What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas (Part 1)

Work tried to get in the way of me having fun in Sin City, but Vegas doesn’t allow a twenty-something Vegas virgin to spend all of her time gophering, running random errands and watching the conference floor booth when no one else wanted to do the job.

Friday and Saturday, I did manage to peel off some time to explore the shopping and try my luck at gambling (I landed in Vegas with $100 to gamble and I left with $106 of that money.) and saw how people in Vegas like to dance the night away. However, most of my time was spent on the conference hall until Sunday night, then I was finally allowed to run free for more than a couple of hours. That’s all I needed to have some very naughty fun.

Sunday night, the VP took our team for a celebration dinner and as a way of saying thanks for all of our hard work. After dinner, we all broke up into little groups and went our own ways to explore the vices of the city. I ended up venturing over to the Stratosphere with my boss, Brian. This is Brian that I’ve had a crush on since he interviewed me. The Brian who I’ve written fantasies about and used my sex toys thinking about. And the Brian who very happily married to a very hot wife. At one of the bars below the Stratosphere, I was forced to endure a phone call between Brian and said wife.

However, up in the tower I saw a different side of him. Maybe it was the Jack and Cokes that he was drinking solidly for the last few hours or maybe it was because the dress that I had picked out especially for Las Vegas showed off a lot more of me than anything I ever wore to the office. I was wearing a shimmery black dress that clung to waist and was so low cut that most of the bras I owned wouldn’t work with it. It was the kind of outfit that I wore when I wanted attention…and more.

“You can see all of Vegas from here.” I said as we stared from the tower at the blinking lights and concrete buildings that filled the city below us.

“There’s our hotel and there’s where the conference was.” He pointed.

And then in slow motion, we looked at each other. Our flirting had toned down since my first few months of working under him, there was still some sort of tension there. Our coworkers even saw it, calling him my “work husband.”

I looked into his brown eyes and he looked into mine, he leaned forward and so did I. With the sound of screaming from the rides on the tower in the background we kissed. It was a quick kiss, but it was long enough to set my body on fire.

Then he pulled back, way back. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m a little buzzed.”

“Me too.”

We said almost nothing else as we rode down the elevator. We didn’t say anything until we were waiting for a taxi.

“Where do you want to go next?”

Your hotel room. I thought, but instead said, “I don’t know.”

“Want to go see if we can catch up with everyone back at New York, New York.”

We found some of our coworkers and when a couple of us went one way to try our luck at the slots, he went another. I didn’t realize that he disappeared until I was wandering around and around the casino looking for him. I didn’t find him, but after a couple of spins around the casino floor, I was appreciating the plenty of other male options to keep me interested.

However, none of them where what I was looking for. I got a couple of smiles, a very friendly bartender, but I kept looking for Brian. Unfortunately, I found out the next day that he had called it an early night and went back to his hotel room. Fortunately, I found someone else to keep me company. Her name was Samantha.

“How’s it going?” She was sitting next to me, playing the same game as me. She was the dirty blonde version of me, maybe a few years older, but we had very similar bodies. She was curvy like me, maybe not as thick but she filled out low cut top and tight skirt, and yes I was checking her out.

“Alright, this machine isn’t exactly working in my favor.”

“This one isn’t much better.”

“Have you seen a cocktail girl?” I held up my glass, it was empty.

“Not for a while, want to go find a place to get a drink?”

At this point, I was just happy to have someone to hangout with. We had way too much to talk about because we had way too much in common. She lived in Florida too. We had similar degrees. By our third or fourth drink together, I felt like she was my best friend. The only difference was that she was married and well, I’m definitely not.

We alternated the slots machine and the nearest bar for a while, but neither of us were winning or losing any money besides what we spent at the bar.

We walked about ten feet away from our slot machines when I heard cheering. “What’s that?” I asked about the crowd standing around the table.


“How does it work?”

“The real simple answer is that you throw a dice, if it lands on the numbers you bet on, you win.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“It is. Do you want to try it?”

“I don’t know, I’m not sure if it’s a game for me.”

“Well, let me give it a try. I’m feeling lucky tonight. No, not in that way.” She said with a smile.

A few minutes later, she had made her bet and had the dice in her hand. “Blow on them for luck.”

“So cheesy.”

“Just do it.”

I did it and she won, so we kept going. I’m not sure how much she won, but she quickly won the majority of the tosses.

“You are my lucky charm.”

“So cheesy.”

“I know, but it’s Vegas. I’m allowed to be cheesy.”

“So, what’s next?”

We ended up exploring our drink options, ending up at one of the many bars. That was followed with some drunken Blackjack, where neither one of us was very lucky.

We were heading to the bar for another round when we spotted her husband, Chris at a poker table. I don’t usually like shaved heads, but it worked for him. And he had this million dollar smile that made me blush. I knew it was her husband, I knew nothing would ever happen but I instantly had an innocent crush on him.

“He’s hot.” I said after we walked out of earshot.

“So are you.” I was a little surprised and it made me blush, but I liked where this was going. I was one hundred percent sure that I was going to be sleeping alone in my room tonight, now I started to wonder if that might not happen.

“I’m pretty sure you’re the hot one.”

We walked into the bar and were surrounded by strangers who were also trying to get a drink. It was so crowded that our bodies were pushed together.

“I don’t usually do this.” She said and my heart started to beat fast. “But this is Las Vegas and I’m a little bit drunk.” She moved her mouth closer to my ear and whispered. “Do you want to go come back to my room. He would just watch…maybe a little more.”

“I don’t usually do things like this either.” I said with a smile. I think if I didn’t have such a buzz, I would’ve been more hesitant or needed more time to think about it. But I almost instantly answered, “I would love to.”

