Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?

It’s me Amy. It’s been a while, a really long while.

Short version is that I was in a really, really serious relationship that didn’t end well.

Due to technical problems, it looks like I lost everything as far as the blog. At least until the tech support can find it.

If there’s any interest, I’m thinking about starting up the blog again. Although, I’ll warn you – my sex life is a lot of different now (a lot quieter) and I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog as often as I used to do…That being said if there’s any interest, please leave a comment and let me know.



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69 Responses to Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?

  1. Mike

    Yes, some of us are still out there! Had you on the Google Reader list :)

    A lot of your old content did get picked up by the Wayback Machine – http://replay.web.archive.org/20090626230520/http://www.anal-amy.com/

    Hope that helps!

    • Amy

      Mike it’s great to see you again! Glad you didn’t completely give up on me.

      I’m going to forward that to my hosting company. And at least I can read through the old posts.

  2. Mad Hemingway


  3. Gray

    Welcome back, it would be great to see more of your writing again.

  4. Ryan

    Yeah, I knew I kept your blog site around for a reason.

  5. Ledcow

    Yes, definitely come back. I’m sure you still have some great stories, if not, maybe we’ll just make some new ones. I have some old stuff on google reader as well.

    • Amy

      Thanks for the welcome back. I don’t know if I have any stories that can top the ones from my earlier years, but we’ll see what happens.

  6. Robnoxious

    Wow. Great to see you again. Looking forward to seeing you catch up on 2 years of posts.

    All of your posts are still available on your rss feed, which I see in google reader.

    • Amy

      I don’t know if there’s much to talk about in the last two years, but I hope I have a lot to talk about over the next two years with new adventures.

  7. JEB

    Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your relationship.

  8. James slade

    Yes, please continue!! Sorry that the relationship ended poorly. Hope you’ll still have a somewhat adventurous sex life :)

  9. I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m glad that you are still around overall. You have been missed, we would have liked to hear your mundane posts as well.

    Welcome back, even if it isn’t under the best of circumstances.

  10. Sea

    Welcome back… Would love to read you again !!!!

  11. Trainwreck

    I almost deleted your RSS feed. Glad I didn’t.

  12. John Smith

    We are eager and awaiting anything your whiling to write. Take your time and know we are here to support you in anyway possible.

    • Amy

      I wish I had more time to write like I did in college, but hopefully I can blog on a regular basis.

      Thank you for your support.

  13. righto

    yeah, still here, excited for new content! And hey, what’s this all about? did this really happen? – http://www.literotica.com/s/getting-into-amys-ass – cause if it did, me and my wife will be requesting a meetup!!!

  14. Amy

    So it looks like the answer is yes!

  15. Wylbur

    It sounds weird being cyberspace and all but always had this feeling something horrible had happened (sorry, glass half empty person) so even if you don’t post anymore just to know you are safe is enough for me (but hey, if you want to post some more, I would definitely be into that too!)

    Welcome back Amy!

    • Amy

      It’s funny that you mention that because I always wondered what you guys thought when I stopped posting out of nowhere. I’m glad to be back.

  16. Citykid

    Welcome back, Amy! I’m sorry you were hurt, but I’m delighted to see you back on here. I’d be delighted to see you posting again.

  17. Brian

    Welcome back! I missed your blog!

  18. Amy

    It’s great to see a lot of familiar faces!

  19. James

    Its good to see you back. I used to read your’s regularly, but I too have been away for some time. Healed now, time to get back into life.

  20. Standard_B

    Yep, still here. Had you on Google Reader.

    Doesnt matter if your sex life is quiter. Make things up, write about fantasies and memories.

    Your writing is fantastic, and I will continue to read it.

    • Amy

      Thanks! I like the fantasies and memories part, I have a lot of both of those.

      Thank you for the kind words about my writing.

  21. kai

    amy! you’re back, finally. this is awesome. i missed you a lot, glad to see that nothing serious happened to you.

    please keep posting!

  22. Ass_tronaut

    Whoohoo! You are back!
    I always wondered, why it suddenly stopped….
    Good to see you back here.

  23. Dano

    Awesome, you are back!

    Put you in a RSS feed hoping to see a return someday and you did.

    Great to see you are well and in a warmer city!

    Take care.

    • Amy

      I’m glad you put my blog in the RSS Feed.

