Monday Update…A Quiet Monday Update

This weekend was a tad bit quieter than the adventure that I had last weekend. I was hoping to get the second part of the weekend getaway story done, but work got in the way. I will definitely finish it this week and start working on the fantasy/contest story! I already have it half written in my head, so I can’t wait to put it down to paper.

Other than that, not too much going on over here.  How is going on your side of the internet?


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8 Responses to Monday Update…A Quiet Monday Update

  1. Ryan

    Um, I had phone sex a couple of times. Missed out on a threesome because people were ~tired…~ Pretty boring for me too. Oh well, Ill keep trying! Things will pick up for you too!

  2. Jacob

    Can’t wait to hear part 2! Did you need a quiet weekend after last week’s adventure? or would you have been up for more play???

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