Monday Update: Back From Vacation And A Possible Contest

I’m back from vacation and I missed you guys and gals! It wasn’t the sex packed getaway that I fantasized of, but I did get to see Scott so I did come home with a story or two. I missed writing, so I can wait to put this story (or stories) on paper. There should be at least one story to enjoy this Friday!

As far as the contest, I’ve had a couple of you guys hit me on Twitter or leave comments, letting me know that they would like it if I could work them into one of my fantasy stories. I like the idea a lot! However, I’ve also had a lot of requests and if I answered them all, I would never have time to write about my real life adventures. It was also suggested that maybe I have a contest to choose a reader to include in a story. I like that idea too and I’d like to see if you think that’s a good idea? If you do, leave me a comment and I’ll come up with some sort of contest to pick the reader that I’ll include.

That’s it for this update. Time for me to catch up on some sleep, so I’ll talk to you soon.



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14 Responses to Monday Update: Back From Vacation And A Possible Contest

  1. Contest? To be included in one of your stories? Twist my arm… oh, ok. I would like to respectfully enter (tee hee).

  2. cody

    hey amy. ive been reading your blog for a long time. since your first post and i wanted to ask you sometfing

  3. cody

    i want to enter said contest

  4. edge

    yes! yes! Contest! That sound like (hot) fun. What are you thinking? We submit something and you choose? Anyway, definitely interested in entering…

  5. John

    I’m absolutely all for it. :)

  6. Bee

    So good to see you’re blogging again. I was worried something happened to you. Good to see your alive at least. Will add you back to my reading list.

    • Amy

      It feels great to be back blogging again, thanks for re-adding me to your reading list. Nothing happened to me other than an all too serious relationship, luckily I got over that phase. ;-)

  7. edge

    awesome- word count limit? any other details or parameters?

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