we imagine being there. The tips flow like water even in this bar, leaving a row of money around the garter on her thigh, and a pile of bills as men toss them on the stage. By this stage I’m completely entranced by watching Amber dance, this one girl making the whole night worth it just to see her movements and her body. Even with the dim lights I can see the passion in her hazel eyes, and her pussy glistens under the stage lights each time she spreads her lips; the signs which somehow tell me this is more than just an act for her even though she’s getting paid. Even more so I’m loving every view of her ass, watching her twist and swing it around, pushing it back and forth as she grinds and teasing with glimpses of the puckered hole between her cheeks, of her fingers gliding along her slit and teasing the rim as she makes each of us wonder how far she’ll go. By the time her set ends I’m fantasizing in my mind, wishing I’d somehow met this girl elsewhere on my trip and had a chance to enjoy her company.

I move back to my seat with a smile once she’s done, returning to my drink as I half-heartedly watch the next dancers. A soft “Hi there, thanks for the tip!” sounds in my ear as I realize that Amber has started moving around the room back in her outfit, and is standing beside me. I smile up at her as I say “You’re welcome,” and we make just a minute of meaningless small talk before she says “Let me talk to a few more people but I’ll come back and say hi again.” Up close she’s just as pretty, in a hometown girl sort of way, with her hair and eyes framing a lovely face and smile. I watch her walk the room and work the crowd in between the next few songs, before she comes back and pulls up a chair beside me. We continue to talk through two more sets, telling just enough lies and truth as we smile and laugh; I explain that I’m in town on business and express how much I appreciated her show, and Amber telling me that she’s originally from up north but had ended up here as well. The entire thing is as enjoyable for me as watching her strip; I find she has an easy laugh, a quick wit, and a nice flirtatious manner which makes the time fly by.

With a teasing lick of her lips Amber looks at me and says “So, I don’t suppose you’d care to get a personal dance, would you?” I barely even hesitate before asking her what’s available. “For twenty you can have a table dance, thirty gets you a lap dance here, and for fifty you can have a VIP dance in the back room. Still no touching but it’s a bit more intimate,” she says as she winks at me. Now I haven’t even seen anything close to this girl here tonight, and it’s been over a year since my last visit to a club, so it doesn’t take me long at all to make the mental decision. “Let’s go ahead with the private dance Amber; you only live once after all!”

She stands up with a smile of her own and leads me by the hand to a couch in an even darker back room, telling me to sit down and showing me where to put my hands on the couch to keep the bouncers happy. She climbs up in front of me and starts to move again with the opening notes of “Porn Star Dancing” filling the club as I stare at her form, spot lit from above and oh so much closer than before. In only seconds her thong is back off and skirt raised around her hips, her shirt open as she teases me again with glimpses of her body; I feel the brush of her stiff pink nipples against my arm, the heat of her mound through my jeans as she grinds on my leg throwing her head back and tossing her hair as she moans and pants teasingly.

As the song continues she stands again, bending over just in front of me, grinding her hips close enough to my face that I can smell the hint of her musk as I stare at her swollen slightly parted pussy and the tight cinnamon pucker of her asshole. Her hips circle and twist teasingly, my own breath faster as I imagine more with each moment – suddenly surprised as she pushes back just enough for my mouth to brush her shaved mound. Reflexively I lightly lick the slit, loving her sweet taste and unable to believe it as she continues to grind into my mouth, oblivious to anyone who might see. As she moves I lick more boldly, running my tongue up and down between her pink lips, the juices soaking my mouth showing that her passion at least isn’t faked. I have no idea what’s going on, but don’t want to miss a moment as I savor the taste and feel of her soft skin, letting my tongue graze her clit, darting slightly in and out of her pussy as she gets even wetter. At one point my tongue slides upwards as she twists, brushing across the rim of her ass as I hear her gasp even over the loud music. Taking this as a cue I lick again, running my tongue around the edge then pushing slightly in and out teasing her as she fucks back towards my mouth. With the song winding down I lick between the two just a few more times before she pulls away with a slightly dazed look in her eyes as she steps down. I tip her generously as I stand up on my own, confused slightly as to what occurred but smiling again at the memory of her taste on my mouth while I return to my seat.

I don’t see Amber again for the next few sets, and I reluctantly decide that the moment was nothing but a brief interlude for her as I start thinking about how soon to leave given my early flight. Just as I’m paying off my tab she surprises me by walking back up and standing in front of me with a bold look on her face. Thinking she’s upset I’m about to apologize when she looks in my eyes as says “So, did you like your private dance, or do you only prefer to watch?” Taken aback I tell her that no, I found it quite memorable, but I certainly wasn’t trying to get into trouble or imply more. She smiles slightly and then asks “Any interest in something more?” I look around confused, wondering where she’s going with this and say “What exactly do you mean? I’m not trying to spend more money or anything like that.”

