In The Dressing Room

“I like this costume.” Scott said while holding a naughty nurse black vinyl costume that was little more than a tiny top and a mini-skirt.

“I definitely don’t have the body for that.” I said as I looked the other direction at the costumes already in my hands.

“I think you do.”

“Where would I even wear that? I know they wouldn’t let me wear that to my day job. I don’t even think they would let me wear that to the restaurant either.”

“You could wear it in my bedroom.”

I smiled, but I didn’t take it out of his hands. I was tired of looking at costumes and starting to feel a little stressed out. I had to find a conservative costume that I could wear to my office job, find a certain German beer girl costume so that I would match the other bartender working at my night and something that might win a costume contest at a club I might go to. I was hoping to find one costume, but I had at least half a dozen in my hands already and I really didn’t want to try on anything else, just because he thought that it was hot. I just wanted to get my costume or costumes and leave.

He didn’t give up and when I went into the fitting room, he sneaked it on to the rack.

After way too long in the fitting room, I found a beer girl costume that fit, a wild west can can girl costume that I might be able to cover up and wear to the day job, then wear it to the costume contest. I was about to gather up the costumes that were going to come home with me, when I saw the naughty nurse sitting by itself on the rack.

I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked hot it in, I would never wear it in public, but I could imagine wearing it with a pair of stockings and nothing else. Eighteen year old college freshman Amy, the version of me who was just one hundred and ten pounds would’ve fit perfectly in it. Not that I would’ve had to the guts to wear in public back then either.

I pushed open the curtain a little and made sure there was no one else around besides Scott. When I saw that he was alone, I pushed the curtain open so he could the outfit.

“Wow, you look better than I even imagined.”

“Thanks.” He made me blush and he never made me blush.

“Turn around.”

I did and I felt naked. The skirt barely covered my ass. In the mirror, I could see that it wasn’t even covering my lace panties.

He stepped closer and whispered. “I want to fuck you in that outfit.”

“I think I’ll get it then.” I said after I looked at the price tag.

“I was talking about right now.” He stepped into the small fitting room.

“Stop playing around.” I laughed until he shut the curtain.

“Suck me, Amy.”

I looked at the curtain. It was too thin and it didn’t even go all the way down to the floor. “How about when we get home.”

“We won’t get caught. The store is closing soon. It’s almost empty.”

“I don’t know…” Eighteen year old Amy wouldn’t have hesitated. We didn’t get caught at the parking garage. “Okay.”

He undid his belt, then the button on his jeans. I felt the zipper between my fingers and pulled it down.

I stood still and listened. I could hear the voices of other shoppers. Further away, I could hear the voice of the cashier.

I pushed down his boxers and took out his cock. He was semi-hard already and almost became instantly hard in my hands.

I wanted to get on my knees, but I was afraid someone on the other side of the curtain would see that. Instead, I stayed standing and leaned forward. I licked his cock, feeling his hardness against my tongue. I kissed his head. It wasn’t the most comfortable position, but I was willing to do whatever it took to make it work.

I took him in my mouth and ran my tongue around him. I slid my lips a little further down him and started to slid them up and down on his shaft. My heart was pounding, not just because I was nervous about getting caught but because I was so turned on about giving him a blowjob there.

I stood up to find a more comfortable angle, but before I could do that he undid the buttons on the front of the top. His hands found my tits and silently fondled me.

I squatted down in front of him and smiled up at him. I opened my mouth and slid my lips as far down his shaft as I could go.

I bobbed my head up and down in front of him as fast as I could go. I was turned on, enjoying the way his sold cock felt sliding between my wet lips, but I wanted him to cum as quickly as he could. I thought at any moment one of the employees would open up the curtain.

When my mouth became tired, I stroked him rapidly with my hand. However, he wasn’t ready to cum yet.

“Take off your panties.”

Five minutes ago before we had started, I would’ve told him no. Now, I was caught up in the moment too.

I slid my hand between my legs and felt the lace fabric. I was so hot, the dampness seeping through the fabric.

I slid the panties off and felt warmth, my wetness. I slid two fingers between my lips as he watched.

I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth again, making sure that he was still rock hard, hesitating because I was nervous about getting caught.

I heard voices coming close. It was a male and a female, going into other fitting rooms. I felt so naughty, so bad and so perverted. I looked up at Scott and smiled with his cock in my mouth.

I stood up and turned around. There wasn’t a lot of space in the dressing room, but I leaned forward as far as I could, pushing my ass against his very hard cock.

I felt him push inside of me, filling my wetness with his thickness, pushing himself in as far as he could go.

He moved slowly at first, not wanting to make any noise. I could feel every inch of him sliding between my lips, thrusting into me. I wanted to let out a moan, but did everything I could to stay silent.

His thrusts became harder, but someone we managed to keep the noise to a minimum.

I reached down between my legs and felt his cock pushing into me. I found my clit and massaged it between my fingers. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip. Somehow I managed to stay silent as my orgasm filled my body., filling me with heat, filling me with excitement and pure pleasure.

He didn’t slow down. As I orgasmed, he fucked me as hard as he could without letting anyone else in the store know what we were doing.

He pushed deep inside of me one last time and stopped holding back. It felt like five hours, but it had probably been less than five minutes. Either way, he was exploding inside of me, pushing his cum deep inside of me. He filled me with multiple squirts of his cum deposit until there was no one left.

He pulled out of me and we smiled at each other, a very naughty grin.

He quickly fixed his jeans and redid his belt. He made sure no one was watching, then moved to the other side of the curtain, the perfect crime.

I took off the skirt, then the top and put them on the pile of clothes that I was keeping.

I put my own clothes back on and joined Scott on the other side of the curtain.

As the cashier rung us up, I kept expecting her to say something. There was no way that she could’ve known, but I felt like she knew what we had done, how much cum I had inside of my pussy.

I didn’t feel one hundred percent safe until we were out of the store and back in Scott’s car. It was a fun adventure, but I don’t think I could ever be brave enough to do it again.


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16 Responses to In The Dressing Room

  1. Sean

    Mmmmm sounds like a nice, quick shopping distraction! Glad you gave into him ;) Ndn

  2. Hot. My story this week is similar in that we had to be almost completely silent.

    This was a great post to read. :-)

    • Amy

      Thank you! I’m not really good at being quiet, so it was a challenge.

      Looks like I have some reading to do on your site next time I have a free night.

  3. plantpage

    Very hot. I love fucking in dressing rooms. I guarantee you will do it again.

  4. SmokeSignal

    What a juicy little tale, Ms. Amy. It leaves me with more questions than your usual naughty adventure!

    If I may, you didn’t tell us about the lingerie you had on under this costume and what clothes you were wearing when you got into the dressing room…:)

    • Amy

      Underneath the costume, just a black lacie thong.

      Into the dressing room, I was also wearing a pair of jeans, a red top that was on the low cut side and a black nylon push up bra.

      Will work on getting more of the details back into the story. ;-)

  5. Red

    nice! i take it you haven’t told scott about your vegas escapades?

  6. citykid1967

    I love the detail about you feeling the cum inside your pussy at checkout.

    • Amy

      For me the way it feels inside of me afterwards turns me on, especially when we’re in public. I wish I could describe the way it feels better.

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