Fantasy: Cumslut Used In The Alley

“Alright, you three are out of here!” The muscle bound bouncer in a too tight black security t-shirt ordered.

“Let me just find my friends.” I took one step and the security guard put his hands out to block me.

“I don’t think so. After what we saw the three of you doing, there’s an exit over there. That’s your way out of here.” He pointed towards an emergency exit on the side of the club and followed us until we were outside. Then he closed the door behind us, making sure it slammed.

It all started innocently. One of my girlfriend’s from the restaurant was having a birthday. A few of us were going to help her celebrate. Unfortunately the club was so crowded with bodies that I lost the group on the dance floor. I remember seeing Jenny’s green dress, then I looked to check out the guys dancing with me. When I looked in her direction again, she was gone.

And maybe it didn’t start out so innocently. We were going to one of the hottest, trendiest clubs in the city. It wasn’t really my scene anymore, it was too much of a meat market for me. However, it wasn’t my birthday so I put on my slutty red dress. Yes, I call it my slutty red dress because it’s the type that has a way too low cut lace top that shows off way too much of my cleavage and the rest of the dress is so tight that it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

And there’s no maybe about it. When I’m looking to not go home alone, it’s one of the dresses from my closet that I take out. However, I got more attention then I probably wanted.

I thought I would dance with them for a couple of songs or until my friends came looking for me. However, I stayed with them for a lot more than a couple of songs. As we danced, I forgot all about my friends.

It started with me just dancing between them, however as the music played on, they got closer and closer. Soon our bodies were rubbing together to the beat and sexual energy filled my body.

I knew that they wanted to do more than fill my body with sexual energy. I felt a cock grow hard against my ass. In front of me, I felt a hard dick push against my stomach. It had never been so turned on in the middle of a club.

I saw one of the bouncers looking in our direction, but I didn’t think he was watching me. I didn’t think anyone was watching us in the blur of the moving bodies.

I’ve done more than my fair share of dirty dancing, but what I did next I had never done before. I reached down and rubbed the hard cock in front of me. I could feel the hard outline, even through the fabric of his pants. I felt so slutty feeling his cock in the middle of the club, but it was such a naughty turn on. I knew we were surrounded by people, but I felt like we were the only ones in the room.

I felt his hand slide between my legs and into my dress. He didn’t stop until he felt the soft fabric of my g-string. He gently pushed the mesh fabric against my very sensitive lips, making the fabric even more wet. I was sweating from the heat of the crowd, but now I felt the temperature of my body start to really rise. I looked around and no one in our area was watching us.

I was so turned on, all I could think about was sex. I was willing to let them do just about anything they wanted. My body became a playground for their hands. Not one of inch of me was left unviolated. I felt hands on my ass, fingers inside of my pussy, and hands cupping my boobs. I felt so slutty. I knew people were watching now. I saw guys looking when their girlfriends weren’t paying attention. I saw girls giving me dirty looks. I felt like a top shelf slut.

I didn’t want it to stop. Whoever was fingering me was pushing me towards a very quick orgasm. I was so turned on as our bodies moved to the music, their hands exploring me and then it all stopped.

The bouncer that I saw earlier was now standing next to us.

Thirty seconds later, the three of us were standing in a narrow alleyway. One way lead to the street that ran in front of the club and the other way led to a bigger alley behind the club. Goosebumps covered my bare skin as the cool night air hit me. The hot sweat turned chilly and I started to realize what had happened.

“That was fun, but I have to find a way to my friends.” I said without even looking at them.

“What about us?” I felt a strong hand grab my arm and turn me towards them. I had seen them in club, but with the flashing lights, I never really got a good look at them. Now I could see that they weren’t really my type. They were club heads that had more hair gel in their hair between the two of them than I would use in a whole month. Their shirts were just a little too tight, but it did show off that they both worked out. They were both older than me. One was probably about thirty, but the other was getting to the point where he was too old to be going to clubs. He was probably pushing past forty.

“I really should go.”

“Don’t be a tease.” The younger one said with a smile.

“I don’t normally do things like what I did back inside.” I folded my arms defensively. “Especially not with random guys.”

“We’re not just random guys.” The younger one said. “I’m Joey and this is Steve.”