“I wasn’t asking if you wanted to pay for something, I’m not hooking – I asked if you wanted some more fun.”

“Certainly then,” unable to believe my luck, unsure of what would happen, but not wanting to miss the chance.

“Give me a couple of minutes to get changed then and we’ll go somewhere.”

Waiting near the door I’m unable to keep from smiling as I wonder where this will go. A few minutes later Amber walks out, wearing jeans, and a red bustier top, and with her hair up in a loose ponytail and glasses. I take a moment to tell her she’s just as pretty dressed as she was before, and continue walking to the door I see Amber pause briefly by the manager, apparently to pay out for the night. I don’t catch the words but she struts towards me with a flip of her hair and a smile as he glares at her. I ask her what was wrong and she just laughs a bit and says “Oh, he’s upset because I’m leaving with a customer, but he can’t do anything about it since I quit.” She doesn’t say anything else about it as we walk to the parking lot, instead saying that she hopes I don’t mind going to my place – which I quickly reassured her wouldn’t be a problem.

As we reach my rental car I see her pause noticeably. A midnight black Mercedes 550SL, with the top down for the warm summer night, it was far from my normal car. I smile as I explain things to Amber, very briefly telling the story of a lost reservation, and a free upgrade from a flustered rental clerk. She walks slowly around the car then looks at me from the passenger’s side.

“I hope you don’t mind if we change plans;” before I can get disappointed Amber continues “But how about if I ride with you? I have a place in mind.”

Smiling again I open her door, and then start the car and pull out of the lot with her idly running her hand over the interior and visibly admiring the car. She gives me directions down the highway for a few minutes as I take the opportunity to show off the Mercedes putting the top down and going just a bit faster than normal. We arrive at the beach where she points to a turnoff, the area lit only by the boardwalk and a full moon. Pulling onto the sand at the edge of the road I park as she smiles, standing up in the seat to look out over the deserted beach and crashing waves. “I’ve always loved this place,” she says with a smile, “and I think it would be the perfect spot to spend some time tonight. You don’t have a problem with being outside like this I hope?” I turn in my seat to face her, smiling back as I reassure her that the new spot is just fine with me. With that we lean into each other mouths meeting in a kiss, her hands sliding along my thighs as I wrap mine around the small of her back pulling her closer. There’s no pretense on either side our tongues meet as our hands explore each other’s bodies through our clothes. Even now I’m amazed at how good she feels, and she laughs in her throat finding me already hard in my own jeans at her touch. I spread my kisses from her mouth to her neck and collarbone, teasing with soft nips of my teeth and licks of my tongue as I let her body lean into mine; at the same time I bring one hand up to brush and rub her nipples through the fabric of her top as she moans softly. At the same time she easily unzips my pants and eases my cock from the confines to start slowly stroking up and down as I moan in return.

Before I know it she’s pushed me back in my seat, her own head moving down as she softly says “It’s my turn to taste you now.” My eyes are glued to her movements as I watch her red lips kiss the head softly, then her delicate tongue dart out to lick softly around the rim and shaft as she continues to pump her hand up and down. “Mmmmm fuck don’t tease me,” I moan as she laughs again, then presses her lips down slowly as I sink inside her warm mouth. She slowly bobs her head up and down as I wrap one hand in the ponytail of her hair, watching the way she sucks me in, a look of lust again on her face as her eyes close, feeling her tongue move around my aching hardness as she takes me deep. My other hand slides the zipper of her bustier down, freeing her firm breasts as I touch the bare skin now, rubbing and teasing the nipples harder, taking them between my fingers and thumb to lightly stroke and pinch them as she works faster. “Do you like that?” she pauses to say as she rests my shining cock against her cheek, hand squeezing and rubbing me as she smiles looking in my eyes.

“God yes,” I answer, “your mouth feels so good. I love how you suck cock.” Her eyes twinkle as she takes me in again, but this time moves faster – her hand moving down to rub between her own thighs as she pushes my cock deep in her throat, slurping loudly as I gasp in pleasure and need, fighting the urge to drive deeper as she excites me more and more. Her breasts are firm and round under my hand as I continue to touch and caress her, my other hand wrapped in her hair as I stare at every moment committing it to memory. The soft moonlight, the sound of the waves, her red hair and creamy skin, the way her mouth stretches around my shaft as she slides up and down, the gleam of her saliva as she gives me a blowjob that a porn star would envy. Long before I was ready for it I felt myself getting close to the edge, But just when I think I can’ take anymore she pulls away smiling at me as she says “You’re not getting off that easy, I have much more planned.” With that Amber leans back in her own seat, unsnapping her jeans and pushing them down her legs as she then spreads herself before me blatantly, looking into my eyes saying “You teased me so well with that tongue earlier, how’d you like another taste?”

