Halloween Entertainment

Somewhere between the second and fourth drink, Blake started to look attractive again. We’ve spent a lot of time flirting since the night we disappeared together, but in the following months our lust for each other had faded.

On normal nights, the employees weren’t allowed to drink while working. However, this was the Friday before Halloween and this wasn’t a normal night. With our costumes on, it was more like a party than work.

My costume is what caught Blake’s eye tonight. “Wow.” He said with his eyes, not his mouth as I bent over the bar counter to ask him for a favor. The first time was an accident, I forgot that I was wearing the costume and not my normal uniform. What I was wearing tonight was a lot more revealing, especially in the front. With a push up bra and a very low v-neckline, I looked like I was all boobs. I felt uncomfortable with all of the attention that my tits were getting, but I did like the tips and I did like the way Blake did whatever I wanted.

The second time wasn’t by accident. He was starring at mounds of cleavage as I tried to tell him what bottles we needed behind the bar. He wasn’t paying attention at all and normally it would’ve infuriated me, but tonight I decided to go along with it. I leaned over so that he had a perfect view. It might have been the alcohol, it might have just been me feeling naughty.

I was feeling a buzz and very naughty by the time the restaurant closed for the night. That’s when Blake caught me in the storage room, bent over a box, looking for a specific wine to restock the bar. I knew that he was behind me before he even said a word and not so accidentally, I bent further over. He got a show, my white stockings, the red straps of my garter belt and my red thong. I felt so naughty, so turned and so hot that he was enjoying the view.

“The things I want to do to you in the costume.”

“Like what?” I turned around and smiled. This was a different side of Blake. He was more about emotions and feelings than any other guy I had ever met, but tonight he had turned all of that off.

“I’d want to you to keep the costume on.” He started to walk closer to me.

“Keep going.”

“I’d bend you over like you just were and pull your thong to the side.” He put his hands on my waists, pulled me closer. He kissed me and it wasn’t like the kisses on the beach that one night.

This was pure lust and I wanted to do more. At least until I remembered where we were. “Not here.” I said as I pushed him back from me.

A frown started to appear on his face.

“Come over to my place when we’re done here. I can make us some drinks and we can see what else happens.”

A half hour later, there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find Blake in his pirate costume and wearing a big grin. “Trick or treat.”

I stood at the door smiling for a second, then waved him inside.

He followed me to the kitchen, where I made him a drink and refilled mine. I already felt my buzz coming back and I already felt really horny again.

“You look so hot in that costume.” He said after taking a long sip of his drink.

“Thanks.” I giggled and leaned back against the counter, pushing my tits out. This wasn’t the sluttiest or the naughtiest costume I had ever worn, but I had to admit it really showed off my curves.

“You do know that anytime you leaned over, you gave a free show. I know I enjoyed it and so did some of the male customers.”

“It wasn’t completely by accident.” I said as I leaned forward and pulled down my top, making sure he got the best show.

“You’re so naughty sometimes.”

I ran my hands across my chest and caressed myself. The look on his face told me that he enjoyed the show, the growing bulge in his pants told me that he was ready for more than just a show.

I stepped forward and slowly walked towards him. “I want to suck your cock.”

I felt like a vixen as I sat down on my knees in front of him and undid his pants. I wanted to give him a blowjob and a whole lot more that he would never forget about.

I pulled his pants and his boxers down to his knees and smiled. He was semi-hard, but already bigger than many men. Size isn’t everything, but I had forgotten that he was bigger than most.

I ran my cock down his shaft and looked up at him. “I’ve fantasized of you giving me a blowjob.”

I felt so hot as I opened up my mouth and took him inside of me. As I gently slid my lips up and down his shaft, I felt him growing stronger in my mouth.

Soon he was rock hard and I slid my lips almost to the base of his shaft. I did it twice until I had to pull back and catch my breath.

I stroked his cock until I was ready to do it again. I deep throated him again, keeping his cock in my throat until I thought I would choke.

I bobbed up and down on his cock, sliding my lips up and down his shaft as fast as I could go. However, it wasn’t enough for him. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me further down on his cock. He seemed like too nice of a guy for something like that, but it turned me on even more.

He pulled me so far down on his throat that I had to push his hand away so that I could pull back and catch my breath again.

I teased him when I attached my mouth back to his cock, just sucking on his tip. I could tell he wanted more, but it made me want to slide my lips up and down his cock even slower.

“Please, make me cum.” He pleaded.

“Not yet.”

