Monday Update: Last Night/Next Story/Contest Coming Soon

So it looked like Scott and I were going to be done. It was fun while it lasted, we had lots of great sex and I feel like he could’ve been one of my great lovers. However, it kind of fizzled out over the past month or so. I liked where our relationship was going, but he was never in town and recently when he was in town, he never had time for me. I was ready to tell him it was over last night when I went to his condo. However, we ended up in his bed, having one of the best nights that we’ve ever had. I’ll have the details in a story form later this week.

In other news, I have my rough draft down for my next mini-ebook. This one is the story of what happened on my second Halloween night. The Friday night with Blake was fun, but my Saturday night was mind blowing. It should be finished and on Amazon by next Monday. Fingers crossed. A little something to get your attention – it involved me and three men.

Also, I think it’s about time for another contest. A couple of you guys have asked for it, so I’ll start working on some ideas for the next contest.


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  1. citykid1967

    Oh, I will definitely be reading that! I don’t have any suggestions for a contest, but I do have a suggestion for a prize. How about a pair of your panties?

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