I lean over the center console as she adjusts herself, bringing my mouth closer to the smoothly shaven mound of her pussy yet again. This time I don’t have to hide what I’m doing, or wonder if I need to stop, as I slowly take my turn to tease, with a mix of soft kisses and brushes of my tongue along her inner thighs as I move higher. I hear her swift intake of breath at the touch of my tongue to the pink swollen lips, running it up and down each side, savoring the intoxicating scent and taste of the already wet skin. I slowly run it between them, brushing up against her clit and pressing down as she pushes her hips up into my touch. My fingers spread the lips of her pussy as I bury my tongue deeper into her, licking and slurping the juices that flow as it’s her turn to moan and push at my face. The taste is just as good as a few hours ago, Amber’s soft voice becoming louder as she pulls my head closer in, her fingers wrapped in my hair tightly. I take her clit into my mouth as I flick my tongue over the tip while I nibbled at the sides, her breath coming faster. My finger eases slowly into her tight pussy, stroking softly as my lips and tongue continue to work at her, letting the sounds of her passion guide my touch as she squirms on her seat.

Remembering her reaction earlier I move my mouth lower, letting my tongue run around the rim of her puckered ass once more. Amber drew her breath in sharply as her fingers clutched my head; I took this as a sign for more as I teased my tongue in and out and around while easing another finger into her wet grasping pussy. Finding the sweet spot inside I rub them slowly while my tongue works her ass, teasing her front and back. “Oh yes, fuck yes, that’s it, don’t stop,” she moans as she pulls me closer to her body. Her juices are soaking my face and the seat as I start licking harder, letting my thumb move up to rub her clit as my fingers work harder within her. “Don’t stop, lick my ass, I love it, God you feel so good,” and other words continued to escape her mouth as I followed her desires, finally feeling her entire body tighten and spasm as I moved my mouth and tongue over her ass and pussy as she soaked my face in her orgasm. I continued to taste and tease her a bit more gently as she came down, listening to the sounds of her catching her breath and feeling her fingers loosen their grip on my head.

Finally in a throaty voice Amber said “Mmmm that was wonderful, but now it’s your turn again I think,” as she pushes me away, then climbs over to my side of the car straddling my thighs while I push my own jeans down. The reality of the scene is still sinking into my brain – the car, the beach under the moonlight, and this lovely, wanton beauty who can’t seem to get enough. She takes my still-aching cock in her hand and looks deeply into my eyes as she rubs it along her silky slit. Both of us let out a moan of released passion and need as she then slowly sinks down onto me, burying my cock in her sweet pussy in one smooth movement. I wrap my arms around her, pulling her close as I bring her breast to my mouth and start to kiss and tease the nipples. “Oh yes, that’s what I needed,” she says, her hands grasping my shoulders tightly while her hips work slow circles on me. My mouth and tongue switch from side to side teasing and tasting each nipple in turn as I feel her start to move up and down on me now.

“MMmmmm fuck yes, do you like fucking me? I love the way your cock feels deep inside my pussy, I was aching to get fucked tonight,” Amber’s voice hot in my ear as she moves faster and harder riding me.

“Fuck yes, it’s as good as I dreamed of, I can’t believe I’m inside you.” I manage to gasp out in return, letting one hand drift down her back and between us to rub her wet pussy and brush across her ass while my cock slides in and out of her. “You’re so fucking hot Amber, you feel so incredible, I love fucking you.”

“I’m glad to hear that. You made me cum so well, I can’t wait to get you off. I loved teasing you and being dirty all night, I bet you like dirty girls don’t you?”

“Yes you naughty little slut, I love dirty girls, I love seeing how bad they can be,” my own voice rougher now as I start pushing up harder into her, feeling the way our bodies meet wetly as I grind into her smooth dripping mound. Each time my fingers brush her clit or tease her ass I hear her gasps and moans, the way she lets me know what pleases her. Amber’s face is buried in my neck, her lips and teeth tasting me in return, and I know the marks of her nails on my shoulders will be clear to anyone tomorrow.

“Keep going, fill my wet cunt, I love the way you’re touching me.”