“Fine.” He said as he reached down the shoulders of my dress. At first, I was surprised by his aggression, but then I let out a naughty grin as he pulled down the cups of my white strapless bra.

“Anything else?”

He grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on to his cock, sliding my lips up and down his shaft, making me gag until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I don’t know where this came from, but I like it.” I said as I whipped saliva from lips and chin.

“I want to fuck you now.” He said, then helped me off of my knees.

“You’ll need this.” I took a condom out of my bag on the counter and handed it to him.

“I want you to bend over this counter like you were bent over in the storage room.” He positioned me how he wanted me and pulled up my skirt. He pulled down my thong, then I pulled it completely off.

“I love your ass.” He said as he caressed it with his powerful hands. “I want to fuck your ass.”

I turned around and he was looking at me for my reaction. “You can do whatever you want with me.”

I pulled him closer by his cock, then he took over. I felt him place the head of his cock against my asshole and I closed my eyes. I knew it was hurt, his cock was wet from my saliva, but it wouldn’t be enough. I had lube in my bedroom, but I didn’t want to waste anytime.

He pushed his cock against my asshole and I bit my lip. It hurt as he pushed inside of me, but sent waves of pleasure through my whole body.

Slowly, inch by inch his thick cock filled my ass. My whimpering started to turn into moans of pleasure.

He fucked me slow at first, but as soon as he started to thrust faster it started to hurt again. It really hurt, I couldn’t catch my breath until he slowed down again.

Then I took over, slowly moving up and down the complete length of his cock until I was completely relaxed and used to it.

“Oh yeah.” I moaned as he started to thrust faster and faster into my ass. It started out as short, quick moans, but soon it became one long moan. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the intense feeling.

His thrusts became more powerful, making my body shake with each one. I felt my naked skin rubbing up against the smooth counter as he fucked me. I pushed back against the wall, pushing my ass towards him.

I was moaning so loud that I was worried my neighbors might hear. I had thin walls and my kitchen was right on the other side of the wall from their apartment. However, I couldn’t stop myself.

“I need to rest.”


“My legs are tired, this isn’t the most comfortable position.”

“Sit here.” He said pointing to the counter.

I turned around and lifted myself up onto the counter. He pulled me to the edge of the counter then pushed my legs back. “Perfect.”

He found my asshole again and pushed deep inside of me. I held on to the edge of my stove for support with one hand and the other hand found my clit. I ran my fingers around myself as he fucked my ass harder and harder. I hoped that it wouldn’t be long before I orgasmed.

He fucked me harder and harder, a salt shaker and cups were knocked out of the way.

“Don’t stop.” I moaned, feeling my orgasm getting closer.

“I’m almost there.” He said between his heavy breathing.

I was at the edge and overwhelmed with pleasure. I could barely keep my fingers connected to my clit as he pounded my ass and my excitement filled me. However, I held on until I felt my orgasm fill me and waves of pleasure explode inside of me. I couldn’t believe how intense it felt. I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t move until my orgasm started to disappear.

I was so lost in my orgasm that I didn’t even know that he came until he pulled out of me and I saw that his condom was filled with cum.

“That was fun.” I giggled feeling very relaxed now.

“I think you should wear that costume every night to work.”

He stayed the night and we had sex the next morning. I was afraid that work was going to be awkward or that he was going to get attached, but so far things have been normal between us. If things can stay normal between us, I could see us having more nights like that when we’re both horny and in need of a release.


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7 Responses to Halloween Entertainment

  1. Very nice. I’m starting to understand more what you’re talking about with the sensations of good, satisfying anal sex. And i love your description of the blowjob. Having my mouth pulled down so Rugby can feel my forehead and nose on his stomach is one of his favorite things (he says). Well-written, lady.

    • Amy

      I have to worn you, once you really start discovering the joys (which it sounds like you have), it becomes quite addictive.

      I’m glad you liked the description. I’m trying to remember and include the details of the blowjob, so that I’m not just bobbing my head up and down.

  2. john

    Extremely hot story! The way you described everything was fantastic!
    What do you dress as anyway?

    • Amy

      My apologies on not including that. One of the earlier drafts did mention that, but it looks like it got edited out by accident. I was a beer wench.

  3. Marilyn

    Yay glad you had a Happy Halloween Amy! Yeah, what did you dress as?
    I don’t meet enough men that want the ass. a lot find it gross :( it’s the only thing that really makes me cum during intercourse

  4. Citykid

    How I would love to see a pic of you in that costume, Amy!

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