“It’s nice to meet you guys, but I really have to go. I didn’t drive here and I can’t miss my ride home. Plus, my friends are probably worried about me.”

“You have to admit, you were turned on by what happened in there.” Steve said.

I didn’t answer right away. “I’ll admit that I was, but I don’t usually do things like that.”

“I’m sure you don’t. You seem like a nice girl. However, I was thinking that the three of us should come back to my place and continue what we started on the dance floor.”

“You guys seem nice too, but I just met you. It’s probably not such a good idea for a girl to go home with two strangers.”

“Maybe we don’t have to go home. What about behind the building. No one will ever see us.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You’re still standing here. You have to be turned on. You probably want to get your tight pussy pounded right about now.”

“My friends are probably looking for me.” But I didn’t even believe my own answer. I did want to get fucked tonight and I told myself that I didn’t want to do it in an alley with two strangers, especially not these two strangers. However, the slut in me did. I wanted them to use me and everyone of my holes. “Maybe.”


“But not here. Anyone that looks down the alley will see us. Let’s move back here.” I led them behind the building and away from any of the street lights.

We were completely alone unless someone drove down the alley and if that happened we would have plenty of warning. It didn’t seem real. I couldn’t believe I was back there. I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

They stepped closer to me and I felt their hands attack me again. Their strong hands weren’t very soft with my delicate body.

I went back and forth, kissing them both. The kisses were one hundred percent pure lust. As I was kissing them, my mind raced. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this. I had just met them, but I was so horny. If we were quick, I could find my friends before they even knew I was gone.

My dress was pulled up and I could feel the cold breeze on my bare ass. Then hands caressing and squeezing my ass.

My hands found their cocks again. They weren’t hard when my hands found them, but I soon had two rock hard cocks that were ready to push out of their pants. My pussy got even more damp as I thought about the two cocks I had to play with. Even though the fabric of their pants, I could tell that they were more than average sized.

With their help, I undid their pants and had their cocks out in the open. I heard voices of people walking by on the street up front and the bass from the music inside the club, the sound of an air conditioner. But there was no one else near by that could hear us or see us.

I reached down and stroked their cocks. Without saying anything, I knew that they wanted me to do more than just jerk them off. “Blowjobs, but nothing else.” I said as I lied to myself. I already knew that I wanted to do more than just suck them off.

I squatted down between them and looked at their cocks. They were both rock solid and pointing at me. I felt so slutty. If my friends knew what I was doing, they would think I was a whore. However, I didn’t care what people thought of me. I was having fun.

I stroked them both, enjoying the hardness in my soft hands.

“Suck my cock.” Steve ordered. I leaned forward and took his cock cock in my mouth. There wasn’t any foreplay or teasing. I opened my mouth and slid my lips halfway down his shaft. I pulled my lips back, then pushed them back down to the sound of the music.

I took my mouth away from his cock and switched to Joey’s cock. He was thicker and it forced me to open my mouth even more. I looked up and they were both looking down at me. I was their slut to use.

I went back and forth, switching often between cocks. I bobbed my head up and down as quick as I could, feeling their dicks slide between my lips, filling up my mouth. I was enjoying it, but I was worried that any second someone would walk out a back door of the club or down the side alley or a cop would drive down the alley.

Steven’s hand reached down and pulled the tit closest to him out of my top. He squeezed the soft mound of fleshed and kneaded it between his fingers. The touch turned me on even more.

Joey did the same thing to my other tit when my mouth’s focus left him. He found my nipple, then pulled and squeezed on it. I was getting overwhelmed with pleasure.

Initially they let me do whatever I wanted, but now I felt hands on the back of my head. I was no longer controlling the pace that my head was bobbing up and down on them. It was faster than I was comfortable with, but I didn’t start gagging until they started to fuck my face.

I expected them to back down when I started to gag, but they kept going. They kept pushing their cocks into my throat, making me feel really uncomfortable, making tears run down my face. I knew my makeup was going to be a mess and that would be hard to explain to my friends, but I didn’t care.

“Get up.” Steve ordered. I thought I was getting close to making them cum, but they were just getting started.

Steve stood behind me, spreading my legs apart for him. My dress was pushed up to my hips again and then I felt the thin fabric of the back of my black g-string pulled out of the way. Joey’s hand on the back of my head, pulling me back down to his cock. I couldn’t believe I was about to get fucked in some alley by two strangers.