“MMmmm fuck I love how you feel, you look so hot riding my cock,” both of us talking dirtier as we move together faster. I can feel the way her pussy squeezes at me, her breasts rubbing against my chest, her juices soaking us both and running down to the seat beneath as her knees bounce her up and down while I push my hips to slide deep inside. Her red hair draped over us both, her mixed scents intoxicating me as I savor every sensation of this unexpected encounter.

Suddenly she pushes herself down deep on me, as she raises her head with glazed eyes meeting mine. Holding herself there Amber says “I bet you like anal, don’t you?” I stammer a reply that yes I do as she continues, “I loved how you admired my ass earlier, I bet you’d love to stick that hard cock up there. Do you want to fuck this naughty slut up the ass?”

“God yes, please let me fuck your ass Amber.”

She climbs out of the car pulling me to follow by the hand as she smiles lewdly back at me over her shoulder. As I watch, my cock aching as it sticks out between us, Amber rests her arms on the hood of the car facing the ocean while she spreads her legs. She reaches back with one hand to part her ass cheeks, her throaty voice music in my ears as she says “Do it, I want it. Fuck me up the ass. I want your cock back in me.”

I step closer behind her, softly rubbing the wet head on her tight hole, slowly pushing forward as she moans and pushes back to meet me. The head slides into her ass with a pop and I pause as I hear her sharp intake of breath and watch her wince. “Do you need me to stop?” I ask, not wanting to hurt her.

“Mmm fuck no; just go slow for a second.”

I rest my hands on her hips and slowly push deeper, letting her adjust as I watch the incredible sight of my cock opening her ass. Between my mouth and our earlier fucking we are both soaked and ready, and before I know it I am buried deep inside her ass, just barely pushing in and out of her tight hole as she softly moans. She looks back at me again “I’m ready, give it to me. Fuck my ass nice and deep, I want it.”

With these words we both start moving faster into each other. I push forward feeling my cock bury itself deep in her while she pushes back into me, squeezing down inside while her hips circle and grind. “I can’t believe you’re fucking my ass right here on the beach, I love it. Do it harder. I can take it; I love it up the ass.” Amber’s dirty talk just serves to make me even stiffer inside her, my thrusts coming faster as they drive her into the car with each stroke. I watch and feel her reach between her legs, her hand rubbing at her clit as I pump faster. “Your ass is as incredible as the rest of you Amber; I’m so hard inside you.” I reach up and wrap one hand in her hair, tugging her into my thrusts and watching her back arch and her face match mine in pure sexual need. Not only is this girl incredibly hot, she’s the sexiest, naughtiest, dirtiest fuck I’ve ever experienced – a real-life experience to match any porn story. I can tell I won’t be able to hold back much longer and manage to gasp out “I’m going to cum soon Amber; you have me so fucking close. Your ass is so good you sexy slut.”

“I want to wear it. Cum on my face, shoot it all over me,” she answers in return, pulling from me as she drops to her knees in the sand by the car. I stand there stroking myself watching her one hand still rubbing at her clit as she looks up at me, mouth open and panting. This final bit of naughtiness drives me over the edge, my hand sliding to the base of my cock as I explode. Thick, sticky ropes of cum shoot from my cock; the first lands across one side of her glasses and running down her cheek followed by several more coating her lips and dripping down to her creamy breasts. With a loud cry I realize the combination of her own hand and my cum has driven her into another orgasm, watching her turn her face as she quivers and cums to match mine. By the time we both finish her face is coated with my load, her tongue darting out to taste at it as she looks up at me with a smile of satisfaction and my own legs shaky from the aftermath. She uses her fingers to scrape the cum from her face, licking them clean with abandon as I catch my breath and burn the image into my mind.

Before I realize it we are both dressed and I’m driving her back to the bar, the scent of pure fuck still filling the air between us as we are caught in our separate thoughts. As we reach the club I open the door for her and walk her to her own ride, stammering some words about it was a great time and I loved how she made every man’s fantasy come true for me.

Her next words surprise me as she kisses me softly and says, “Oh this was my fantasy, not yours. You see, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a stripper and show off for a whole room, making everyone want me; and then to take one lucky guy home and fuck him senseless. Plus, I’ve always wanted to do it in a car on the beach. So thank you for making my fantasies come true on this trip…” With that she got in her car and drove away leaving me speechless and amazed.


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  1. Bernard

    Hummm, thank you very much darling !
    This was excellent, and very generous of you, I thought of you all along … more !!!!

  2. NYSkyride

    Enjoyed it a lot. One of the biggest fantasies of most guys realized. But I still prefer Amy’s POV. Cheers.

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