Monday Update: Mini-eBook On The Horizion And More

I hope you had a fun filled weekend! Two things to share with you this week.

The first is that I have a new mini-eBook coming in the near future. This one features a story you may already know, Satisfying The Law and also one other unreleased police officer fantasy. In this one, I’m pulled over again. This time I’m on the way to see my boyfriend, wearing only lingerie underneath my coat. How far will I go to get out of the ticket?

The other is that I saw Scott this weekend. We spent a lot of time together…in his bedroom, me bent over his kitchen counter, you get the idea. However, I didn’t tell him about my Vegas weekend, even though I think it’s the kind of thing that would really turn him on. I think if he brought it up, I would’ve had no problem telling him about my naughty adventures, but since he didn’t I was too nervous to say anything.


If you enjoyed this post, check out all of my stories on Amazon.

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