I pushed my ass up in the air for Steve, then leaned a little further down so that I could take Joey in my mouth. I felt Steve push himself into me and I felt complete with two cocks in me. There is nothing that makes me feel more like a dirty slut then having one cock in my pussy and another in my mouth at the same time. I feel like I’m there for their pleasure, doing whatever they want as they use my holes.

Steve held on to my hips so tight that it almost hurt, then held me in place as he thrust into me. Right from the start, his thrusts were hard and powerful. They almost made me gag on Joey’s cock until I found a rhythm that allowed me to get fucked and suck at the same time.

He was soon fucking me so hard that I was worried someone would hear the sound of his skin slapping against my bare ass as he pounded my pussy. I wanted to let out loud moans from within me, but Joey’s dick kept my mouth occupied.

They switched positions around me and Joey took his turn pounding my pussy. He wasn’t gentle either. Each thrust made my whole body shake.

He fucked my pussy for a minute or two, but it wasn’t enough for him. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of my pussy. He then took aim at my asshole. It was so quick that I wasn’t expecting it. One second he’s pushing it against my asshole and the next he’s deep inside of me ass. It hurt so bad that I did cry. It felt like he was ripping apart my asshole. He wasn’t gentle and it didn’t feel good. However, I didn’t stop, no matter how much I wanted to beg for mercy.

“Oh my god! Your ass feel so good.” Joey grunted. “I think I’m going to cum.”

“Get on your knees and finish us off.” Steve ordered.

I did as I was told and got on my knees between them. The pavement was rough on my knees, but I wasn’t thinking about anything other than their cocks and making them cum.

I attached my mouth to the nearest cock and raced my lips up and down it. I wrapped my hand around the other cock and stroked it as fast as I could. I went back and forth on the cocks, excited about the creamy reward they were about to give me.

Just when I thought I was going to have to give up because my mouth was tired and my knees were hurting too bad, Steve faced me so that I was in front of his cock. “I’m going to cum on your pretty face and you’re going to love it you dirty slut.”

I pushed my hair out of my face and smiled in anticipation. Seconds later the first shot of cum hit my forehead, the next right between my eyes. The final huge blast hit my cheek right below my eye. He deposited the rest around my lips on my chin, before letting me take his cock into my mouth to clean it up. I felt the hot cum on my face and tasted it’s salty flavor in my mouth.

“My turn.” Joey said as soon Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth. I turned around and faced him. He added his cum equally between my chin and my tits. I felt the cum dripping all over my face and now all over my tits. He even rubbed the cum left on his cock on my cleavage. I felt like a mess. I felt like a cumslut. I loved it.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing.” Joey asked as he fixed his pants.

“What’s your name?” Steve asked.


“You’re one hell of a slut Amy. I hope we find your here again.”

They disappeared into the side alley before I could answer.

I got off my knees and brushed the gravel off of them. I fixed my g-string and pulled down my dress. I couldn’t believe that I had just let two strangers I met minutes before fuck me without condoms. I felt like a whore.

The cum was still all over my face and tits. I didn’t have anything to clean myself up with, so I did the best that I could with my hands. However, as I walked through the alley to the front of the club, I could still feel some of the cum sticking to my face, coating my skin. I even noticed some cum stains on my dress. I felt like such a cum slut, but none of my friends noticed anything when I found them. They barely even noticed that I was gone.


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  1. Nicely done. I like that you’re exploring the side of the story we wouldn’t get to see in a porn – exactly how it made you feel. Lovely, my dear.

  2. asocalguy

    Great story, Amy! Thanks for writing about my fantasy.

  3. kb

    Man awesome story like the rest never a disappontment

  4. cody

    why did u change steaves name to scott?

  5. thick8nopen

    So now that this is done are you going to write about my fantasy???? Pretty pretty please :-D

  6. andy

    That’s the first time I’ve ever read one of these and all I can say is …. WOW!!!!

  7. anon

    Have you ever read DamonX’s stories on literotica? “Kinky Kayla” and “Tied up and used” are two of my favorites.

  8. anon

    I think you might also like Dancing Doll’s stories –

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