      I’m loving the weather down here, except now it’s getting a little too much on the hot side. Better than snow though.

  24. le

    It’s now 2 years since you did your last post here.
    I checked the blog reguarly but when the blog vanished and the advertisment took the place I gave up.

    I tried some other sex blogs since then but never got addicted again.
    In a sentimental mood I always took a look at your site never expecting anything to happen ..

    So .. one cock up .. you got my vote: ” Yes, continue .. ”

    Greeting from Europe .. Slut! ;)

  25. Dirk

    Welcome back! Thank you. Thank you. Been waiting. Love your icon in comment replies. Wish I had that pic full size!

  26. Thanks, a very good read – added to favourites so will pop back for new content and to read other people’s comments. Cheers again.

  27. gabby

    Hurray! Best news in a long while. Looking forward to reading new posts again. Great photo by the way!

  28. SmokeSignal


    Glad you’re back. Remember me?

    • Amy

      Glad you’re back too! I definitely remember you. Black lace and leopard print thong…in case you were curious. Because of you (and maybe a couple of guys that I’ve come across in real life), I have an extensive collection of panties and lingerie.

  29. SmokeSignal


    I’m so glad to hear that. I noticed the only color element on your new blog design was the red thong in the header image.

    It’s not mine to take credit for that but…:)


    • Amy

      You’re definitely one of those guys who make feel sexy wearing a pair of sexy panties. I’ll leave it at that. :-)

  30. Scott

    Great to see you back! Used to visit regularly, lurking in the shadows up until the site disappeared. Today I thought I’d just google for you and was thrilled to see this! It seems pretty clear from the above comments that we all missed your writing.

  31. mongrandloup

    Welcome back, sweet amy !
    I missed you.
    Je suis très heureux de te retrouver. J’espère avoir le plaisir de mieux de connaître cette fois-ci …
    (I am very happy to found you back. Hopefully this time, I will have the pleasure to get to know you better …)
    I loooooove your photo !

    • Amy

      Thank you for the welcome back. I’m really enjoying being back, writing and getting to know everyone. Thank you!

  32. reemjob

    Holy shit! You’re back!
    I had given up and stopped checking your blog. But now you’re back and all is right with the world!
    Looking forward to reading your new stories and adventures.
    Thanks and welcome back.

  33. Jscott

    Thank goodness you are back! I was worried about you when you just disappeared with no explanation. I used to check your blog on a daily basis anticipating your next post, then slowly that turned into weekly and monthly checks. I decided to google your name just out of curiosity and came across your newly revised blog and was so excited to see that you are back!!!! Welcome back, I had a great time cathing up on your exciting adventures! If you do leave again, please just tell your readers that you are taking a break, whether it be permanent or not…..

    • Amy

      Sorry I left like that. It wasn’t planned, just kind of happened that way. Glad you re-found me and I plan on sticking around for a long time now.

  34. TallPaul

    Hey Amy,
    A belated welcome back. I found your site a few years ago in college and always enjoyed it very much. Your insights into sexuality from a female perspective definitely helped me express my sexual desires with women… one of the most important parts of my college education! Glad that you’re back, and I too am glad that you’re alive and well out there.

    • Amy

      Thank you TallPaul for the welcome back. I’m glad we could kind of share our experiences back in college, hopefully we can continue doing that now that we’re out of college.

  35. Orson

    Hey baby! ~long time, no read~
    Anal Amy has long been one of my very favorite sex reads….

    For instance in 2010, a late-blooming divorcee 30-something (female) buddy of mine was itching to get her latest BF to take her anal cherry….! Since she asked me for sex advice, I naturally wanted to take her to your hot-house of ass-fucking love….(mmmmm)

    It was a ‘no go.’ Your site and its stories were gone. I assumed your book was finally getting done. RIGHTIOUS, cha HOTgirl!

    Suddenly tonight, a newer sex blogger had a familiar name on her blog roll, and sure enough, “anal-amy!” is reborn!!

    The book is out for me to buy and share!! Thank you analAmy~you are the BEST!

    • Amy

      Orson glad you found me again! I’m sorry that I went missing, but every girl is allowed to take a wrong path from time to time.

      Hope you enjoy the books! I enjoy writing them and this blog.

  36. Archivist

    I have saved the html of your old blog including most if not all the stories.

    Want copies forwarded to you?

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