Monday Update: Vacation And eBook

Two things have me very excited this week.

The first is that I’m going to be taking a much needed vacation from both jobs this week. The bad news is that I’ll be gone Wednesday thru Sunday and I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have online until next week. I’ll miss you, but I hop you understand this was a really needed break. It’s my first time off for both jobs for more than a day since March and I’m physically and mentally exhausted.

What I’m even more excited about (which is saying a lot because I’m really excited about my mini-vacation) is that the rough draft of my story compilation eBook is ¬†finished. I still have lots of editing to do and want to share it with some people who have offered to help me with editing, but I plan to have it finished and published on Amazon and Smashwords by the end of the month.

I’m planning on a having a basic edition which will be a collection of my hottest blog posts from first few years of blogging and a deluxe version which will be that and a few of my hottest adventures that never made it to the blog. The basic version will be released first and then sometime after I’ll have the deluxe version completed. More details about that as I continue working on the eBook.

I hope everyone has a great week. I’ll miss you! Stay horny.




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6 Responses to Monday Update: Vacation And eBook

  1. Hahahaha. “Stay horny.” I’m glad you get to have a little break. I know how important that is. Have fun!!

  2. citykid1967

    Congratulations, Amy, on both the vacation and the book! I hope the book makes you famous, and that you end up having lots of anal sex with gorgeous celebrities as a result ;-)

    • Amy

      I wouldn’t complain about having lots of anal sex with gorgeous celebs! I love writing about my sex life and that’s enough of a reward. Of course, if it helped pay off some of my bills, I wouldn’t complain either.

  3. edge

    HI amy

    really glad that you’re writing again. I love getting horny about someone who’s articulate and personable and presents themselves as a real, full person and not just a body. the details about how you feel emotionally and physically, when you’re (for instance) stroking Scott’s cock through his shorts in the car, or sticking your tongue up Kelly’s pussy while Cannon strokes that big cock gently into your cunt, or anytime you talk about having someone fuck you up the ass-it’s all so hot because of the nuance you bring to the situation. Writing this, I’m captivated by your avatar, that wonderful ass in that red thong-I was planning on just saying hi and trying to describe what’s so hot about you’re writing, and I wasn’t planning on jerking off, but damn, i do wish you were up in front of me, so I could suck your pussy through that thong til you’re soaking, rim your ass with my tongue, work some lube around my cock and work my lubed fingers into your pussy and asshole, and, maybe while my wife sucks on your hard nipples and takes over playing with your clit, running it between her fingers and getting them wet with your juice, i’d slide my slippery cock into your ass and fuck fuck fuck you so good, until I filled your awesome, beautiful ass with all the cum that, here in real life, I just shot all over (and i mean ALL over-woah!) my hand and belly, staring at that picture…..

    Have a great vacation. You just made my afternoon. Seriously!

    • Amy

      Thanks for the very kind (and hot) words. Knowing that I can have that kind of effect keeps me writing! I had a great vacation and I can’t wait until I have some time to write some more so that you have some more words to enjoy!

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