“Do you want to skip the drinks?”


She grabbed my hand and led me out of the crowd. The instant her soft hand became tangled with mine, a hot energy started to flow through my body.

We found her husband again and she whispered in his ear. I don’t know what he said, but he looked up at me and turned back towards the table. “I’m out.” He said as he stood up.

In the elevator, the steamy button was pressed. As soon as the door closed, she pulled me closer. It was so quick. I put my hands on her hips. Her hands guided my mouth to hers and we kissed. Her lips were gentle, but it was full of lust. It was even hotter because her husband was standing three feet away, watching us as we kissed all of the way up to the twentieth floor.

In their room, the first thing that I went for, wasn’t their bed. Instead, I was distracted by the bright lights out their window. Samantha came up from behind me and wrapped her arms around me. She kissed my neck. “It’s an amazing view.”

“I think I saw it in the tour brochure. I have a view of parking lots.”

She quickly made me forget about the view. She led me to her bed and we both sat on it. My lips found hers and I closed my eyes. Our lips battled and our tongues explored each others mouth. The ride up in the elevator was steamy, but this was hot.

It didn’t stop with just kissing. As our lips wrestled, our hands explored each other. At first, it was innocent, but quickly her hands slid up my dress. It almost seemed too fast, but when her fingers brushed against the soft fabric of my black thong, I forgot about any inhibitions that I might have.

Her fingers moved the fabric of my thong out of the way and she dipped two fingers inside of my already very wet pussy. Our kissing stepped it up a notch or two instantly when she entered me.

My hand slid into her skirt. I expected to feel the fabric of her panties, instead I found the soft skin of her lips. I almost pulled my hand back, I was surprised, but I pushed forward and inside of her. She was just as wet as me.

I felt awkward and turned on with him just sitting in a chair and watching. I felt like I was on television and that I had to think about every move, but having him watch made me feel very sexy.

Her hands moved to the top of my dress and pushed it open to reveal my cleavage. She kissed my cleavage and caressed them through my bra before returning to my pussy. This wasn’t her first time with another woman. She knew exactly what she was doing to make me moan.

She was the aggressive one and I was more than willing to let her do whatever she wanted with me. She pushed me on to my back and climbed on top of me like a guy would. Our bodies started to grind together as we kissed and her hands fondled my tits.

She fingered me again, harder this time like she was fucking me with her fingers. Her other hand found my boob and squeezed hard. My moans went from quiet to loud. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. This was the last thing that I thought would happen on this trip.

She pulled down the cup of my bra and licked my nipple. She nibbled on it and bit until it started to hurt. I felt weak in her hands.

I looked at her husband and his cock was out of his pants. He wasn’t doing anything yet, but he was already rock hard and I was thinking about what it would be like inside of me.

She freed my other nipple and attacked it with her mouth. I wanted to do the same to her. I wanted to make her moan with my fingers and explore her tits with my mouth, but she was overwhelming with pleasure and I wasn’t going to make her stop.

She pushed my dress up and exposed my pussy to the room. I didn’t see Chris get up from the chair, but I felt his strong fingers on my clit. Together, they filled my body with pleasure.

“Time to get these out of the way.” She pulled off my thong and threw it behind her.

“I won’t be needing those anytime soon.”

She pushed my legs further apart and got down on her knees between my legs. “I want a taste.” Her tongue pushed between my lips and I knew this was the hottest bisexual experience that I had ever had.

I had fooled around with other girls before, taking turns going down on each other, but it was mostly just out curiosity. Things had been awkward and all too often unsatisfying. She knew exactly what she was doing with her tongue. I bit my lip and enjoyed her talents.

Chris robbed his cock against my bare leg and I took the invitation to stroke it in my hands as his wife went down on me. I felt his length and imagined him pushing inside of me.

Samantha drove me over the edge as her tongue ran circles around her tongue and at the same time his hands violated my tits. Her tongue was gentle, but powerful. His hand was strong and forceful. The combination was too much for me.

I leaned my head back and arched my body. I pushed my pussy to her mouth and felt her mouth become attached to me. She didn’t back down until after the moans had come completely out of me and I was trying to catch my breath.

She kissed her way back up to my mouth and kissed me with her very wet lips. It was a sloppy kiss and I tasted myself faintly on her.

“Look what I have ladies.” Chris had his cock above us, stroking it. “Do either of you want to give me some attention?”


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18 Responses to What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas (Part 1)

  1. Thick8Italian69

    LOVED it! Need to post more soon!! And maybe a picture of those red heels! ;-)

  2. SD

    Ooooo, I can’t wait for Part II.. Sooo hot, How many times did you cum that night? :-)

  3. edge

    Wow. so hot and so well told. Thanks for the tale and the telling.

  4. Thick8Italian69

    I love that!!! The next day when you think about how naughty you were and you just have to play with yourself again… or sometimes a few hours later when that person is next to you and you start thinking about it then playing with yourself….then you end up between their legs starting a whole new fantasy :-)

    • Amy

      More than a few times, I’ve woken up the next morning, unable to get the images from the previous night out of my head. It’s impossible to do anything other than satisfy myself again.

  5. I just saw your profile on twiiter. I’m so glad that I clicked your link, and I enjoyed your story. We need to talk soon!!

  6. edge

    that image of you in the chair, with her head between your legs and his hands all over your tits…mighty hot, and having predictable effects on me :).

  7. citykid1967

    Wow, Amy, I come to your blog for the first time in a while, and find THIS! Can’t wait for Part 2.

  8. SmokeSignal

    Lovely, m’dear! I’m so glad you had an occasion to wear a dress. More soon, I’m sure?

  9. NYSkyride

    Totally the hottest you worte here. Love it.

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