The Short Version Of Where I’ve Been

I’m not really sure where to start. It’s been such a long time since I put together a blog post.

Not too long after my last post, I met who I’m going to call Mr. X. He was older, good looking and intelligent. I never lived with any guy for longer than a weekend, never wanted to, but after I graduated college I moved in with him.

He was really good in bed and always made sure I was satisfied, but he was kind of boring between the sheets. Sex was always fun, but it wasn’t long before we got into a routine and never really did anything different…ie no anal, no facials or anything like that. The first six months was filled with lots of sex, the last year it calmed down dramatically.

I moved out last December and this January, I decided I needed a change of pace. I moved down to Florida to get away from it all.

For a while, I wasn’t really into guys (or girls just for the record). I spent some time getting to know me and a whole lot of time with my dildo and favorite vibrator.

I’ve had sex twice since I came down here. ¬†The first time was nothing worth writing about, drunken, sloppy, really bad sex with a guy I dated for a couple of weeks in March.

The second time happened ¬†earlier this month with a guy that we’ll call Paul…names changed to protect the innocent. That night didn’t start out well, but it definitely ended up being something worth sharing.


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14 Responses to The Short Version Of Where I’ve Been

  1. Well, we’ve all been through that little portion of our lives, so you shouldn’t feel like you done anything “weird.”
    I think I speak on behalf of quite a few of us that we’re just glad to hear from you and that you are (for the most part) okay. :D

  2. hol

    It’s nice u’re back Amy. Want u to tell us everything about this ‘worth sharing’ night.

  3. Edward

    Wow, it’s been awhile and I think the site had down already.
    I am so surprise with a wrong trick on bookmark to realize you are back.
    Life, we all been there, up and down.
    Shape up and take another road to try again.
    Anyway, glad you are back.
    It may take time for those old folk notice that.

  4. citykid

    Great to see you posting again. Sorry the relationship didn’t work out, but sometimes these experiences help us understand what we really want and need. I hope it works out for you that way.

    Looking forward to reading about your night with Paul. And thank you for the new banner pic. That’s the kind of landscape I like to see :-)

    • Amy

      I agree. I think that relationship really did help me head off in the right direction. Sometimes there are good things that come out of bad things, this is one of those times.

  5. justsomeguy

    You were missed!

    A question – did you tell you BF about the blog and your prior escapades or did you hide that part? Just curious.

    • Amy

      It’s something I keep to myself. I like to keep my sex life private. Plus, I don’t like talking about prior relationships (or sex) with current lovers. It’s bad manners and never ends up well.

  6. Valient

    i had JUST started following your blog when you went MIA and i have to admit, i couldnt get through even a quarter of your archives. for some reason i’d always get extremely tired..

    Its good to hear your alive. Had the most morbid worries running through my head, but who exactly do you talk to about that? ‘gee mom, im kinda upset. theres this sex blog…’ yeah, no.

    Anyway, glad your back.

    • Amy

      I’m sorry about going MIA!

      When I wasn’t blogging, I wondered if anyone was missing my blogging and if they were talking about me, coming up with reasons why I was MIA. Then I realized, where would they be talking about me?

      Thanks for coming back and commenting again!

  7. DRey

    Amy, it is good to see you’re alive and well more than anything. I was following your stories and when they came to an abrupt end I figured you had that relationship thing going on. However, if you get into another relationship, you should blog through it. When you get bored, go seek those adventures you so desire and we (your bloggee’s) can be your outlet. I don’t know if you could ever have a normal sexual relationship because it would seem “boring” after awhile for your. I know of only my personal struggles for a “normal” sexual relationship. Once we live like this for so long, the habits are one thing but the appetite becomes as addictive as drug and alcohol abuse. You should come up to the metro-Detroit area and hang out :) Anyway, hope to read more from you. Glad your back and things are well with you Amy.

    • Amy

      DRey, thanks for the advice. Blogging when I’m in a relationship is hard for two reasons. The first is that it’s hard for me to write about someone I’m serious about it. I’ve tried, it’s just like a road block pops up between me and my keyboard. Plus, there’s the fact that the sex does get routine. Then there’s the second reason. Right now that I’m mostly single, I have a lot of time to myself. That seems to disappear when the relationship gets serious.

      Anyways, thanks for the welcome back. I’m really glad to be back and writing.

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